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  1. okfloray

    LSU game at noon on ESPN

    Noon is good. A bunch of coonass won't have all day to get drunk.
  2. okfloray

    Vols move up to #8 in the ap

    I'm thinking wins vs LSU and UK. And hey, at least we didn't make KentSt look good...
  3. okfloray

    Grading the Florida game.

    Can't brag on ST's letting the Gators cover the onside kick. Standing still waiting while the Gator guy went up and grabbed the ball. Gave'em a chance at the end. I think (hope) CJH learned his lesson about calling off the dogs in conference play. He won't make that mistake again. I'll give him a C+. Based on one critical decision that could have, and almost did cost us the game.
  4. okfloray

    Defensive Backs

    Yup, this unit needs to do some cleaning up. Fortunately the rest of the defense played well enough to make up for it. We knew Florida wasn't going to win by throwing the ball. They couldn't establish the run, 149 total yds on 42 attempts. Took'em right out of their game plan.
  5. okfloray

    Vols move up to #8 in the ap

    You are who your record says you are...
  6. okfloray

    Vols move up to number 11

    Three Keys: Tennessee Hosts Florida In Marquee Matchup | Rocky Top Insider WWW.ROCKYTOPINSIDER.COM Three keys for Tennessee football to exorcise demons and earn a marquee win over Florida Saturday afternoon.
  7. I've come to like 4 star recruits. 12 on that list.
  8. High ankle sprain, still wearing the boot. That's the word around the campfire. Those usually take longer to heal. Till could be out for a couple weeks.
  9. okfloray

    Can't beat a classic.

    Smoky Grey's are my favorite alternate uni's. But when 100,000 show up wearing orange or white, I could see putting alternate colors off until another day...
  10. okfloray

    Florida vs. Tennessee opening odds

    Currently there are 3 teams in the entirety of NCAA football without a TD pass. Guess who 1 of them is... The Gators are dead last in the SEC, overall 255 total passing yds. And when's the last time you heard of a qb having more tackles than TD passes? Bwaaahaaaahaaaahaaaa..!!!
  11. Oh no... He'll probably fumble the microphone.
  12. okfloray

    Josh Heupel show

    RBdepth? A tight end? Smells more like a fullback for the triple option...
  13. Yup. Ya just can't keep a guy named Squirrel off the field...
  14. I knew this was going to happen... If Tillman can't go then Hyatt moves outside, and Calloway would take his place in the slot.
  15. I don't care who the guest picker is. As long as they don't go on there and make an ass out of themselves. But Corso dons the Smokey head. There's my prediction... I've never been to GD set, hmmmm....