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  1. Well obviously Milton didn't need any, but Hooker didn't get a lot of help from his WR's. Hit'em in the hands, hit'em in stride, everybody took a turn dropping passes. The guys are getting open and Hooker's finding them and delivering the ball. But it's all for nothing when the ball hits them in the hands and bounces off.
  2. Somebody picked thVols to win. Good sport.
  3. I ain't getting drunk tonight, just having a few Yinglings. Starting now...
  4. A man, ahead of his time... Reminds me of me.
  5. Here's your analysis of Florida Gators offense: plays.
  6. And one school about to be sanctioned. And another one that recruits from reform schools.
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    Not bong, vaporizer...
  8. lI ain't skured to pick th'Vols in this here poll. Besides, I know a dare when I see one. But look-a here. Last week FresnoSt beat UCLA in a ballgame where both teams combined for 4 TD's in the last 5 minutes of the 4th qtr. Now, do I think th'Vols can beat Florida? Very doubtful. And ya'll can cloud up and rain about the QB'S all you want to. I've said all I'm gonna about that, for now anyway. But my Vols defense is getting better every week. Tim Banks, good DC. A genuine keeper. He's already gotten more out of our defense than Conehead Pruitt did in three years. And the kicker is, Banks is doing it with mostly Pruitts players. And as if that wasn't enough, Tyler Baron says he's done shook off the rust, and now he's ready to crash through walls. They gonna put the hurt on Florida. The thing our defense is going to do the most is bust Florida in the mouth often and continuous, and scare the pants off their offense. Kinda in a way,, reminiscent of 2016. You know, I'm sure at least some of ya'll do. The day the duck pulled a truck. Florida won't run against us like they did Alabama. Oh yeah, Florida's best player on defense, CB Juwan Mitchell is held out of the game.
  9. Tennessee football: Five Vols to watch for at Florida ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM The last time Tennessee football faced the Florida Gators, it was actually a December showdown, and then head coach Jeremy Pruitt threw a bunch of young gu... Read more
  10. Woo-Hoo..! Many more to come...
  11. I'll bet you a bag full of buttcracks that TnTech would force a halftime forfeit out of any high school team you want to name.
  12. Th'Vols handled TnTech as they should have. Not a perfect game by any measure, but certainly dominating in every aspect. We listened in on the radio while I cooked a pot of chicken/sausage/okra Gumbo, and sometime during the 3rd qtr I thought I heard Kesseling say that TnTech was "only here to earn a paycheck". Now, as we all know that's one way to look at it. But as far as I can remember that's the first time I've heard an announcer just out and say it like that. Anyway, I thought it was kinda tacky and a condescending thing for Kesseler to say during a broadcast. Providing he actually did, in the way of disclaimers it wouldn't be the first time I've misheard something. 65 Vols participated in the game. That's 20 guys short of everybody on a normal roster, and if I'm not mistaken only 5 guys short of Tennessee's current roster. Sheit, we cleared the bench vs TnTech, the 5 guys who didn't play were out for the game. So a lot of guys got some good PT, and a lot of questions were answered. One question I think, the status of Harrison Bailey. Now, Bailey played well enough, contributed a TD, he done good. After finally being able to form an actual comparison, I can see why Hooker will be our QB going forward. Bailey has a ton of potential, and I have no doubt that we haven't seen his best. It's just that right now, every good thing I see HB do, Hooker does better. And I don't intend to tear Bailey down, the days coming that we're all going to be glad that Harrisin Bailey's on this football team. It's just the difference between a senior and a sophomore, and right now Bailey can't do any more to change that than Hooker can. I'm not going to talk much about Milton because I think Hooker's done enough to win the position. A strong arm is impressive,, but when it's accompanied by a lack of control it begs about a dozen questions. For myself it comes down to the same metric, everything Milton does well, Hooker simply does better. All around, Hooker brings more successful elements to the offense than Milton does. Barring the unpredictable, I'll take a short drive over to Knoxville and pop Heupel's face inside out if I see Milton starting another game. Now for those like me who didn't get to watch the game, here's the highlites... It's true, the salad days at UT have come to an end. Next Saturday Josh Heupel and his cohorts will begin to learn what we already know. I think it was 25 guys that seen their first PT as a Vol vs Bowling Green. Now they're all about to get a first class education about where they need to be to play and compete against upper SEC teams. To say the least, no game so far this yr has prepared them for what comes next. In a game I thought would be more one-sided, last night the Gators just about stole one from Alabama. That's the first time I've watched them play this yr, but what I came away with is, Florida's better than they were last yr. I think th'Vols are too, but they're thin at almost every position, and I'm not sure the offense has control of the playbook. One thing certain, this week starts a most regretable 7 week stretch of confrence opponents. 4 of which I feel a lot better about than the games against Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. I just hope we play well against those guys and go away without having the crap beat out of our guys. Even better, we put a scare into 1 or 2 of them. Out of Mizzou, SoCaro, Kentucky, and Ol'Miss I think we can win two, maybe 3. But also maybe all four. I keep hearing that Ol'Miss runs an offense similar to ours, and I think we have a better defense. The Kentucky game could come down to the defense too. Our biggest concern has to be keeping our thin team in playing condition while practicing for and winning ballgames at the same time. None of those other guys are going to make that easy for us.
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