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  1. Getting shut out for six innings didn't help much either. I had my eye on that UVA pitcher Abbot, he didn't throw a lot of good balls. He'd give our guys crap to swing at until he got into the strike count. Somewhere along the way he always gave our guys a look at that wild ass +90 MPH fastball. Then he'd strike them out swinging at the change-up, right down the center of the plate. So I guess we get Texas on tuesday afternoon. Somebody's going home after that one.
  2. In our favor, for this year at least, our opponents won't know what to practice against.
  3. I think there's more to this story than what's being told. Florida St. recruited hard at this guy, and initially it looked like that was where he would commit. Then suddenly he decided to be a Vol. As a true freshman, to get any PT at all is an accomplishment. Now he's leaving, going the JC route. I'll bet it's grades or else he'd be in the portal. Anyway, things go right he could always come back.
  4. The Vol Radio Network will feature a different sound on Saturdays this fall. Longtime football color analyst Tim Priest has announced his retirement at the conclusion of a 22-year career in the radio booth, a span that includes 274 Tennessee football games along with 14 bowl games and three SEC Championship Games. The former All-SEC defensive back for the Vols will be replaced by another former Tennessee player in Pat Ryan, the former Vols and NFL quarterback who's been a Vol Network fixture, involved in the "Kickoff Call-In Show" and the "Big Orange Hotline
  5. okfloray

    BaseVols win with Walk off Grand Slam

    9 total HR' s for the game.
  6. Thanks Rob. Just got home, thunderstorm cut my day short.. I caught 17 nice crappie, threw 5 or 6 back.
  7. Hanging at the house, working my butt off. I cooked grilled chicken bacon ranch roll-ups tonight, they were excellent. My garden looks really good, little tomatoes and watermelons already. Got my boat ready today, going fishing tomorrow. A couple weeks ago I was sitting at a red light when my truck got hit by a log truck. Putting it in the shop Monday. The pool is filled, I've leveled my back yard and driveway. I think I've finally fixed the electrical problem in my shop, I can plug my camper in now. Framed up and poured a big cement slab by my front porch, replaced a few shingles on my roof, and I have a brand new pig and eleven guinea hens roaming in my yard. Best damn watchdogs in the world. But today, my neighbor told me about seeing a six foot long rattlesnake run into the yard down at my mom's house. I'll have to get rid of it. Wife just had cancer surgery. Took her to the first post-op checkup yesterday. She's good, the cancer is gone.
  8. Was it interference? See umpires' call extend Tennessee, Alabama baseball to extra innings WWW.KNOXNEWS.COM A ninth-inning interference call in the Tennessee vs. Alabama baseball game extended their SEC Tournament contest.
  9. okfloray

    Holy Cow..!

    Always a joke, making Bowl Game Predictions this early. Especially for th'Vols this year. Anyway, here it is... 247Sports makes bowl projection for Tennessee Vols ATOZSPORTSNASHVILLE.COM Nashville’s On Demand Sports Talk Show. Hosts Austin Stanley & Zach Bingham discuss the Titans, Preds, Tennessee Vols football, Vandy