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  1. GiveHim6

    Observation from last week.

    Yep some outstanding talent there. Still miss Cam and how about 4 former Vol punters in the NFL, all averaging 40+yds./punt. And two Colquitts!
  2. I'm reading some things about Jeremy Foley & Zach Smith and the 2009 "incident" that might not look good for Foley or UF.
  3. GiveHim6

    Where you peeps at?

    We've been busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest the last few weeks with the big move, getting settled & such but everything looks great Rob. I don't know why and I may be dreaming but I keep thinking that the Vols are going to show up big time in Charlotte. Maybe because i was watching a Vol football DVD recently and Bill Anderson told a story about when right before the '86 Sugar Bowl in the press box he told Keith Jackson he thought the Vols were gonna cream Miami and Jackson looked at him like he was crazy. This wouldn't be that big an upset but it sure as hell would get the coaches & team off on the right foot.
  4. The usual suspects in the top 10 for the most part including Bama & Clemson #1 & #2. Dawgs are the only SEC East team ranked. USA Today Coaches Poll
  5. GiveHim6

    Welcome to the new voltalk

  6. Looks like the old "What did he know and when did he know it?" deal.
  7. GiveHim6

    Media Days - Pruitt

    It's easy to be optimistic in July but this team has way too many holes to fill. I'd be ecstatic if the Vols won 8 games this year and pleasantly surprised if they won 7. If they lose the opener it will be a challenge to win 6.
  8. Will be our lucky (we hope!) day. We close Friday on our brand new house in Lexington which is just outside of Columbia. I also officially retire at the end of the week and become a man of leisure. The missus & I have been planning & preparing for this for several years but it always seemed like a long way off till it wasn't. Just as an aside, I hadn't bought a house in 15 years and the process of getting a home loan post-recession has been an eye-opening experience to say the least. It was a breeze in 2003, more like a hurricane in 2018.
  9. GiveHim6

    Heads up - Upgrades coming

    Rob we were all set to throw you a birthday party but you never showed up.
  10. GiveHim6

    John Ward has passed away

    My earliest memory of a John Ward called game was the infamous Jackson Massacre in '69. I remember even in that lousy game he never lost composure and gave the credit to Ole Miss. In victory never any hob-nail boot crap either. Class act who gave listeners a clear picture but with flair and personality. Not like all the ho-hum vanilla announcers these days.
  11. GiveHim6

    John Ward has passed away

  12. GiveHim6

    Vols land 4* DB

    "Almost" NFL size?
  13. GiveHim6

    Vols vs West Virginia at 3:30 P.M.

    A healthy Will Grier and a shaky Vol defense doesn't bode well.
  14. I wonder if he felt like he wasn't a good fit with the new staff.