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  1. Not even really a story imo. I think it's already resolved
  2. Atomic City

    Gator Week is here - Discussion

    Actually the back up looks like more of a Dan Mullen running type qb which I think may cause us more issues. We can't stop the run so far. Other than that the biggest yes will be our OL vs there DL
  3. Atomic City

    Breaking: Dobbs Traded to the Jags

    Bad timing for Dobbs. Big Ben out for the year
  4. Channel has yet to be determined
  5. Atomic City

    Week 3 Pick ems are up now

    Thanks. I am sure it will not last lol
  6. Atomic City

    Vols vs Gators will be played at noon

    Yep Mimosas, Brunch, and Football
  7. Atomic City

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    The one thing that stood out to me Saturday was all the Pruitt guys making plays(mostly the freshmen) but you could definitely see the talent in some of the younger guys and the fight. I think there is too much Butch Jones in some of these guys and we just need to move on. There are definitely some exceptions like Chandler, Jennings etc (although Jennings is definitely more of a Pruitt guy) but for the most part you can definitely see the difference in the recruiting classes.
  8. Atomic City

    Watch Pruitt's press conference

    I was typing and not thinking lol. I edited it
  9. Atomic City

    VolTalk Shindig

    Anybody interested in getting together for the Tennessee vs. Georgia game in Knoxville on October 5th? It has been a few years since any of us got together so I thought I would throw it out there. We got 6 and a half months to organize something so if there is interest timing should not be an issue
  10. Atomic City

    Watch Pruitt's press conference

    Maurer actually ran on the field without being asked when JG got his shoe taken off. Not sure of the pecking order but Pruitt did like that Maurer was ready
  11. Atomic City

    VolTalk Shindig

    Lol ...I may go over and tailgate but definitely will not be buying a ticket. Hell they may be offering free entry with purchase of beer by then
  12. Atomic City

    Breaking: Dobbs Traded to the Jags

    Nice...if he gets to be the starter at some point may have to come crash your place and goto a game
  13. Atomic City

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    Here is another read... Quarterback play is crippling the Tennessee rebuild WWW.ROCKYTOPTALK.COM If you’re only as good as your quarterback.... Tennessee is in trouble. Read more
  14. Atomic City

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    He isn't my favorite guy but wheb the first guy has had ample opportunity you see what else you got especially with the team we play coming up. JG has shown me hardly anything in 2 years and the fact that he looks like he has gotten worse tells me he doesn't have it. The reason Chaney wasn't calling a lot if other things is cause he knows they can't run it
  15. Atomic City

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    6-14, no leadership, bad decision making is enough for me to see what else is over there. I honestly don't know if we can beat UTC with this current situation so yeah that's another good reason
  16. Atomic City

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    A serviceable qb doesn't throw into triple coverage every play, check down or hild onto the ball way to long when people are wide open. There is a reason Pruitt was on his ass last night. As 6 said he has gotten as far as he is going to to go in the SEC. Said it last night in the chat I bet we don't win more than 6 games if he finishes his career as our qb
  17. Atomic City

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    This is my first thought https://atozsportsnashville.com/jeremy-pruitt-is-at-a-crossroads-after-another-tough-loss/
  18. Atomic City

    Jordan Murphy is gone

    Apparently his tweet didn't sit well. He chose to leave on his own but I'm sure it was encouraged. Terrell Bailey has entered the transfer portal as well
  19. He is ok but the fact that he never throws the ball down field pissed me off. I'm so tired of watching 5-7 yard routes. He is the only common denominator from the offense last year to this year. We have arguably the best starting WRs in the league and we dunk it.
  20. In looking forward to not watching JG play anymore lol
  21. Atomic City

    Among Other Things....

    I now know that JG is not the answer. It's still the same dink and dunk bullshit
  22. Atomic City

    VolTalk Shindig

    I actually don't think I'll be in town. I got my weekends screwed up. After today I may have svheduled something else anyways:)
  23. Atomic City

    Official: Pruitt suspends Bryce Thompson

    I feel like he will be suspended a few games and reinstated after he does anger management.