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  1. Admiral Schofield is going to OKC in the Wizards trade, the team announces. No. 53 pick Cassius Winston along with Memphis’ 2024 pick. Rights to No. 37 pick Vit Krejci go the Thunder.
  2. Atomic City

    Alabama game thread

    Exactly what Hyatt was brought here to do
  3. Not sure if specifics but apparently he needed some time away and Pruitt let him have it. If I was speculating I wouldn't expect him back but anything is possible.
  4. Yeah sounds like Sankey is gonna be an asshole
  5. Finally trending the right way again
  6. Atomic City

    Jacksonville Jaguars Release Josh Dobbs

    Good for him. The Steelers always liked him
  7. Jahmai Mashack is a 6-4, 190-pound Small Forward from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 247SPORTS.COM summary
  8. Jay Graham was mentioned as well NCAA hands out penalties to Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M football after Aggies violated recruiting rules WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Big news out of College Station.
  9. AJ Artis has been promoted to the Head of the Strength and Conditioning program. https://247sports.com/college/tennessee/Article/Tennessee-Vols-Football-Announces-Hire-AJ-Artis-New-Strength-And-Conditioning-Coach-147419090/
  10. Atomic City

    Vols add another to 2021 class

    Some of these TE prospects are gonna have to play defense or somewhere else unless we are running a 3 TE set this year
  11. Atomic City

    Vols add another to 2021 class

    Hudson Wolfe is a 6-6, 235-pound Tight End from Savannah, TN. 247SPORTS.COM summary