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  1. okfloray


    "The Juice" Part II.
  2. Liberals are always about what they're going to ban next.
  3. Yeah, we're all in wait and see mode. We've all been here before. But the impression is that the team is buying in. Some bonding is going on, team leaders are stepping up. Hell, I already feel better about CJH than I ever did about Pruitt. Jeremy Pruitt is a first class turd, but he did manage a couple pretty good recruiting classes. In that regard Heupel's starting in a fairly good place. I'll bet that this year we don't start the season with two losses.
  4. okfloray

    Josh Palmer

    Tennessee football’s Josh Palmer gaining steam as an NFL Draft prospect ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM General Robert Neyland's Seven Game Maxim's have been a Tennessee football tradition since he coached the Volunteers in the 1930s. The seven maxims, which ... Read more
  5. okfloray

    Jabari Small

    Jabari Small continues to impress during spring practice WWW.ROCKYTOPTALK.COM Following the loss of both Eric Gray and Ty Chandler, the running back room was a pretty large question mark entering the spring period. Tennessee returned Jabari Small and Dee Beckwith, while... Read more
  6. In the immortal words of Vince Lombardi; WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE??? Y'all ain't gonna believe this. Now It's Aaron Beasley... Around $2,000 raised to help kitten after reports of UT football player involved in animal abuse case WWW.WBIR.COM The Knoxville Police Department said they received a report of an alleged animal abuse case involving Aaron Beasley on Thursday, a linebacker with the Vols. Read more
  7. Sounds like charges are going to be dropped for everybody. Much about nothing.
  8. okfloray


    Man, the conversation flows like mud around here. Meanwhile back on topic, I'm hoping that Too'Too and Crouch both show up for fall camp. Last season was an anomaly that hopefully won't repeat itself. For the last year I think we've all probably dealt with our own version of prioritizing while not knowing what's going to happen next. Collectively last year really sucked, and I'm glad to say that now I can discern a measure of recovery. Such as possible, a return to normalcy needs to happen for this football team right now. Something positive. Too'Too and Crouch, It's time to slay the fatted calf and welcome home the prodigal sons...
  9. okfloray


    I thought you might like to see some actual coaching going on...
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  11. okfloray


    Here we go. I know everybody's got an opinion on this. CJH says he's focused on the players that are here. I can agree with that reasoning, but at the same time we need all the experienced team leaders we can get. Tennessee football: What to make of the ongoing To’o to’o and Crouch saga ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM We're approaching 70 days since Eric Gray, Henry To'o to'o Wanya Morris and Quavaris Crouch, four crown jewels of Tennessee football's 2019 signing class, ... Read more
  12. I always forget about them. I guess that explains it...
  13. okfloray


    I could see OlMIss for legacy reasons. Can't imagine Grandpa Archie or Coop endorsing Shady Lane tho. Forget LSU, they're fixing to be in more trouble than th'Vols are. The timing's right, and th'Vols are gonna be looking hard for a QB. But not a fit for UT, I agree with that. I guess It'll be between Clemson and Ol'Miss. I can't convince myself any Manning kids gonna go up north or out west.
  14. okfloray


    Arch Manning to Tennessee may be an unrealistic thought for Vols fans ATOZSPORTSNASHVILLE.COM Nashville’s On Demand Sports Talk Show. Hosts Austin Stanley & Zach Bingham discuss the Titans, Preds, Tennessee Vols football
  15. Something don't add up. If the guy that got beat up and the witness didn't know the assailant's identities, how did the cops know who to arrest?