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  1. okfloray

    Voltalk check in

    Ha-Ha... Yew one funny guy.
  2. okfloray

    Voltalk check in

  3. I've told y'all about this already, it's the problem nobody's talking about. These kids and teenagers are recieving so many paradigm shifting mixed messages. They're raised and live their young lives with rules, do's and don't do's, mannerisms and belief systems, imprinted by their parents. Then to discover radical liberalism, and then to hear somebody say that everything they've come to believe in is wrong. Eating meat is wrong, having a dog is wrong. Get away from your parents as soon as you can so you don't have to live by their rules anymore. Worship some diety? You better shut your mouth. Or their parents were wrong, the way they were raised was wrong. Their values are wrong, ambitions, wrong. They can't do anything right. These kids are beat over the head with it, and that's a hell of a thing to lay off on youngsters that have a lot of living left to do. Having never done wrong todays kids are having guilt thrust upon them by orders of magnitude. They see it on TV, the computer, they can't get away from it. It's like nothing I ever went through as a teenager. Highschool, college, the worst places for it. Internet sites, social media. There's too many whack-jobs out there, and now trending to a vocal majority they have a platform to launch their fascist septic nipple. Suicide among teenagers and young adults is manifest. So is self mutilation, castration and self-harming. You don't hear about it, but it's going on and more commonly than you think. Maurer? I wouldn't be suprised. And if so then it's past time people became aware. Phuck the news, they're a day late and a dollar short. Select a high school kid and presuade them to come clean about self mutilation, friends and girls. Scary answers.
  4. okfloray

    Football Recruiting

    Except for the part about players ain't stupid. But I like this new regime, credit Fulmer. Even my wife's happy about our recruiting. "FiP"...
  5. These are the players we've been missing out on for years. GBO!
  6. okfloray

    NFL draft anyone watching?

    I didn't watch it. But here's this... 2 charged with breaking into Tennessee's Neyland Stadium, stealing beer from concession stand SPORTS.YAHOO.COM According to police, $624 worth of beer was recovered. I thought I had the imbed fixed. (fixed)
  7. You're not serious...
  8. OK, I looked it up. The official story is Warrior didn't hit anybody with his helmet. He sucker punched Shy Tuttle so hard that Tuttle fell and broke the skull bone around his eye socket by landing on a football helmet. Warrior was not injured in the altercation. I guess Warrior was channeling Mike Tyson or something.
  9. Great offer list. Means more than star ranking IMO...
  10. He's the kind of guy that would bash his team mates in the head with a football helmet.
  11. NFL draft top heavy with 37 wide recievers.
  12. As much as I hate to say it, I'm kinda glad Warrior's gone. A head case problem child if ever I seen one. Never invited to Media Days, never allowed to speak to the press, never even a team captain. Did ya ever wonder why? First Team NCAA All American. It sure as hell wasn't because of his lack of football skills. Now no NFL football team want's to draft him. My, my... That boy just can't get right. I reckon what goes around comes around.
  13. While Jennings play making abilities and competitive drive has never been in doubt, he kind of comes up short in all the measurable evaluations. I think that potential-wise he could very well be the steal of this draft. Looking back though, one way or the other Jennings has always been the guy who had to prove himself. Appearantly that hasn't changed.
  14. okfloray

    Draft Profile

    Rocky Top Talk Draft Profile: WR Jauan Jennings WWW.ROCKYTOPTALK.COM Time to take a look at one of the more memorable Volunteers in recent history.