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  1. Most of you know Peyton Manning is doing that Golf tourney with Tom Brady and tiger woods. Listen to his comments about wearing red and black. Lol
  2. Yeah that's what I get for Swype speeeeeeeeel cheekkkkkk lol
  3. Look, I agree this is cool and funny. But so many people are blowing up social media on older people who are being made fun of. Really? Can we not just take time to understand this was an online thing? But you people making fun of older people because they don't get it is not just stupid but just assanign. Not everyone's into all your social media crap. You idiots making fun of older vol fans because they didn't understand is not just stupid. It's completely STUPID. Glad you feel better being internet tough guys. You're a bunch of ass clowns. Expectations will be sky high for Coach Duggs with Tennessee Vols ATOZSPORTSNASHVILLE.COM Nashville’s On Demand Sports Talk Show. Hosts Austin Stanley & Zach Bingham discuss the Titans, Preds, Tennessee Vols, Vandy and more!
  4. Keep reeling them in...
  5. Booyaaa! Tennessee basketball officially secures a top-5 signing class 247SPORTS.COM Tennessee basketball has officially finished with a top-five recruiting class in the 2020 rankings. With the industry-generated 247Sports Composite updated Tuesday,
  6. You really have to love what Jeremy Pruitt brings to the table folks.
  7. Totally agree. Reading the Twitter feeds and comments around social media, there's a lot of respect for this staff and the young men are responding. Kids might be young but that don't make them stupid. Selling crap like Butch Jones tried to do only works for awhile. Kids start to see through it. Then your rep gets trashed because these kids do talk amongst themselves. Pruitt and staff are knowledgeable and have some on staff who played college football at the highest level such as Weinke and Martin. So they call talk the talk. This momentum is incredible. If this year they can bring excitement and play hard football and can get 9-10 wins look out in 2021.
  8. Hey guys I know all of us are being impacted by this Corona crap. I just wanted to make sure everyone's ok. Yes I still believe a lot of this is hyperbole. Still some are being impacted and the nation is being impacted. Regardless of the true danger this has caused, if anyone out there has been impacted and needs anything, please let us know. The voltalk community is here if anyone needs assistance. Thanks
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    Made you look lol
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    Hey I just had a scary thought today while I was being bored. Consider this for thought consumption. Imagine if Butch Jones was still coach and John Currie was still the ass clown AD. And that's when this Corona crap hit. Scary thought indeed
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    Dude did Hogan still beat Andre? Lol
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    Boy aint that the truth
  13. I would have had Malik Jackson in the top 10 over a punter even if his name is Colquitt. Still pretty accurate list. I know some would be upset about Arian Foster but hey the guy was a former Vol and he did play well. There for a while I thought he would be with the Texans forever. Tennessee football’s top 10 NFL players of 2010s ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM An MVP, championships and Pro Bowls made up Tennessee football's NFL presence the past 10 years. Here are the top former Volunteers from 2010 to 2019. Even...
  14. I am really surprised about that. When he left for Texas I thought that would be it for him. When things tumbled out of control I thought he was done for, Really impressive how he has been recruiting for UNC.
  15. Generally ESPN always ranks Tennessee recruiting lower. No, that's not "ESPN" always hates Tennessee derangement. It's just a fact. Well look at even ESPN and their 2021 recruiting rankings: Everyone's taking notice
  16. They have more 5's but hey just being this close is great. I feel a turnaround coming soon in the hill.
  17. Finebaum says 'Tennessee recruiting is back' under Jeremy Pruitt 247SPORTS.COM .
  18. According to multiple news outlets, the University of Tennessee plans to reopen all of it’s campuses for the fall semester. This is good news. Maybe just maybe we'll have football in some form
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    Wonder if we see some Jermaine Copeland action with all these QBs. This is getting crazy good
  20. Analysis: Huge Evans to be Man in the Middle for Vols WWW.SI.COM Tennessee has pulled in another elite recruit. This time it is four star defensive tackle Katron Evans from Maryland.
  21. For the ninth time in the last 14 days, Tennessee has picked up a commitment in the 2021 cycle. Katron Evans, a four-star defensive tackle who plays for St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, Maryland, announced his commitment to Tennessee on Saturday afternoon. Evans chose the Vols over offers from Alabama, Clemson, LSU, Georgia, Auburn, Florida, Ohio State, and others. Man this 2021 class is shaping up to be one of the best ever. Wow.
  22. You didn't. Everything else with this Corona crap did. Not you GH6. Sorry if it came across that way. You know typed words coming across with incorrect intent and all that blah blah blah
  23. I'm gonna be honest. I went from this is overblown too this is serious. Now after retrospect this was way overblown. There's no way this should have shut an entire country down. I'm not living in fear. This overhyped crap has killed our country. I watched some idiot tell me that ALL OF US have been affected by the Corona virus. Nope. Not me. Am I fortunate? Maybe but I've worked from home. I've paid my bills. I've never messed with this political BS. While some of my liberal Friends may have a different thought, I'm not falling for the false narrative. Voltalk has always been about the true narrative. While the bottom line is there's been terrible deaths in this country, I'm not blaming anyone. No one in my entire social family has been hurt by this so called terrible Corona virus. I'm gonna leave this alone. But voltalk Won't be some social media pulpit. I'll close it down before that..