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  1. Learn from my elders : )
  2. Atomic City

    With the Vols win last night

    I agree with you. I thought they had a chance to sneak in, gel together and be a hard out for someone but it has just never gelled and they have no lead dog. Bowden just does not have what the rest of the guys had last year and is a great compliment piece. Vescovi probably would have probably used a redshirt so what I am bout to say probably would not have mattered but had Turner been healthy this team would be really dangerous right now.
  3. That is my feeling right now as well
  4. My thoughts on the QB situation is that it will be earned this spring and not just kinda handed to the upperclassman. The QB room has been full since the new year started so they will all have spring to show what they can do and how it turned out last year I think they will make sure they do all they can to get it right.
  5. Recruiting is the big answer. I have heard if he stayed at UT it would have been in an off the field role
  6. If I can remember to make my picks I am in
  7. Not to mention 10th year senior Brandon Johnson
  8. I honestly think this was the plan from the very beginning as long as he kept his nose clean. I don't think Pruitt wanted to boot him originally the pressure from the video kinda forced his hand and they came up with a Jennings like scenario.
  9. Glad I was wrong about no more today
  10. Wasn't expecting this one. Nice pick up. I'd say if Evans is still in the fold they will have to work some magic cause as of now I think they are full
  11. We have one more spot available and I think we are done for the day so Evans has a spot whenever he decides. He has one more official left and cant use it til March 1st at the earliest. This one will prob be like Bryce Brown and he will sign one random day during the spring lol. I realize we aren't ranked as high as some like but I love this class
  12. Me too. He prob don't have many years left anyways. Let him finish his career here
  13. Might as well bring chief in as linebackers coach ;)
  14. Atomic City

    Hearing Jay Graham is coming back

    The band is slowly coming back together
  15. Huge news. I may buy season tickets next season
  16. Atomic City

    Trey Smith will return

    Depth would be legit too.
  17. Atomic City

    Cade Mays hits the transfer portal

    WR Velus Jones from USC may be coming too. Mays is big news
  18. Atomic City

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. Big Shout out to Rob for not closing the doors to this place and thanks to everyone that posts and helps out. Glad your back to XL
  19. They have Charles Davis and Mike Keith breaking down the recruits. It's very well done and a genius idea on Tennessee's part. I found it on Pruitt's twitter page not sure where else it is but I will link it. https://twitter.com/CoachJPruitt
  20. Atomic City

    Vols early signing and updates

    He came out and said he wasn't signing today. Not sure if that meant 2mor or Friday also but I think the Vols have his attention. Jay Hardy also decided not sign yet. Those two would be a huge finish
  21. Atomic City

    Vols early signing and updates

    4* OLB Morgen Joseph chooses the Vols
  22. Atomic City

    Vols early signing and updates

    Anytime buddy
  23. Atomic City

    Vols early signing and updates

    3* OL Javontez Spraggins is the latest
  24. Atomic City

    Vols early signing and updates

    Another new signee... 4* DE Tyler Baron
  25. Atomic City

    Vols early signing and updates

    4* OL Cooper Mays is along for the ride