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    Tennessee loses to Auburn

    Fade? Yup. Coincidently, ever since the thing came out about football players being paid.
  2. okfloray

    Interesting resemblance

    I look at this guy, then I think about how it only seems like a few years ago I watched him play ball at Oklahoma. Feck, I'm getting old... Tennessee Football: 3 Reasons for Optimism About the Volunteers in 2021 ATHLONSPORTS.COM The Tennessee Volunteers entered the 2020 college football season with high hopes, riding the momentum of a six-game winning streak. They proceeded...... Read more
  3. Head case. The Vols look like they want to play according to who their competition is. Instead of just blowing lesser opponents out the way they should be. Barnes alluded to the Covid thing. Maybe I've underestimated the effects. Obviously the Vols underestimated Kentucky...
  4. okfloray

    Let it Rip...

    Vols QBs will get to 'rip it all over the field' in new offense 247SPORTS.COM ...
  5. okfloray

    Kentucky whoops Vols

    The last time Kentucky beat Tennessee at basketball and football in the same year was 1959... I was born in 1959, if that makes you feel any better about it.
  6. okfloray

    Kentucky whoops Vols

    In that case, I'm glad I didn't watch it. Seriously though, somebody needs to get off their azz and fix my tv antenna.
  7. okfloray

    Prayers for one of our members

    Good news. Close call, whew. Glad it wasn't any worse. Hang in there Bigarnj, we need ya.
  8. okfloray

    Tim Banks is the new DC

    Wow, man crush. What I remember about the rap on BJ is how much he interfered with the defense. Being offense centric, I don't think that's going to be Heupel's problem.
  9. okfloray

    Tim Banks is the new DC

    Willie Martinez added to coach DB's.
  10. okfloray

    Prayers for one of our members

    Prayers on the way...
  11. Oh hell, I thought everybody knew who she is. That's a Russian immigrant, her name is Givina Handchob. I dated her in college, she alright...
  12. CJH is a 'Safe' hire. Read: Part of UT's way of imposing administrative control over the football program. Might as well come to terms with the idea that we're looking at possibly 3 years of NCAA sanctions. Scholarship reductions, post season, who knows? The point is, Tennessee just isn't an attractive job right now. The hiring issues reflect the condition we're in, and the short term future. James Franklin, thinking of him on the UT sideline makes me want to puke. But I can imagine his reluctance to leave Penn St. He's just got them out from under the most appaling, disgusting scandal in the history of college sports. Now he's got the chance to make something there. His future is laid out in front of him. The way I see it, under the shadow of the Sandusky scandal, all JF has to do is not screw up. And ultimatly, It's still Penn St. By any measure that ain't no slouch. In that regard what can UT offer JF that he doesn't already have?
  13. okfloray


    Point/Counterpoint: Tennessee Sooner Batman WWW.BANNERSOCIETY.COM Okay, so, we’re doing this.
  14. okfloray

    It's a major award!

    Congrats Nick. You da man...
  15. Vols' 2021 signing class in its entirety 247SPORTS.COM GoVols247 takes a look at Tennessee's 2021 recruiting class in its entirety after the Vols officially announced two more additions to their class on National Signing Day. Read more
  16. okfloray

    And the rich get richer.

    Hell, for a new dodge challenger I'd sign with Alabama...
  17. This late, I kinda figured CJH was going to go the juco route. Now I guess he's going to see who comes available in the portal, maybe after spring camps.
  18. Prediction- Train wreck.
  19. That's alright. But they'll have to pay me to use my image...
  20. Jason Witten steps away from playing, begins coaching career FOOTBALLSCOOP.COM Jason Witten is again done playing football – and this time the former All-Pro tight end is shifting to the sidelines as a coach. Witten on Monday was named head coach at Liberty Christian School in the Dallas-area suburb of Argyle, Texas. Witten spent all but one season of his NFL career with the Dallas […] Read more
  21. I'm fairly certain there wasn't a whole lot of coaching going on at all over the last three years. And know this, I won't speak in absolutes. And that's the only reason I'm not saying there wasn't any coaching going on. There sure as heck wasn't any recruiting going on, not in any way that someone might traditionally think of. It wasn't just Weinke. I'd guess he took a look around, and decided he was going to try and get in where he fit in. For now, I'm not exactly dancing around the room about Jim Chaney's, Tee Martin's or Derrick Ansley's contributions either. To say nothing about Jeremy Pruitt, except for bad habits trickle down from the top. In fact, I can't think of anybody on the coaching staff who appears to have went out of their way to develop a football player. As much as I want to make an exception for Jay Graham, I'm not convinced that Gray is better than he was as a freshman. Gray's been on the receiving end of a lot of experience, but coming in it was inevitable he was going to be the number one RB. Even I could see that. Perspectivly and prospectively, Trey Smith is (was?) arguably the best player on the whole damn team. But ya know, hasn't he always been? Very much like Gray, Smith was the best o-lineman the day he showed up on campus. And I'm not even going to get started about who failed at making game preps. Well, maybe not. I don't intend to. Not right now anyway. So who is it? Who on Tennessee's roster, either presently or recently departed, can you say is a better football player today, than they were two or three years ago? I'm ready for it, change my mind. Tell me of this player development over the last three years. Who's the standout?
  22. They've already beat Kentucky...
  23. Good. Hell, I would have fired Weinke two years ago. Can you name one improvement our QB's have made since Weinke's been here? Just one?
  24. This was a damn good win for the Vols. Coming in Kansas was 4-3 vs ranked teams for the year. With losses only to the #1, #2, and #8 ranked teams.
  25. Feleipe Franks' TD pass seals Senior Bowl win for National team; Kellen Mond named MVP WWW.ESPN.COM Arkansas' Feleipe Franks threw a 21-yard touchdown pass to Ole Miss tight end Kenny Yeboah to help seal a 27-24 victory at the Senior Bowl. Texas A&M QB Kellen Mond was named the game's MVP. Read more. Do you wonder why the Vols defense couldn't cover a slant pass this year? In this video the offense has 2 TE's and 3 WR's, showing run. At snap the slot receiver fakes a screen, purposefully taking one DB out of the play on assignment. But watch the LB's bite on play-action. Ends up nobody's in the passing lanes, and the remaining DB's are isolated in single coverage. The DB covering Palmer took outside coverage, as soon as he did the inside slant was open. Easy read for TD. Perfect design and simple execution. The slant gave the Vols fits, just like in this video.