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Pick Ems Updated. Redwood still leads. Added week 13 


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  1. okfloray

    Vols are flipping the script

    The guy I was about to give up on. Tape Study: How Nigel Warrior has turned a corner in 2019 WWW.ROCKYTOPTALK.COM How Nigel Warrior Has Taken His Game To The Next Level
  2. okfloray

    Week 13 pick em ALMOST ADDED

    Rob, give my results a look. Week 12 I picked Florida but the final's checked a loss.
  3. okfloray

    Latest College Polls - 11/10/2019

    Y'all must have not seen this then. Twitter MOBILE.TWITTER.COM
  4. okfloray

    Vols are flipping the script

    There was a time when Tennessee was the team that did the intimidating in the SEC. Maybe we aren’t far from seeing that again. Hmmmm.... May-be.
  5. Yeah, but he wears a hair barrette.
  6. Obviously SEC referees have been tasked with making every effort to guarantee the SEC is represented in the playoffs. I think the directive came from higher upstream, SEC office, Commisioner maybe. Now I wouldn't be suprised if their eye turns to LSU. But, Bama isn't entirely out of it, so nothing would surprise me at this stage. But if we're going to start penalizing refs for making bad calls, what happens when we run out?
  7. Yeah, and about the coaching/recruiting thing. It's a classical catch 22. If you don't have the right coaches it doesn't matter how good the recruits are. If you don't have the right recruits, it don't matter how good the coaches are. Ideally, you want enough of both. And for now, I believe we do. "You can't shoot pool with a rope." That's my motto...
  8. Yeah, me too. I've seen a similar topic somewhere already, but they were talking about hiring asst. coaches away from some of the same teams. For now I think the Vols need to keep the coaching staff they already have, in favor of stability.
  9. I like Derek Mason, seriously. Vanderbilt would be stupid to get rid of him. He's having a rough year, but you can't base it on one year. Overall, the 'dores are a better team with him. Muschamp, I don't think he likes himself. Stoops ain't going to FlaSt, that's inconsiderable. Their having a rough year of their own, but they'll easily do better for themselves. Deion Sanders is one of my all time favorite ball players, so it's hard to criticize. But has he ever coached, anywhere? Stranger things have happened, but it's hard to take that seriously. He could get hired away, and that's the only way I could see LR leaving Oklahoma after his 2nd year. That's always been a destination job. I don't see the Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Mizzou, or SoCarolina games being insurmountable obstacles as they presently are. Regardless of who the coach is. For now undecided about Mizzou, but we have already, or will soon beat three out of those five teams, this year. Things continuing as they have, I think it's reasonable to assume that those games have become virtual wins for the foreseeable future. In the next couple years at the most, the Vols should be to a point where the competition comes from teams like Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. Isn't that the appearant trajectory we're on? Honestly, I believe so. If not I'd be dissapointed. In the least I don't have any reason to think otherwise, considering things continue to trend upward. Not that I wouldn't be accepting of an easier path to get there. If that's the way it works out more the better. What I'm saying is, it's not going to make any difference. I remember back in the day when I could pencil in wins against lower/mid tier SEC teams before the season even started. Now it seems that is where the Vols are headed back to, and we're only a couple years away. I don't think that's much of a bold statement, not really. More of an evidence based conclusion. Pruitts first recruiting class is exceeding all expectations, and I anticipate more out of them in the years to come. At the same time I expect that to repeat itself with recruiting classes in the future. Build, develop, install, ect, ect. Then become the norm regarding the football team at the University of Tennessee. I don't see any of that as being unreasonable.
  10. okfloray

    Vols defense delivers comeback win

    Twatter... Y'all oughta like this. Twitter MOBILE.TWITTER.COM
  11. okfloray

    Vols defense delivers comeback win

    Vols are now #3, SECE.
  12. okfloray

    Vols defense delivers comeback win

    A real grinder. When gut check time came the Vols proved they weren't going to be denied. Sloppy? Yes, throughout. But in the end they made the plays that won the game. Rucker: Vols’ escape from Lexington a beautiful disaster - CBSSports.com WWW.CBSSPORTS.COM Saturday's Tennessee-Kentucky game might have been a disaster, but it was a beautiful disaster for the Vols. Read more
  13. okfloray

    Streaming of the game. Chat room

    It looked fine to me.
  14. okfloray

    Good morning everyone it's Gameday

    That's how I feel about nuclear plants. They don't make sense, they make electricity. Report: Vols to Wear Orange Pants vs. Kentucky | Rocky Top Insider WWW.ROCKYTOPINSIDER.COM Tennessee has worn orange pants once this year. Now, a report says the Vols will wear them on the road when they take on Kentucky this weekend. Read more
  15. okfloray

    Good morning everyone it's Gameday

    All depends. I made it to Tampa because I was between jobs at the time. Hopefully I'm about to start a new job at Y-12 in Oak Ridge, waiting to hear back from them. If I can get away yeah. Gator Bowl, hell yeah. I'd rather go to Jax than Tampa any day. That's like a 10 hour drive for me, screw that. Havn't made any plans tho, more of a thinking stage. So much needs to happen between now and then.