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    does however think the LSU dancers/cheerleaders are hawt!

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    Big Orange Country-North (aka Northern Kentucky)
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    UT Football, my lovely wife, her Michigan Wolverines, roller coasters, NCAA 2008 on the PS2, NFL Fantasy football, being an all-around daggum genius.
  1. OrangeCrush

    SEC Championship Weekend

    LOL! At least she's smiling a bit behind that tongue! Me, I was ready to throw the remote through the TV. At least ya'll got to go! Thanks for the pics, Rob!
  2. OrangeCrush

    SEC Championship Weekend

    Sweetness Rob! I have Tee Martin's sig on a t-shirt from the '98 season. I need to get that thing framed and hung on on the wall!
  3. OrangeCrush

    Arian and me.jpg

    Looks like a proud mom with her son to me! Thanks for sharing these pics, FM!
  4. OrangeCrush

    before dark, grave next to front steps

    I'm digging the body up before Saturday's game, so we'll see if it comes back to life! lmao
  5. OrangeCrush

    OC Halloween 2007

    Halloween pics from our house in Kentucky all decked out for the holiday...notice the overwhelming orange light theme...I likey! : )