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  1. Ozonedrifter

    Vols win in Tennessee fashion

    Very pleased with the progress of this team. Still no fan of JG, but admired his effort yesterday. If we can get Maurer back and healthy, we should finish out the year in the W column. Kentucky still worries me, but we seem to have the same mental edge over them as Florida does us. We'll see, but as for now, Good Job Coach Pruitt!
  2. Ozonedrifter

    Should Fulmer success be tied to Pruitt's?

    Win, loose or draw, Fulmer gets a pass on this one. He inherited a whirlwind not of his making. He made the best pick available at the time. He'll be judged for how he manages going forward.
  3. Ozonedrifter

    Tennessee gets blasted by Florida again

    The schedule doesn’t get any better. We’ll be lucky to squeeze out 2 wins this season. Recruits will be jumping off this sinking ship like some horror movie. I don’t even know what to say. Bring on basketball season.
  4. I’m reserving my praises until next Sunday. I don’t think JG has necessary became an accurate passer. He still follows his receiver from snap to finish. Up against a seasoned defense, I’m afraid he’s going to look like our old JG. I’m hoping our defense has finally found Football Jesus. It’s just too hard to gauge success against poor teams. I am glad to see Pruitt let the guys enjoy themselves and deliver solid and decisive wins. Under Butchy, this would have been a 21-0 game. If we can take advantage of Frank’s injury and come away with a win next week, I’m back on the band wagon. If not, I have plenty of yard work to do until next season .
  5. Ozonedrifter

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    Good read and can’t agree more.
  6. Ozonedrifter

    Neyland selling alcohol as well

    Pay that price and nothing more
  7. How the f@#k did Florida get a #8 ranking???
  8. Ozonedrifter

    AD Fulmer on a Roll

    I like it. Voltalk needs to get 'em made up into bumper stickers. I'll take 6.
  9. Ozonedrifter

    3 former Vol eligible for CF hall of fame in 2020

    Stellar class.
  10. Ozonedrifter

    100 Days and counting

    Can’t wait. It’ll be here before we know it.
  11. Ozonedrifter

    Happy Birthday RobVol!!

    Happy Birthday, Dude. You share the date with one of my granddaughters. She's 18 today, on a cruse with her mother and grandmother legally drinking alcohol on her way to the Bahamas. Hope you're having as much fun as she is.
  12. I'm with you on the three year gig. Last year he had to dance with the ones that brung him. This year we should see marked improvements. Next year must be the "Come to Jesus" year for our program. We've waited long enough. I hate CJP must be under the microscope, but he's being well compensated and he knew what he was signing up for when he took the job. As for Chaney, I couldn't be more pleased with his hire. If he can coach the line, the rest will take care of itself. Vandy is and always will be Vandy. That's just a smudge on our record that we'll have to live with. In the words of Poe, "Nevermore".
  13. Ozonedrifter

    VolTalk Shindig

    I'm on board.
  14. Ozonedrifter

    Barnes stays at Tennessee after UCLA push

    Now Fulmer has to get the right hire for the Lady Vols program. I'm loving the potential for some "Volunteer Swagger" in every area of athletics.