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  1. Sounds like Salter's charges got dismissed
  2. Good luck to them but that's the best outcome for both sides
  3. George Mason hiring Vols assistant coach Kim English 247SPORTS.COM Tennessee assistant coach Kim English is set to become the next head coach at George Mason. English, a Baltimore, Md., native, spent the last two seasons on the
  4. Sources: Tennessee is finalizing a deal to hire Penn State co-defensive coordinator Tim Banks as the school’s new DC. Banks has extensive DC experience, including at Illinois, Cincinnati and Central Michigan.
  5. Now it's being reported he got cold feet lol...so stay tuned.
  6. https://247sports.com/college/tennessee/board/114/Contents/heupels-first-tennessee-coaching-staff-taking-shape-160096567/
  7. Atomic City

    Offensive coaching side is mostly set

    I'm actually good with this. Installing the offense should be way smoother with familiarity. Still have plenty of spots to hit on some bigger names if need be
  8. Sept. 4 Bowling Green Sept. 11 Pittsburgh Sept. 18 Tennessee Tech Sept. 25 @Florida Oct. 2 @Missouri Oct. 9 S. Carolina Oct. 16 Ole Miss Oct. 23 @Alabama Oct. 30 BYE Nov. 6 @Kentucky Nov. 13 Georgia Nov. 20 S. Alabama Nov. 27 Vanderbilt
  9. I guess we hired a guy who new a guy
  10. Atomic City

    2021 Football Schedule

    I figured yall would be ready to tell the coach Bye by then
  11. Atomic City

    Sounds like it could be Josh Heupel

    So who would you hire for more than 4 mil that's a tremendous hire?
  12. Atomic City

    Sounds like it could be Josh Heupel

    Word is he is making 4
  13. Atomic City

    Sounds like it could be Josh Heupel

    That's bullshit. And there are not any coaches worth throwing the money at that fit what they said in the presser which was someone experience with no baggage. All the high price guys that may even sniff have baggage. They are trying to limit the hit they take from the NCAA. I've met you befjre and know you're smarter than to think that was realistic
  14. Guess we should know shortly after if it's Heupel or RobVol
  15. Atomic City

    Sounds like it could be Josh Heupel

    Savage if you think somebody was coming here with sanctions looming and what they said they were gonna look for at the presser than I domt knlw what to tell you
  16. Atomic City

    Sounds like it could be Josh Heupel

    After the initial shock I don't mind it. Sure I would have liked to have a had a bigger name but the reality is with all the uncertainty moving forward and the administration's desire to have someone squeaky clean our options were prob pretty slim. I will say this it's been a long while since we had an exciting offense and I am really looking forward to that. If Plowman and Boyd are on board and the previous relationship between White and Heupel maybe we will all be moving in the right direction for once. I also think he shoukd be able to surround himself with a good possibly great staff so I'm slowly warming up to this hire if that is indeed what we are doing. Either way come September I'll be watching and cheering on these Vols
  17. Atomic City

    Team Meeting at 8 a.m.

    I'll be recruiting coordinator
  18. Atomic City

    Sounds like it could be Josh Heupel

    And once Pruitt guys got here we went 3-7 lol
  19. Atomic City

    I'm getting nervous

    Only thing is left to think about is there has been no word of a team meeting which he said he would have before the announcement. So who knows but there is definitely smoke. I will say this most of the smoke has came from areas that he could have used to his advantage and he has enough athletic department people in his family that they easily put out small leaks of false info
  20. Atomic City

    Sounds like it could be Josh Heupel

    Could definitely be a smoke screen though guess we will know soon enough
  21. Atomic City

    Sounds like it could be Josh Heupel

    Lebby from Ole Miss is supposed to be the OC
  22. AD search will be first then a HC search
  23. It's not Gilbert for sure. Rumor is it's UCF AD Danny White. Everything I've read I like. He also comes from a whole family of ADS and coaches. White comes from a family deeply involved in intercollegiate athletics. His father, Kevin, is vice president and director of athletics at Duke University (and previously held that same role at the University of Notre Dame, Arizona State University, Tulane University, the University of Maine and Loras College). His brother, Michael, is the head men’s basketball coach at the University of Florida. His brother, Brian, is the vice president and director of athletics at Florida Atlantic University. His sister, Mariah, is the assistant athletics director for administration at SMU.