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  1. GiveHim6

    Happy Birthday RobVol!!

    Belated birthday wishes Rob!
  2. GiveHim6

    Non-Vol Related

    Hearing about Bart Starr's passing had me going back to "Third Saturday in October" to look up his performances against Tennessee. He was hurt his senior season but the 1953 game was a classic. It was nationally televised on NBC and ended in a scoreless tie. According to the story:
  3. GiveHim6

    New ESPN Tournament Challenge 2019

    So where's my peanut butter & jelly sandwich?
  4. She of the flying braided blonde pigtails. Best of luck Kellie!
  5. GiveHim6

    Barnes to UCLA?

    I'm fine if the Vols pony up enough money and a contract to keep him in Knoxville. It's a business decision after all. I wonder if at age 64 Barnes would start all over from scratch to build a program when he's done it in Knoxville and has plenty of time and cred to build on it.
  6. GiveHim6

    UCLA offers Barnes 5 million

    Funny, I feel like I've lived all of my adult life in the most conservative crazy ass area of the country.
  7. At the beginning of the season the expectation was elite 8 or better. Even though they didn't get that far and even though the Vols lost a tough one last night it was a great season in my book. It's seems like a long time since the Vols were getting this kind of respect nationally. I know we all hope Bone & Williams stick around. Barnes has done a great job coaching, recruiting & bringing the program back to relevance. Hopefully the good times will continue next year.
  8. GiveHim6

    Holloway leaving UT retiring

    Congrats to #7. Enjoy retirement Condredge. P.S. He was a fine baseball player too.
  9. Well deserved honor and recognition. With all the recent struggles in some of the other Vol athletic programs the men's hoops program is in good hands.
  10. GiveHim6

    New ESPN Tournament Challenge 2019

    Sky & Volnick tearing it up after the first weekend. Anything over 80% is pretty damn impressive.
  11. GiveHim6

    Vols win in OT. Advance to the sweet 16

    I'm beginning to believe the worst thing that can happen to those guys is to get a big lead early.
  12. GiveHim6

    Post game conf - Colgate

    I thought the Admiral had the best response to the Colgate fans when he said they should have been chanting underrated at their own team. However this tourney ends for the Vols so far they have had fun and shown class doing it, coaches as well as players. Even if they fall short of the grand prize, no doubt this season will be a fond memory for these guys when they're my age. Or in the case of Barnes already my age. Now Beat Iowa! P.S. Props to Barnes for soldering through a press conference barely able to talk.
  13. GiveHim6

    Post game conf - Colgate

    The Colgate fans were chanting overrated at the Vols but Barnes & the players were nothing but complimentary about their team and coaches. Barnes said the team looked "anxious" and it sure looked that way to me too. Bone said they expected a close game and they sure got it. Funny thing, momentum. The Vols started out like gangbusters and built a big early lead but when Schofield missed that easy layup and Colgate got a 3 at the other end the momentum just took a 180.
  14. Wake up Smokey! You're a star!
  15. Yep. 3 years remaining on his contract so only a disaster of a season like that would justify getting the axe.