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    Voltalk check in

    I know Pikeville, close to Lake City. When I was in Boy Scouts I got a merit badge for hiking Waldens Ridge. Been to the old fire tower many times, and swimming at Potter Falls before they closed it. Back in the day New River was a good place to avoid, so we always went up from the Dutch Valley side.
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    Voltalk check in

    Today, ... I had one hella day... But before that, I was laid off from Watts Bar sunday. They asked me if I wanted to be laid off first thing in the morning or If I wanted to work until end of my shift. So about 8 o'clock AM my tired and unemployed ass was pulling out of the parking lot. But that's not what I wanted to tell ya'll. I just came off of 47 days working with about 2000 other men and women at two TVA nuclear power plants. Two shifts, and there were no cases of covid-19 reported at either outage. These days, I think that's pretty good, Yay..! Yesterday, Monday... Instead of going home I stuck around and went to Athens and got myself a birth certificate that I desperately needed. Then I went home to my camper and slept for the rest of the whole damn day. My old ass was tired (still am). I got up once and drank a couple beers, and then talked myself into going back to bed until this morning. It's a good thing too because I had one hella day today. My lovely wife came up and visited me in Tennessee for the past week or so. We had a great time, looked up my long lost half-brother. Him and myself haven't laid eyes on each other in 20 years. He lives in Halls on the way to Norris Lake, we went fishing a couple days. Anyway, first thing today I get up, pack up, and get the camper hitched to the truck. Then off we go, south to Hattisburg with me out in front. Went through Chatty, and were in Gorgia by 12:00. Good time, especially for my slow-start ass. Zoom right into Alabama, and all was well. ETA for the Ponderosa was about 4:30, good/good. Until I got on the Birmingham Bypass. Well, ya see my wife has recently been taking meds for high blood pressure, and been having chest pains. She's in her car behind me, and I looked in the mirror and seen smoke. A lot of smoke. And I think "Somebody's burning their shit up". Then a guy in a red truck passes me up pointing his finger at my camper and hollering something I couldn't hear. So two and two right? I pull over all of a sudden and smoke is pouring out of my camper. Get out and one tire is burning and the tire next to it is set to catch. Both of them are underneath my camper, and it's already burning too. Things has went to shit. So a guy has stopped and he runs up and asks me if I had a fire extinguisher. One was in the camper under the sink. I had the door key in my hand, fixing to go in and get the fire extinguisher and I thought twice. I knew better. Years ago I took an extensive fire fighting course in Hammond Louisiana. One thing they told us was never open a door and introduce an air source to an enclosed fire. Instead, I opted to disconnect my truck and move it safely away while I had the chance. I've done it a thousand times, and in just a couple minutes I was out from under the camper. Then I gassed it but I got in a hurry and forgot to disconnect the tail light wire. Oh well, phuck it. Ran up there a couple hundred feet, got out and walked back. Smoke was boiling out of the camper, and as soon as I got close enough I hear, "Tink-a-Linkkle" as a piece of glass hits the pavement from one of the windows. Flames, just that quick started coming out and in another minute flames were coming out of both sides of my camper. Not opening that door and moving my truck instead was one (2) of the most intuitive things ever. I can't believe it was me that done it. My lovely wife was in her car, crying her eyes out by the time I got there. That's where we were when the firemen arrived, I seen a city cop on the other side of the highway calling it in a little bit earlier. Then she sat there, and I stood there and watched my camper burn slap ass up. Pulled off of the left side of the shoulder, of the southbound lanes of Birmingham Bypass. The firemen +1 firewoman put the fire out. They got there quick and done an outstanding job. For my part I stayed out of their way, and buisied myself with consoling my best girl. It was a mess, everything looked like a shit-bomb had went off. I had to talk to the fire chief, and do his paperwork. I had to call my insurance and see what they were going to do. Then the State Trooper showed up, and then another one showed up and I spoke with them for a while and settelled their buisness. But the firemen were more intrested in what was up with my wife. One came and told me she sent him for me. She was in the back of one of their cars wearing a blood pressure cuff and a heart monitor when I got there. Pale like seen a ghost, scared me half to death. "Oh Lord" thought me, "Not this too". But in a few minutes she started looking better, and soon they took all the stuff off of her. The fireman/paramedics told me to leave my truck and take her to nearby McDonalds, get something cold to drink, sit around and soak up some air conditioner until she thought it was ok to drive. When we got there the dining room was closed, and the girl working there threatened to call the cops unless we left. But she did give my wife a large cup of ice water first, and we went and sat in a shady spot to soak up AC in the car. Went back and got my truck, the camper was gone. Drove home without any problems except for being covered with black smut and smelling like burning tires. Shower and a pizza, you bet. It's all got me wondering how y'alls day went...
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    Voltalk check in

    Ha-Ha... Yew one funny guy.
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    Voltalk check in

  5. I've told y'all about this already, it's the problem nobody's talking about. These kids and teenagers are recieving so many paradigm shifting mixed messages. They're raised and live their young lives with rules, do's and don't do's, mannerisms and belief systems, imprinted by their parents. Then to discover radical liberalism, and then to hear somebody say that everything they've come to believe in is wrong. Eating meat is wrong, having a dog is wrong. Get away from your parents as soon as you can so you don't have to live by their rules anymore. Worship some diety? You better shut your mouth. Or their parents were wrong, the way they were raised was wrong. Their values are wrong, ambitions, wrong. They can't do anything right. These kids are beat over the head with it, and that's a hell of a thing to lay off on youngsters that have a lot of living left to do. Having never done wrong todays kids are having guilt thrust upon them by orders of magnitude. They see it on TV, the computer, they can't get away from it. It's like nothing I ever went through as a teenager. Highschool, college, the worst places for it. Internet sites, social media. There's too many whack-jobs out there, and now trending to a vocal majority they have a platform to launch their fascist septic nipple. Suicide among teenagers and young adults is manifest. So is self mutilation, castration and self-harming. You don't hear about it, but it's going on and more commonly than you think. Maurer? I wouldn't be suprised. And if so then it's past time people became aware. Phuck the news, they're a day late and a dollar short. Select a high school kid and presuade them to come clean about self mutilation, friends and girls. Scary answers.
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    Football Recruiting

    Except for the part about players ain't stupid. But I like this new regime, credit Fulmer. Even my wife's happy about our recruiting. "FiP"...
  7. These are the players we've been missing out on for years. GBO!
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    NFL draft anyone watching?

    I didn't watch it. But here's this... 2 charged with breaking into Tennessee's Neyland Stadium, stealing beer from concession stand SPORTS.YAHOO.COM According to police, $624 worth of beer was recovered. I thought I had the imbed fixed. (fixed)
  9. You're not serious...
  10. OK, I looked it up. The official story is Warrior didn't hit anybody with his helmet. He sucker punched Shy Tuttle so hard that Tuttle fell and broke the skull bone around his eye socket by landing on a football helmet. Warrior was not injured in the altercation. I guess Warrior was channeling Mike Tyson or something.
  11. Great offer list. Means more than star ranking IMO...
  12. He's the kind of guy that would bash his team mates in the head with a football helmet.
  13. NFL draft top heavy with 37 wide recievers.
  14. As much as I hate to say it, I'm kinda glad Warrior's gone. A head case problem child if ever I seen one. Never invited to Media Days, never allowed to speak to the press, never even a team captain. Did ya ever wonder why? First Team NCAA All American. It sure as hell wasn't because of his lack of football skills. Now no NFL football team want's to draft him. My, my... That boy just can't get right. I reckon what goes around comes around.
  15. While Jennings play making abilities and competitive drive has never been in doubt, he kind of comes up short in all the measurable evaluations. I think that potential-wise he could very well be the steal of this draft. Looking back though, one way or the other Jennings has always been the guy who had to prove himself. Appearantly that hasn't changed.
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    Draft Profile

    Rocky Top Talk Draft Profile: WR Jauan Jennings WWW.ROCKYTOPTALK.COM Time to take a look at one of the more memorable Volunteers in recent history.
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    Voltalk check in

    I did, I'm here. I was ahead of of all the really bad weather, it followed me right up I-59. Go in tonight @ 7 o'clock, Sequoyah nuke.
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    Voltalk check in

    The trucks fueled up, the campers hooked up, got my essential employee paperwork. One cup of coffee and I'm heading north in the morning before daylight, bound for the metropolis of famous, fabulous Soddy-Daisy Tennessee. BIG SODDY..!
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    Voltalk check in

    Still alive and kicking. 12 more days until I go back to work. Hell, I'm looking foreward to it.
  20. Philadelphia OLB explains decision to join Vols as walk-on 247SPORTS.COM A Class of 2020 outside linebacker who received several scholarship offers earlier in his recruitment has decided to enroll at Tennessee as a preferred walk-on. Read more
  21. https://www.wate.com/news/university-of-tennessee-knoxville-reports-first-positive-covid-19-case/
  22. https://atozsportsnashville.com/the-reason-bryson-eason-signed-with-the-tennessee-vols/
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    Voltalk check in

    I'm back at home, got here yesterday evening. Sequoya outage postponed, now my show up date is April 13th. Funny, their telling everybody to stay home and don't travel. I've logged over 1000 miles in the last 3 days.
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    Voltalk check in

    Living large in beautiful downtown Hollywood Alabama, inprocessing for Sequoya nuke. Drove all night to get here. Had to have my temperture taken before they'd let me in the building. The unsubstantiated rumor is, 24 hour lock in at Sequoya until the outage is over. Work 12 hours a day, get paid 16. I came through Rainsville this morning about 5 o'clock, didn't run into Jeremy Pruitt though. There isn't one loaf of bread for sell in Alabama.