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  1. Atomic City

    VolTalk Shindig

    Anybody interested in getting together for the Tennessee vs. Georgia game in Knoxville on October 5th? It has been a few years since any of us got together so I thought I would throw it out there. We got 6 and a half months to organize something so if there is interest timing should not be an issue
  2. Atomic City

    VolTalk Shindig

    Once in Gainesville was enough for me. If we make it a bowl game in Florida then we can talk
  3. Atomic City

    VolTalk Shindig

    Lol we barely have enough room now.
  4. Transferred in and then tore her ACL so the NCAA gave her an extra year. She looks like she could help this team next year. She is a 6'3 shooter who can also play inside some. https://www.knoxnews.com/story/sports/college/university-of-tennessee/womens-basketball/2019/04/16/lady-vols-lou-brown-receives-6th-year-eligibility-tennessee/3486011002/
  5. Atomic City

    Kellie Harper on Finebaum at 3:45 today

    Well to be honest I do not follow women's basketball that closely so most of the names everyone knows but just as a personal preference and knowing Nikki Caldwell for years she would have been my choice. It's funny we had just hung out with her right after Holly was fired and were telling her we would see her soon. It did not work out that way and as much as I am sure she would have liked to come home she is not unhappy at LSU.
  6. Atomic City

    Happy birthday Tec

    Happy Belated Tec
  7. Atomic City

    O&W game - what were your thoughts?

    I still haven't seen it yet but based on practice reports and everything else I've seen and read so far this off season if we can get decent D Line play our defense is gonna be really nice. We have enough playmakers on offense that as long as we are serviceable I think we have a really good year
  8. Atomic City

    Kellie Harper on Finebaum at 3:45 today

    She wasn't my first choice but I will admit I've been very impressed with everything thing I've heard and read from since she got hired
  9. Atomic City

    Bone declares for NBA draft

    Possible he could come back but sounds like he gas his mind made up
  10. Atomic City

    Holly Warlick is out

    Parting of ways between Holly and the University
  11. 245 pm on CBS
  12. https://twitter.com/admiralelite15/status/1106186941614170113
  13. Atomic City

    Eric Berry cut by the chiefs

    Time for him to come join Witten
  14. He should def come back and be a 3 time winner : )
  15. Atomic City

    SEC Tournament Brackets, Schedule.

    Can't wait for that 930 game Friday night lol
  16. Atomic City

    Patterson to the bears

    Actually liked the fit in New England. Surprised they didn't keep him
  17. Atomic City

    Vols move up to 5

    Gonzaga Virginia UNC Duke Tennessee
  18. 4* QB Harrison Bailey 6-4 220 Marietta, GA 4* DT Dominic Bailey 6-2 290 Baltimore, MD 4* DE Jordan Davis 6-5 249 Memphis, TN 3* WR Antonio Barber 5-11 182 Cornelius, NC 2* LS Will Albright 6-2 200 Greenville, TN
  19. No current commitments
  20. 4* Forward Corey Walker 6-6 185 Jacksonville, FL
  21. Same thing I told Allie lol
  22. 1 this upcoming season and then Walker will be the following season.
  23. I'm happy for more than one reason lol
  24. Atomic City

    Vols fall to number 7

    One game down. Let's get another on Saturday
  25. Atomic City

    Vols fall to number 7