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  1. Well deserved honor and recognition. With all the recent struggles in some of the other Vol athletic programs the men's hoops program is in good hands.
  2. GiveHim6

    New ESPN Tournament Challenge 2019

    Sky & Volnick tearing it up after the first weekend. Anything over 80% is pretty damn impressive.
  3. GiveHim6

    Vols win in OT. Advance to the sweet 16

    I'm beginning to believe the worst thing that can happen to those guys is to get a big lead early.
  4. GiveHim6

    Post game conf - Colgate

    I thought the Admiral had the best response to the Colgate fans when he said they should have been chanting underrated at their own team. However this tourney ends for the Vols so far they have had fun and shown class doing it, coaches as well as players. Even if they fall short of the grand prize, no doubt this season will be a fond memory for these guys when they're my age. Or in the case of Barnes already my age. Now Beat Iowa! P.S. Props to Barnes for soldering through a press conference barely able to talk.
  5. GiveHim6

    Post game conf - Colgate

    The Colgate fans were chanting overrated at the Vols but Barnes & the players were nothing but complimentary about their team and coaches. Barnes said the team looked "anxious" and it sure looked that way to me too. Bone said they expected a close game and they sure got it. Funny thing, momentum. The Vols started out like gangbusters and built a big early lead but when Schofield missed that easy layup and Colgate got a 3 at the other end the momentum just took a 180.
  6. Wake up Smokey! You're a star!
  7. Yep. 3 years remaining on his contract so only a disaster of a season like that would justify getting the axe.
  8. GiveHim6

    Vols win in a sloppy showing 77-70

    The Vols are not considered a 3 point shooting team anyway. Williams & Schofield are good but not great from that range. Colgate was a good 3-point shooting team, they showed it today & that's what kept them in the game. Vols have had trouble with lesser teams getting hot with the 3 pointers all year so it wasn't a complete surprise that Colgate gave the Vols a game. Get ready for a very good Iowa team Sunday. It doesn't get any easier.
  9. GiveHim6

    Pay attention Vols!

    Auburn and LSU escape with wins. These 2 teams are responsible for 3 of the Vol losses this year but New Mexico State gave Auburn the kind of game I expected the Vols to give them in the SEC title game. They didn't want to settle for a participation trophy. I though Pearl was gonna have a seizure in the last minute. NMS missed a wide open 3 at the buzzer or it would have been a shocker. Michigan State & Fla. St. had a tussle with Bradley and Vermont but pulled away late. Just goes to show you better be ready to play.
  10. GiveHim6

    The "stable genius"

    Looks like the ghost of John McCain is still haunting the stable genius. And s.g. didn't even get a "thank you" for approving his funeral. SAD!
  11. Whether you believe the book or not, it should be obvious to anyone with more than a few brain cells that as long as this man is president, this country is playing with fire.
  12. GiveHim6

    Snowflakes stop. Pearl was just on

    It still pains me that a guy who seemed like a perfect fit for Tennessee turned out to be yet another embarrassment in a series of them for the athletic program in the not so recent past. I scratch my head and wonder why some of these coaches think they can cheat their way to success and get away with it. The older I get, the less sense it makes.
  13. I don't know a thing about Colgate but here's ESPN's thumbnail: One game at a time Vols, one game at a time.
  14. GiveHim6

    How ‘Bout Them Vols

    I was afraid they might come out a little flat after yesterday but didn't expect them to be THAT flat. They need to forget this game and refocus. From here on out they can't just mail it in.
  15. GiveHim6

    How ‘Bout Them Vols

    Had to flip over to the Braves spring training game. Too painful to watch.
  16. GiveHim6

    How ‘Bout Them Vols

    The Vols are back in the #1 seed discussion according to bracket analysts but a win today should probably seal it. Besides, Rick owes Bruce a good butt-whipping.
  17. GiveHim6

    Florida knocks out LSU

    Bama down by 10 to the Cats at halftime. Fla. St. up by 4 on Virginia at the half. Texas A&M fires Billy Kennedy after 8 seasons. Yes, it is an interesting night.
  18. GiveHim6

    Florida knocks out LSU

    A real corker. 76-73 after Nembhard hits a 3 pointer with 1 second left. And that after Reid tied it on a 3 with seconds left. The last few minutes were a 3 point shot showcase but LSU lost their momentum and then lost their composure. Wonder what Wade is thinking today?
  19. Not bad for a guy who barely registered on the recruiting radar before coming to Tennessee. There's been some debate about whether he's ready for the NBA but it sure would be nice if he sticks around for his senior season.
  20. This was on the Sports Illustrated site: Sound familiar?
  21. Along with what should be done about Wade another question now is should LSU be eligible to compete in the Dance. Dan Wolken says no.
  22. Meanwhile Lunardi has LSU as a #3 seed in the West regional. It will be interesting to see how the university handles this. Wade definitely has some 'splainin to do and he may have to do it on the witness stand.
  23. What kid wouldn't want to play for Barnes after watching a game like that?
  24. GiveHim6

    Vols Even Things Up

    The updated NET rankings have Tennessee at #4 and Kentucky #5 with Gonzaga, Virginia and Duke nos. 1-3. The win probably puts the Vols back in as a #1 seed in the big dance for now. Still have the season to finish and then the SEC but this past week showed what this team is made of and what they're capable of when they've got their mojo working which is beating anybody in the country.
  25. GiveHim6

    Vols Even Things Up

    Whooee! That was fun!