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  1. Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Thankful for a 9-2 season.
  2. Ozonedrifter

    The Tennessee Waltz

    TCU pulled off a squeaker. Go Vols! Beat the Yard Birds.
  3. Ozonedrifter

    Chins up. Vols control their destiny.

    Vols in at #4 in CFP poll
  4. The Vols got a taste of reality yesterday. We’re ranked 5 in the polls and 2 & 3 (OSU and Michigan) must play each other. If we play the next 3 games like we played the first 8, we’ll be in the play offs for a National Championship. In the end, if we deserve it, we’ll win it. If not, we will at least have improved our recruiting possibilities. The future is bright (orange).
  5. Ozonedrifter

    Football wizards and Vegas Odds

    I’m skipping around Sirius and unless they are Georgia homers, hands down everybody is picking the Vols. I don’t know if that means anything at the end of the day, but the Vols have made believers out of the talking heads. I’m a homer for Tennessee, therefore I have the Vols by 7. GBO
  6. Dayum. What a game. It’s like the Kennedy assassination or the attack on the twin towers. You’ll alway remember where you were when saw it the first time…and all the emotions that went along with it. Team of destiny. GBO.
  7. Ozonedrifter

    Harsin out at Auburn

    Rocky Top Insider is saying Auburn’s eyeing our old buddy Kiffin for the job. What student at the school for the blind didn’t see this coming?
  8. Thanks to pop up ads that can’t be skipped, it’s impossible to read the article, however I have my own opinions. Who’d thought it? These Vols are for real! I think we have a very good chance to beat Georgia on Saturday. I also know that if we do, beating Bama again will be the most monumental task these kids will ever face. But teams of destiny find help from unlikely sources. Bama hasn’t beaten LSU yet. And even if they do, who’s to say Auburn won’t grow some (foot)balls and pull off a miracle? I’ve seen enough to believe this group of Volunteers are very special. They have the talent and skills go the distance…and the Vol nation believes in them too. Everything necessary to win a National Championship is in their duffle bag. So far no one has had an answer to our spread and sped up offense. We’re healthy. And every time they’ve been knocked down, they’ve gotten up and answered with a ‘don’t quit’ comeback. Win, lose or draw, I’m as excited and as proud of this teams as any in Tennessee’s proud history. At least in the 40+ years I’ve been a Tennessee fan. Go Vols!
  9. Ozonedrifter

    What ifs???

    Now that that’s in the rear view mirror, ya still think Georgia’s a lessor threat? From your lips to God’s ears. GBO
  10. Ozonedrifter

    Fearless predictions for Tennessee vs Georgia

    If our defense can limit the Dawgs passing game, we win by 6. Opening line in Vegas was UGA -10. I think that’s a good bet regardless.
  11. AP’s got us tied with OSU for #2 with 1500 points apiece.
  12. Ozonedrifter

    Dark Mode for Kentucky game

    Mi gusta
  13. With all the money UT has pissed away on second rate coaches over the last 20 years, a few thousand dollars for the satisfaction of showing our big orange ass to the rest of the world is just fine with me.