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  1. https://utsports.com/news/2021/1/12/football-pruitt-names-kevin-steele-defensive-assistant-coach.aspx
  2. Vols' Matthew Butler makes decision for 2021 season 247SPORTS.COM An important player on Tennessee's defense make a big decision regarding his plans for the 2021 season.
  3. okfloray

    Chandler is In the Portal

    Following the John Curry fiasco, nobody from UT was going to offer Mike Leach. That deal was poisoned before Fulmer was hired. I never was all that much in favor of hiring Pruitt in the first place. As coach he had my support, but he came in as an unproven commodity. I think we deserve better than that, and I probably don't have twenty years to wait on him to learn how to be a head coach.
  4. okfloray

    Chandler is In the Portal

    If someone is willing to trouble themselves enough to look at these transferring players profiles at utsports.com, in all but one or two cases they'll find their contributions are either minimal, or entirely non-existant. All of the pertaining information is on there, how many games they've participated in, how many plays per game, superlatives, stats, all someone needs to make logical conclusions. No slanted journalism, no agenda, nobody's trying to sell you anything on the official website of UT Athletics. Now, other than bullshitting and practicing general blabbyness, If I come on here to tell my friends that a players transferring because he "isn't good enough", you better believe it's because I've researched and fact checked it. It's never because I'm a member of the "It's Pruitt's fault" fan club. And I'll go ahead and piss somebody off by saying their full of shit anyway. My formerly unspoken issue is with anybody's reasoning who want's to make a connection between Jeremy Pruitt and those players transferring. Because as any first year liberal arts student would be quick to tell you, their reasoning commits a logical fallacy since correlation doesn't equal causation.
  5. Who the hell is Mike Clawson, and why am I talking about him? I'm getting old, and the coffee ain't working yet...
  6. I think if Fulmer and Mike Clawson' s plans had worked out they'd both still be coaching the Vols. And I haven't forgotten how Fulmer and Mike Hamilton butted heads. So, here's a thought. It doesn't matter how good of a football coach somebody is, or a plumber, or a cab driver. They're no better than the support they receive. Around and shortly after 1998 something had to change, you have to think about what fundemental thing was it that changed? Well, that's about the time that Doug Dickey and Joe Johnson retired. That might have something to do with it.
  7. okfloray

    Chandler is In the Portal

    Ever since they made it easier for players to transfer it's been like that, and it's going to be like that from now on. I see it as a good thing. For whatever reason somebody isn't working out where they are, move on instead of spreading discontent. Also, sooner or later everybody needs to come to the realization, and start acting like these kids do not exist to serve our needs. In every imaginable fashion, old school is a sick and dying thing. It's all new wave now, and these millineals have no shit's to give about how things used to be.
  8. okfloray

    Chandler is In the Portal

    Well, bite me. That's my opinion, you don't have to like it.
  9. okfloray

    Chandler is In the Portal

    It's been a couple years since Chandler's done much except be Gray's change-up. We all liked him when he was the best RB we had, but those days are over. Gray's took over at 1st RB, and now Beckwith and Small are starting to make their way onto the field. Things being the way they are, I don't see him projecting into the NFL top five draft rounds regardless. But I do think Chandler could improve his ranking by being the #1 RB for a year somewhere else.
  10. The new ex-coach at Texas. I'll bet their kicking themselves in the ass for running MackDaddy off...
  11. Whenever I think of upper management, I have to remind myself that given the opportunity they'll always rise to the level of their incompetence...
  12. okfloray

    Happy New year

    You go Blahmaster... Thank goodness 2020 is finally over. I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and I'm full of hope's for a better 2021.
  13. okfloray

    Another one gone? Really??

    Well, that explains Neidermeier.
  14. okfloray

    Another one gone? Really??

    It's pretty obvious the QB's aren't being developed. Either that, or they just ain't very good to start with. But I have a hard time believing that when they have an offer list as long as my arm. Star ranking are given by journalists, recruitment offers are given by coaches. I'll go out on a limb here and say that coaches know a little bit more about player potential and what to look for than journalist's do. Even so, player development counts for just as much as anything else. Now you can't make chicken salad outta chicken 'chit. First you have to recruit the right guys, then you have to develop their skills. Not just physically, mentaly too. A lot of guys play well and get by in highschool simply because they're the best athlete on their team, and better than almost everybody on the teams they play. Then they get to college and now their natural altletic ability that served them so well in the past, simply isn't good enough anymore. So they have to abandon everything they've done before, and learn position technique. This is where a lot of guys bust out, regardless of coming in with a high star ranking. They either won't, or can't learn the position and can no longer get by on athleticism. The term that gets thrown around is 'uncoachable'. The coaches can only work with what's handed to them, there's no magic button. So development is a two way street, and the players contribution equals the coaches. Or not. All it takes is one look to see plainly how many defensive players Jeremy Pruitt has put in the NFL, and there's no denying he is very good at developing football players to the next level. I'm certain he hasn't forgotten how, and he knows what kind of ballplayer it takes. That's what he's selling to recruits, and that's what they will come to UT for. This is observable, tangable, and measurable. Don't fall for the clickbait crapola that's going around.
  15. okfloray

    Another one gone? Really??

    What we desperately need is headhunters on the defensive line. Leonard Little, Reggie White kind of guys that give QB's nightmares. Then we could be disruptive, and wouldn't have to constantly commit our LB's to covering the running lanes. The way things are now, everybody we play knows our LB's are going to bite on play action. They have to, our DL isn't getting it done.