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  1. Noone was injured in the game, the playbook wasn't opened, and we closed out a game at the end. Much more than we could say last year. Yes, it was an ugly win but I'll take it.
  2. Guys, calm down lol. This is the same team that destroyed Northwestern just a few months ago. I believe they played extreme vanilla this game and only opened the playbook a little in the 4th to save the game.....it happens. This App State team had the 6th best rushing game in college football last year, the 14th best defense and was #1 in red zone scoring defense....all higher ranking than Tennessee last year. Was this Syracuse of 1998? No. I'm gonna say this App State team would have played them just as tough if not beat them. I don't think they will lose another game all year. Mark my words, we will be watching Marcus Cox in the NFL soon. I believe we will see a completely different team next week against Virginia Tech. If not, THEN I'll start scratching my head. Think about it for a second. How many times dis you see Kamara and Hurd both in the backfield? How many times did Dobbs run the ball? How many times did Kamara run the ball....6? That wasn't Tennessee football. Why show your hand on the first game and give Bud Foster, one of the all-time defensive masterminds of college football, a full plate to pick apart? Was it a gutsy call against a really talented Appalachian State team? You bet it was, but again I say this is the same offense that went toe to toe with half of the playoff teams from last year. Rest easy Vol friends. We haven't seen anything yet.
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