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  1. Ozonedrifter

    VolTalk Shindig

    I'm on board.
  2. Ozonedrifter

    Barnes stays at Tennessee after UCLA push

    Now Fulmer has to get the right hire for the Lady Vols program. I'm loving the potential for some "Volunteer Swagger" in every area of athletics.
  3. Ozonedrifter

    Rick Barnes named National Coach of the Year

    Kudos and attaboys to Coach Barnes. Take that Texas ... and thanks for your contribution to the Vol Nation.
  4. Ozonedrifter

    Tennessee DB arrested in Florida

    I'm gonna blame this one on border security. I'm betting undocumented tequila was involved... ...that's my story and I'm sticking with it.
  5. Ozonedrifter

    How ‘Bout Them Vols

    They may have to bury me with this grin on my face. I can’t seem to get it off
  6. Ozonedrifter

    How ‘Bout Them Vols

    Well that was painful
  7. Ozonedrifter

    How ‘Bout Them Vols

    40 years is long enough
  8. Ozonedrifter

    Vols move up to 5

    The climb is slower than the fall, but I can't argue with any of these picks.
  9. Ozonedrifter

    Vols Even Things Up

    They put an old fashioned a$$ whooping on Kentucky. One couldn’t help but see this coming.
  10. Ozonedrifter

    Vols beat Kentucky

    He got some team help today. He was the only player that wasn’t flat two weeks ago. The Vols are sure fun to watch when they’re firing on all cylinders.
  11. Ozonedrifter

    Here we go again ...

    Ole Siss basketball players kneel during national anthem. Said they were protesting a confederate rally nearby. Dumbasses must not realize that the flag they dishonor is the flag that defeated (at a human life cost that has yet to be rivaled on both sides) the flag they chose to protest. This is what happens when we quit teaching history in our education system. I haven't watched a NFL game, nor will I ever again, since they started this crap. If it spreads throughout the college ranks, I'm out of there as well. They should pull these guys scholarships and fire their coach, who appears to support his players.
  12. Ozonedrifter

    New AP Top 25 Basketball

    Dayum, when you fall from grace, you FALL.
  13. Ozonedrifter

    Predictions for tomorrow?

    With the exception of Bone, the Vols were off. Shooting and rebounding was sad. The Kats were on a mission and were clearly the better team last night. We'll know in a couple of weeks if this was a wakeup call for the Vols. Hopefully this is what we needed going forward.
  14. Ozonedrifter

    Looking at RPI rankings. Some real stats

    Recon anybody in Texas is having some regrets about now
  15. Ozonedrifter

    Predictions for tomorrow?

    Watching with my breath held. Should be a good game though. Streaks are hard to maintain. If we have to have a loss, sooner is better than later. We need solid footing going into the tourneys. I'm sill picking the Vols by 3
  16. Ozonedrifter

    Terry Fair is gone

  17. Ozonedrifter

    Vols Assistant wins Recruiter of the Year

    Kudos and attaboys. Looks like we finished at #11 in recruiting. Pretty good considering we didn’t even go bowling.
  18. Ozonedrifter

    BasketVols still number 1

    All is well in the land of Orange and White. Go Vols!
  19. Ozonedrifter

    Vols vs West Virginia today at 4 p.m.

    Oklahoma beat the brakes off of Vandy.
  20. Ozonedrifter

    Vols beat Vandy

    End of game foul line shooting saved them. They continue to play up to their competition rather than their potential. Still they avoided the curse of a #1 ranking. Its great to be a Tennessee Vol!
  21. Ozonedrifter

    I guess the price IS right

    Good for him.
  22. Ozonedrifter

    Vols are number 1 in the latest poll

    Somebody's always pi$$ing on my campfire.
  23. Ozonedrifter

    Charles Kelly headed to Bama

    He just took the best job in college football. Sabin calls the shots. All he has to do is say "Yessir" a lot and cash his checks.