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  1. ...only got two right. Looks like Bama may win their 43rd NC.
  2. Ozonedrifter

    UPDATE: My apologies

    Glad you’re on the mend, Rob. Maybe the Vols will give us all a Homecoming surprise and whoop the dawgs. That’ll make you feel better for sure. I know it will me.
  3. Did Beat Bama week squash the deal? ...asking for a friend.
  4. My brother in Texas called and said this is all over local sports news. Claims it is in Peyton's hands. Thoughts???? I like.
  5. Ozonedrifter

    Liberty Bowl

    I’m speechless.
  6. Ozonedrifter

    QB for Alabama game

    What a game. The start of an era. Peyton owned Bama!
  7. Ozonedrifter

    Covid Effect???

    Frigging scam! Now they’re saying he’s testing negative. I’ll bet Vegas is pissed.
  8. Ozonedrifter

    Covid Effect???

    What do you guy think the effect of Sabin's Covid diagnosis will be on Bama? Sabin usually appears to be involved in every play. I think it screws up their rhythm and gives Georgia the clear advantage Saturday. Sabin is a defensive guy and from what I've seen, Bama is not the defensive power they have been in the past. Teams have been able to score and score often on them. It'll be interesting.
  9. Ozonedrifter

    Season opener

    I'll be glad when this election is over and we can throw these damned masks in the garbage and go back to normal.
  10. Waiting on Butch to get fired is starting to be like waiting for the Vols to have that breakout year ... Just wait till next year.
  11. Rob, in the words of Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain." I've been feeling this way for two years now. Butch is a snake oil salesman in my opinion. It offends me when someone is trying to sell me a bill of goods, and I'm able to see through it. I haven't been able to sit and watch a game since game 2. I keep recording the games and hope for a victory to go back and watch enjoy. Hell, i didn't even record the Bama game. Last year was the first season since the mid '80s that I didn't attend at least one home game. I won't attend one this year either. I've been aggravated with the administration since the firing of Coach Fullmer. In my opinion, Mike Hamilton should have been the one getting fired. Kiffen f@#ked us, Dooley made a mockery of UT sports and Jones and his platitudes have now made us the laughing stock of college football. If they don't fire Butch early this week, maybe we should start a campaign to deliver an empty stadium for our next game. When it boils down to it, it's money that speaks loudest to these guys. Probably just a pipe dream, but that's what I think about it!
  12. Ozonedrifter

    Butch's Golden Parachute

    These buy out contracts can work in the schools favor if their coaches do meet or exceed expectations. They deter other schools from coming after your coach because of the cost of buying out their contracts. We may soon find this out. If we hire a top coach from another program, we'll have to pay his buyout also. It's a stick mess, but it's a lot like playing poker. You got to know when to fold...and by-god it's time!
  13. Dayum a bunch of social media. I'm still learning the internet.