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  1. Atomic City

    AJ and Williams found not guilty

    This guy was second Mike Klis ✔@MikeKlis Broncos have signed talented, former all-SEC Tennessee LB A.J. Johnson, beating out nearly 10 NFL teams for his services. He was fully cleared last month by Tennessee jury after being accused of rape. Hasn't played in 3 seasons so he could resolve this issue. #9sports 4:42 PM - Aug 13, 2018
  2. Yeah I think we are barely scratching the surface
  3. Yeah I think it's awesome. Maybe he will wear an all orange Kane outfit to the opener lol
  4. Atomic City

    Pre-season coaches poll released

    Love the fact nobody expects anything from us
  5. Atomic City

    Some August camp news

    Alonte Taylor and Bryce Thompson are both going to practice at CB. They could both see action on both sides or special teams at some point as well. The OL could look alot different than expected. Trey Smith has been cleared and will be used wherever he is needed based on the way the other 4 shake out. Chance Hall has also been given the green light to practice. He will probably be rusty but a big addition if he can stay healthy. Alone of Richmond, Smith, Kennedy, Hall, and Tatum would have loads of potential. Jennings will be limited for a few practices Todd Kelly is ready to go
  6. Atomic City

    Welcome to the new voltalk

    Looks good boss
  7. https://247sports.com/Player/Savion-Williams-76659
  8. Atomic City

    Vols land 4* CB

  9. Finally over and I feel for those two guys
  10. Atomic City

    3* CB commits to the Vols

  11. Not a big loss but more so a statement by Pruitt
  12. Atomic City

    Software update

    Background is cool. Works great