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  1. It looks like the Vols defense struggles against proficient, multi-dimentional offenses. So many similarities, this Missouri game reminded me of the earlier WVirginia game. Also in a way, explains why they had a hard time with Charlotte's balanced offense. Which doesn't inspire confidence with Vanderbilt coming up.
  2. okfloray

    Happy Anniversary Vol Fans

    I'm over it...
  3. Trevon Flowers returns to the lineup. I have a good feeling that he and classmate Alonte Taylor are stars in the making on the Vols defense. Both are available for the Missouri game, and expected to play.
  4. okfloray

    Phillip Fulmer

    Phil gets it...
  5. okfloray

    Phillip Fulmer

    Read letter from Tennessee AD Phillip Fulmer to UT Vols fans WWW.KNOXNEWS.COM Vols athletic director Phillip Fulmer addressed Tennessee's achievements in an email sent Monday to UT supporters. Read more
  6. okfloray

    Thanks to all veterans

    Thanks to all Vets and their families.
  7. Which the Vols done with success, vs SCarolina. But got away from vs Charlotte. Penetration is the best way to disrupt the running game. Ours gets disrupted a lot, has all season long. I expect the Vols get back to substituting the short pass for the running game. At least until Ty gets back up to speed. Problem with that is, I'll bet Kentucky expects it too...
  8. How many times do you hear that, even if it's incomplete, you still have to attempt to throw long? That way at least the defense has to respect the threat, and always has to commit guys to defend the deep field. Same thing with the running game. If you're a threat to run the ball, even unsuccesfully, the defense still has to commit guys to play against it.
  9. I would agree that star ranking is often overrated. Seems to me a recruits offer list is a better indicator.
  10. Well, they finally sat the 5 star bust, Drew Richmond. Didn't listen, but I heard that Tim Priest called him out about a half dozen times on the radio for whiffing.
  11. Tired, slow, inept, beat up, apathetic. That's my what I seen yesterday. Charlotte is the best OOC team the Vols beat this year, and the results are indicative of it. Anyway, I'm ready for next year already. If that's all they have to put out, I doubt the Vols win another game this year.
  12. okfloray

    Anyone giving LSU a shot Saturday?

    Huh..? Enough cannot be said about Alabama being a great college football team. But a bunch of 20-21 year old kids beating a team full of 6-8 year NFL veterans? You're talking boys against men. I have to disagree.
  13. It's over, for now anyway. Pruitt explains why Jeremy Banks returned to running back - CBSSports.com WWW.CBSSPORTS.COM Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt explains why freshman Jeremy Banks is back at running back this week after making a well-documented move to linebacker last week. Read more
  14. okfloray

    Tee relieved of playcalling

    Yeah, there was a rumor. My thoughts then were Tee wasn't ready to be head coach. Now appearantly, he isn't even ready to be OC. Not that I'd be against him coming back in some lesser capacity, position coach maybe. He is a VFL after all, and for me that's a big plus. I wonder though, what Tee's demotion implies about Tyson Helton. Maybe we got the better half of that...