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  1. GiveHim6

    Dem Primary

    I'll probably vote for Biden Saturday. I'm not 100% sold on any of the candidates but come November I'll vote for whomever the Democratic challenger is. I hope it's not Bernie.
  2. I still think they have it in them to pull off an upset or two against the remaining regular season schedule but Barnes is right, you can't just do it for 27 or 28 minutes.
  3. Yeah you don't knock off two ranked teams, one of them #1, in a weekend tourney and not get noticed.
  4. GiveHim6

    The BaseVols beat Stanford 7-2

    Vitello is known not only as a top notch recruiter but also for his ability to develop talent and pass it on to the minors and beyond. Looks like he's got the pitching and the offense to make a serious run in the SEC. They'll get tested early in conference play with an opening weekend trip to South Carolina and then home series against Vandy and LSU. We'll know for sure if this team is for real by then.
  5. GiveHim6

    Raised him right!

    It's a serious problem not only in Alabammy but here too. South Carolina, thanks mainly to low pay, has had an issue with teacher shortages for years. My wife works in administration for a small town school district and is involved with recruiting this time of year. It's tough to compete with larger districts to find good qualified teachers for English, math and science.
  6. GiveHim6

    Raised him right!

    That's great VolNick! Good English teachers are solid gold to any school district.
  7. GiveHim6

    With the Vols win last night

    Yes he can shoot, and sometimes he even scores.
  8. GiveHim6

    With the Vols win last night

    He's a fine player but Vescovi just isn't the ball handler or shooter to be the point guard Barnes needs.
  9. Damned if the men didn't nearly blow the game with a 12 point lead over Vandy in the last minute.
  10. GiveHim6

    Vols beat the Hogs 82-61

    The opportunity is there, if only remotely, that the Vols could at least get themselves on the bubble thanks to the remaining schedule. It's a tall order yes, to beat Auburn twice or even once, Kentucky at Rupp, Florida who's hot & cold, or a South Carolina team that's hot right now. But three or four wins out of those might get them in the conversation. At the very least an upset or two should guarantee a good seed in the NIT.
  11. GiveHim6

    Vols beat the Hogs 82-61

    I don't think the Hogs were ready for a defense like the Vols. You don't beat a team like Arkansas by 19 just because they had an off night. The Vols are most likely an NIT team yes but when they are clicking they can hang with anyone. Just ask Kansas. It's just unfortunate that they can't be more consistent offensively.
  12. GiveHim6

    Vols beat the Hogs 82-61

    Nothing lucky about it. 5 Vols scored in double figures and handed Arky their first double digit loss of the season. The defense stifled the Hogs all night. Vescovi was on fire. One of the best 40 minute efforts all season. Hope they bring it to Columbia Saturday.
  13. Considering the subtractions and additions that Barnes has had to deal with personnel-wise it shouldn't be surprising that the Vols are still occasionally struggling with teamwork, especially against solid defenses. I think that's why they still rely too much on perimeter shooting and lack the patience to set up good looks in the paint. But yes, the talent is there, the defense is there and the coaching sure as hell is there. I know "Wait till next year" is a cliche but in this case it has some meaning.
  14. Yeah, they are #1 for a reason. Staley has established that revolving door of top talent. They just reload, the way Pat used to do it. Even my wife says "Lady Cocks" doesn't sound right.