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  1. 4* Corey Walker, 5* Jaden Springr and 5* Keon Johnson have officially signed with Tennessee during the early signing period Corey Walker is a 6-6, 185-pound Small Forward from Jacksonville, FL. 247SPORTS.COM summary Keon Johnson is a 6-5, 180-pound guard from Bell Buckle, TN. 247SPORTS.COM summary https://247sports.com/Player/Jaden-Springer-46036362/
  2. Atomic City

    Vols land 2020 Texas lineman

    3* Lineman Kyree Miller 6-4 370
  3. Atomic City

    Vols vs South Carolina

    4 p m SEC Network
  4. Atomic City

    Maurer named starter

    I'm ready to see what he can do. Win/lose or how good/bad he looks I think it was time to see your options https://247sports.com/college/tennessee/Article/2019-Tennessee-Vols-football-quarterback-Brian-Maurer-freshman-to-start-against-Georgia-Bulldogs-136499560/
  5. Atomic City

    Ignont leaving

    The only thing that worries me with all of this is the 25 recruit cap. We won't ever be able to catch up in bodies if too many leave lol
  6. Atomic City

    Honest Question - QB play

    I mean as bad as it's been so far we do only have one loss in the east lol
  7. Atomic City

    OPEN Week. Let's try to look for positives

    Here is what I do. I go 3 wide (Palmer, Jennings, Callaway) DWA at TE, Gray or Chandler in the backfield and Maurer at QB and I let it ride. If it is not open I tell Maurer to get a few yards with his legs and we line up and do it again. Other than a few teams remaining I do not think anyone can handle our skill positions if we spread it out and just let them play. I know simple sometimes looks hard to these guys but I definitely think this is our best option for the rest of the year.
  8. Atomic City

    Honest Question - QB play

    I agree with a few things that have already been said. At this point JG would not see the field again unless forced to because of injuries. Anyone you do not feel like you can use you redshirt but anybody else from the Sophmore and Freshman class is playing the rest of the way. Obviously a few upper classmen still need to see the field (Jennings, Callaway etc.) but anybody else from the former regime should either enter the transfer portal this week or just concentrate on their degree. Let Maurer and Shrout play even though I am really high on Maurer. You have the transfer from Maryland on campus and Bailey should be here. That still gives you four bodies and if they stay but I think one of the two guys playing now will transfer as well. Almost all of the players making plays are first or 2nd year guys anyways lets just ride em out.
  9. Not even really a story imo. I think it's already resolved
  10. Atomic City

    Gator Week is here - Discussion

    Actually the back up looks like more of a Dan Mullen running type qb which I think may cause us more issues. We can't stop the run so far. Other than that the biggest yes will be our OL vs there DL