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  1. okfloray

    Anyone around?

    I think everybody's waiting for the mid-term...
  2. Dave Hale... Never heard of him.
  3. I'll be there with a bunch of coonass inlaws.
  4. okfloray

    NIL News.

    The excuse I keep hearing is they have to learn to swim too...
  5. It gets on my damn nerves. Saying "colonel" in place of kernel puts me in mind of someone using words they don't know the meaning of. Does anybody even edit this shit? If ever I seen one, this guys a Texas Sharpshooter. After he gets through shooting at the wall, he goes out there and paints targets around the bullet holes.. Rant over... Milton was named #2 QB before spring practice, and simply, no one took it away. Who are we talking about? A true freshman and a QB transfer off of somebody else's depth chart? Did this come about unexpected? I mean, nobody wants to watch Jackson set the woods on fire next year more than I do. We all love Heath Shuler and Navy's legacy at Tennessee, at least I think we do. But duh.. Milton's gonna be #2 QB going into the season.
  6. I'll go with 9-3, possibly 10 wins post season. Gonna have to win vs Florida, this year is our best chance. Don't believe in any Florida curse. I've always said we play them too early, last year was a perfect example.
  7. Well, no news on Carnell. However Kasper Kyler has changed his classification and committed to Oregon Ducks today as a member of their 2022 class.
  8. UT prospects Carnell Tate and Kasper Kyler are both supposed to announce their commitments today.
  9. Jean-Mary sees 'night-and-day difference' in Vols' depth at LB 247SPORTS.COM Tennessee linebackers coach Brian Jean-Mary weighs in on the Vols' improved depth at linebacker and where his position group needs to improve this offseason. Read more
  10. Yup, theSquirrel is a guy to watch. Other guys, Christian Charles and Chas Nimrod.
  11. 54 points and 12 TO's in the first 20 minutes.