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    Tax Slayer still the one

    Bright & early this morning after all the dust has settled I see on ESPN that Bonagura still has the Vols in Jacksonville vs. Indiana while Schlabach has Kentucky playing Indiana and the Vols in the Music City vs. Louisville. But Schlabach probably doesn't have Rob's inside connection right? I honestly don't know why the Taxslayer if given the choice would take the Cats over the Vols.
  2. BTW, Army/Navy game is next Saturday. Says it's tomorrow on the pickems.
  3. I thought the Okie/Baylor game was tonight. I'm just all out of whack.
  4. OOPS! Yeah, you're right. I was looking at the "make picks" and forgot it wouldn't be there now. Oh well, 0-1 to start the weekend. Baylor & Oklahoma will be rooting hard for LSU today. By the time their game kicks off tonight they will know if the winner has a shot at the playoffs.
  5. Oregon crushes Utah for the PAC 12 championship 37-15. Thanks Rob, for not putting the game on the pickems list.
  6. Well, the Vols have already beaten 2 ranked teams so they've got something Memphis doesn't have. I haven't seen Memphis yet, but looking at their schedule so far they have beat up a few mid-majors, won close ones against Ole Miss & N.C. State and lost at a neutral site by 8 to #14 Oregon, the only ranked team they've played. They've also yet to play a true road game.
  7. From what I've read, the SEC says that intent is irrelevant.
  8. I wonder if there was another camera angle that hasn't been shown publicly yet that might have influenced the decision. And I also wonder if Jennings and/or Shelton-Mosley were interviewed by anyone in the SEC office to get their side of the story. Why all the high & mighty "no further comment" rhetoric? "Video evidence"? Why can't the SEC say exactly what evidence they looked at or saw or heard to arrive at their decision?
  9. I'd have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation. Like everyone has said, there's no way to see what happened from the vid and determine without a doubt stepping on his head was deliberate. I mean that not as a Vol fan but as a football fan who doesn't like cheap shots no matter who delivers them. If someone on the sideline who actually saw what happened knows more than what the general public knows from the footage then hey, the SEC office should say so. By saying Tennessee "will honor the suspension" I get the feeling what Fulmer is really saying is that he doesn't like it but since the office "will have no further comment" Tennessee has no choice but to go along. Sankey has spoken!
  10. GiveHim6

    Bama hate

    'Course there were plenty of Vol fans who were saying & doing pretty much the same thing after the Ga. St. game.
  11. We watched the first half. Yeah, if that guy would drop about 30 or 40 pounds he might find his game improving. Size can be a real asset sometimes, but only if you know how to use it. Reminds me of a game a good while back where the Vols faced a 7 foot and something inches center for UNC Asheville. His height was his only asset, he plodded up & down the court like Herman Munster.
  12. GiveHim6

    Does anyone find this troubling?

    Butch isn't happy with his job analyzing the Bama offense?
  13. XL, this is what Santa needs to bring you.
  14. GiveHim6

    That's a Guitar Player.

    Steve Morse played a club where I was moonlighting as a bartender many, many years ago. This was after the Dixie Dregs and his new band was just called the Dregs. He also had a band at one time called Morse Code but I don't remember if that was before or after I saw him. They had just come out with an album called (I think) Industry Standard. As I recall it was just him, a drummer and bass player but they rocked in front of a packed house. I also saw Pete Townshend and the Who and Eric Clapton at the old Omni in Atlanta. Don't remember much about the Who show thanks to various intoxicants but had great seats for Clapton. Never saw Stevie Ray but he was one of the very few guitarists who can do justice to Hendrix.
  15. GiveHim6

    Does anyone find this troubling?

    I know what you're saying and I really don't know to judge what one school is willing to pay vs. another. There are always a few variables and every program has it's own circumstances and challenges. But like you say, if Pruitt keeps up the good work Tennessee is almost certain to have other schools come calling. Tennessee is going to have to pony up or else. I would expect Pruitt to at least get some bonus money for making a bowl game and a few other things. Isn't that pretty common nowadays?
  16. GiveHim6

    Does anyone find this troubling?

    Well it took Rutgers 2 tries to get him to sign a contract. I don't know but maybe Schiano was holding out for a longer term deal. Schiano got them on the map when they were in the Big East but how many years would it take for them just to get competitive considering the schedule they play now? I can't think of too many other coaches with "name" recognition who would take the Rutgers job for any amount of money. I wonder if Rutgers & Maryland are having second thoughts about joining the Big 10?
  17. GiveHim6

    Tax Slayer still the one

    I guess I could see it. With 4 SEC teams going to New Year's 6 bowls and Auburn likely for the Citrus the Outback picks from the Vols, Kentucky, or A&M with 7 wins. Miss. St. likely gets a lesser bowl with 6 wins. If A&M stays out west it's between the Vols & Cats and the Vols have the win in that one.
  18. GiveHim6

    The gutting in the SEC

    Muschamp is on thin ice down here. The shocker against Georgia is a distant memory now, especially after the loss to Appy St. It may have bought him another year but they were expecting 7 or 8 wins this year despite a tough schedule.
  19. GiveHim6

    Missouri fires coach

    I would guess that means Dooley will be looking for a job as well.
  20. Probably the stupidest thing any player has done this year. He's in the doghouse now
  21. I had a hunch and went with Auburn against my better judgement. Sometimes going with your gut pays off.
  22. GiveHim6

    Ole Miss pi$$es game away

    Ole Miss fires Matt Luke. He inherited the mess Freeze left behind. I'm surprised he lasted this long.
  23. GiveHim6

    TENNESSEE kicked Vandy in the butt

    From what I've read his helmet was off & JJ was stomping him in the face. No flags were thrown but it was such a mess down there who knows other than any possible eyewitness whether it was intentional or not. Obviously the refs couldn't see what happened, they were busy trying to break up a potential fight.
  24. GiveHim6

    TENNESSEE kicked Vandy in the butt

    Umm. Upon further review... D.J. Shockley says that JJ stepped on Shelton-Mosley's face intentionally and that it was "inexcusable" but he was up in the broadcast booth so how would he know for sure any more than the rest of us? After the 2nd deIay I watched the last 7 minutes streaming thru our cable provider on my desktop. Somewhere along the line the sound went out on the broadcast but I did see the play in question and it's not clear at all from the TV broadcast what really happened. Some sideline guy got his feet taken out from under him and chairs and stuff went flying as they slid over what looks like a tarp. Then Jennings started acting like a crazy man & pushing & shoving ensued. Impossible from the vid to see any evidence of deliberate headstomp but all that does is mean there's no evidence other than possibly some of the players or people right down there where it happened.
  25. GiveHim6

    TENNESSEE kicked Vandy in the butt

    297 yds. rushing! Now that's my idea of Vol football. What a day for Eric Gray. And just to add insult to injury, JJ knocked that Vandy RB into next week on the sideline. That was worth waiting through the second delay for.