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  1. okfloray

    Season Turnaround

    As the game went on after Tua went out, I thought we had a chance. Well, for a while I did...
  2. Darrell Taylor picks favorite game, turning point of 2019 season 247SPORTS.COM
  3. Brumbaugh is half Rockers age. Can you say Shelton Felton? Very poetic. He's new, gonna coach LB's.
  4. Now I'm dissapointed... How about two bags?
  5. I'll bet a bag full of buttcracks that Banks is provisionally reinstated before spring practice.
  6. Kept going to classes, never went transfer portal. Ya think there might be a reason why?
  7. okfloray

    RIP Neil Peart

    The older the fiddle, the sweeter the music.
  8. It seems like a lot of potential epidemic originates in China. Nasty stuff, what's going on over there?
  9. okfloray

    Hearing Jay Graham is coming back

    OK.. I don't want to see ANYBODY calling Jay Graham by his initials... Dammit! Anyway, Jay coming home's got me grinning like a goat eating briars. He's recently coached a couple guys into the league. I think his star's on the rise, Jay could come into his own at Tennessee. Since Graham/Chaney have previously coached the Vols at the same time, I could see it working out. The Jim and Jay show.
  10. Good for Manny, off and on I've been hearing his name all year. The only way Butch Jones will ever be part of some big time football team is if he suctions his ass up to a coach who's a damn sight better than he is. Oh... ... Wait a minute.
  11. okfloray

    RIP Neil Peart

    Adequate I'd say. For a trapper, she's all hands. Narry a sixlet, triplet, or paradiddle one. However, no accounting for someone's preference. So essentially you're right, Karen was a beast. Someone can solo, showcase their skills. But the drummer measuring stick is how well they work those skills into their songs. John Bonham, yeah. Neil Peart more so. Karen, ahhh..Not so much. Didn't matter because obviously, singing was Karen's craft. So I've got nothing but love...
  12. okfloray

    Raised him right!

    I remember. You once said he played tuba in the marching band. Congrats GH6, and best wishes for your son. A child's accomplishments are the parents reward.