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  1. I appreciate his opinions but the opinions of some guy who sucked after he rode cam Newton's coat tails don't mean crap to me. Tennessee fans have every right to be irritated after 10 years of flea market coach hires and bs politics inside the UT Administration. I'm still thinking Pruitt is the guy but until the team wins on a consistent basis, I ain't buying Gene's brand.
  2. I'll update pick ems after a little red zone watching
  3. Looks like Atomic took the lead after week 2. I have added all the games for week 3. So make sure you go back in and make sure make all your picks
  4. JT looked like he was too amped up. See that pass to his left on that out pattern down near the 10 yard line? Was incomplete. Could have been brought in but dang could have took someone's head off. On a rope... He's a gun slinger. But his stance, footwork, presence in the pocket was good. Just can't seem to keep those passes down. Then when he did he one hopped it like he was skipping stones on a pond. He needs more work obviously. Still was good to see where both he and Maurer are. Obviously and unfortunately it would seem for now, JG is the best option. Now comes Florida and a real defensive line. Either JG steps up or gets stepped on.
  5. They say the fastest and most effective way to kill a snake is to cut off the head. Well, that’s exactly what the Tennessee Volunteers did to the Tennessee-Chattanooga Moccasins on Saturday. A sharp Jarrett Guarantano and a smothering defense gave the Vols their first win of the season. It was the type of performance this team needed, and the hope is that it will bleed over into next week’s game against the Florida Gators. The Vols were able to get off to a much-needed, quick start thanks to a 58-yard kick return from Ty Chandler that took the ball all the way to the Chattanooga 41. Six plays later, Chandler punched it in from 13 yards out and Brent Cimaglia nailed the extra point to give the Vols a 7-0 lead with 12:16 left in the first quarter. A stout defensive performance led to a three-and-out for the Moccasins, but the key play was a blocked punt by Tyler Byrd that Brandon Johnson returned for a touchdown. Just like that, the Vols were up 14-0 after another Cimaglia extra point. Tennessee continued to pour it on defensively. On the very next drive, Nigel Warrior notched his first interception of the year. He read Chattanooga Nick Tiano all the way, made the interception and returned it to the Moccasins’ 16-yard line. UTC was able to hold Tennessee to a 3rd-and-6, but Jarrett Guarantano found a wide-open Jauan Jennings in the middle of the end zone for a 12-yard score. Another Cimaglia PAT made it 21-0 less than halfway into the first quarter. The defense held its own again and even partially blocked the Moccasins’ next punt. The 21-point cushion was enough for Pruitt to bring in freshman quarterback Brian Maurer. Penalties ruined Maurer’s first drive of his college career. A false start forced the team into a 2nd-and-15 and then an unsportsmanlike penalty on Trey Smith after a third down run by Maurer left the Vols in their first punting situation of the day.
  6. Mine is complete disgusting thoughts. Tell me how this gets better....
  7. Aren't you Mr positive ? Lol
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    Chat room is open

    In case any of you are up and watching today
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    Hope some of you don't have DirecTV

    I have 150Mbs and manage to work over 15 devices in my house. I think the providers of channels are screwing us. I am almost about at the place to where I will give up ESPN because I am tired of crap. They are screwing us over and I am tired of it.
  10. I still use Xfinity so no issue for me. I'm One of few that actually likes it. But I'm sick and tired of these channel disputes. But looks like AT&T/DirecTV is pulling this with Disney/ESPN SEC warns fans that DirecTV and AT&T customers may not be able to watch any SEC games this weekend WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM This could be an issue for a number of SEC fans this weekend. I'd be pissed if not straightened out. I know many have cut the cord. I think everyone should. I tried Hulu and liked it. The problem for me is really big TV's show the streaming artifacts you don't see on 60" and below TV's plus they only broadcast audio in stereo 2.0 and my HT system is quite big and needs a better quality system. If streaming services looked good on 75" and above TV's with DTS 5.1 sound, I'd drop all of these TV providers. This crap is getting ridiculous and only the consumer suffers. Hope all you DirecTV folks can see the game. Dumb dumb dumb
  11. RobVol

    Vols VS BYU Thoughts?

    Cannot say I disagree
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    Hope some of you don't have DirecTV

    Actually the content being provided isn't any better than the service provided 10 years ago. High definition is still broadcast at 720p or 1080i. Still same audio quality is the same. If channels at least offered 2160 quality or enhanced audio I could see it. This is pure blackmail on the channel providers part. The channel might pretty it up or provide special graphics but the technology hasn't really changed and even the pipe used for bandwidth has grown expedentially. 50mb was high performance. I'm on the low side at 150 MBS and honestly it's more than enough. Disney is holding providers in a blackmail situation. It's setting a terrible precedent. Disney knows DirecTV cannot survive without ESPN. Guess who suffers. The consumer.
  13. I have been thinking about this Saturday and the game against UTC. I truly think this is pivotal even though this is a game that should be won by the Vols easily. With that being said we thought Georgia State would be an easy win. I think though this is a time to review everything from top to bottom. I am not a coach on the team, I am just throwing my opinion out there as a fan. I know back in my day in college when I played we went through a letdown in the first couple of games and the attitude was falling. We had a small school coming up and the coaches decided they would run a team 1 in the first half and then team 2 in the second half if the game was in hand and then would re-evaluate the depth chart. This actually worked because many got real live action work. I would like to see JG, with the same offensive line and some Chandler and Jordan and the starting WRs and TE. Then allow the best defensive starters stay in the first half. If and this is an if they are up a lot then I would have a planned Team 2 for offense with a combination of JT/Maurer and a combo of Gray/and whoever on the depth chart you want to add. I would keep the WR rotation in as the same because it allows multiple QBs to get rhythm with WRs sets from the best depth of the group. See who all plays the best and re-evaluate. I think there is some things that need to be looked at and sometimes live action in a game is the best way to evaluate players. I know this is a wish but I think it would be valuable. Plus honestly I would like to see the other QBs in live action. I am just curious as to see what we have going for the future. Just thinking out loud today.
  14. If you havent read this you have been living in a hole somewhere. So everyone has heard the story of the kid who got picked on and they made that design and now they have offered him a scholarship if qualified????? He's getting more than his shirt printed � UT just offered the bullied boy a scholarship WWW.TENNESSEAN.COM A boy bullied over his homemade shirt supporting UT could become a Vol, himself, after the university announced it will give him a scholarship. Read more Looky here now. I got Florida fans picking on me all the time.... I want some stuff tooo Seriously nice thing for everyone at UT to do this but what precedent are we setting now? Does every kid who get's bullied get schollys? I am little precarious on this even though the gesture is completely awesome & cool. Thoughts on the precedence this sets?
  15. HEY Teach I got a 1,000 for ya if you say my kid was bully'd ///////// LMFAO just saying. I tell ya what yes I am being a smart ass but man in this world NOTHING would surprise me anymore.
  16. RobVol

    My hope for this weekend

    I was just reading about the overrated Chip Kelly and look how it has went to crap at UCLA as well. UCLA, Tennessee and FSU are all teams who have really lost that historical value as a college football power. Such a shame.
  17. Who ever heard it dealt it. Or observed it or...... Ahhhh shut up. I'm confused. Where am I at? What's going on? Huh? You know back in my day we only had one HBO channel. Times were tough!
  18. If not, maybe offensive to the end ...... Oh ........ Ummmmmm yeah
  19. Looks like Pruitt got him back.
  20. Hey I think all Tennessee fans should be compensated. My goodness having to put of with the production on the field for almost 10 years it should be a danged right! I want something for the pain we went through for the past few years!!!
  21. RobVol

    Bryce Thompson back at practice

    Yeah I thought this writer was pretty fair but this is what I ws referring too. Not sure I am going with this one. Seems like just writing something to stir it up. Tennessee football: Vols reinstating Bryce Thompson looks bad, desperate ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM Jeremy Pruitt announced that Tennessee football has reinstated Bryce Thompson. That's a horrible look for the head coach and the Volunteers as a whole. I w... Read more a
  22. Oh yeah I love the story terrific job. I just hope people don't "Claim" bullying for stuff. I just hate when people take advantage of kindness like this ... No doubt this is a terrific gesture as I said and so proud of the school and yes it is "IF QUALIFIED" so the student has to get the grades just I know how a lot of people are unfortunately and would somehow try to abuse this type of kindness. I sure hope not. Just the world we live in now.... unfortunately.
  23. RobVol

    Bryce Thompson back at practice

    Actually some are beating up on Pruitt saying this is an act of desperation since the secondary and the defense is having issues so he is bypassing the standards to sneak him in. I am NOT buying that. Just saying some hacks are trying to spin this. I honestly don't think Pruitt would do that and honestly I would think Fulmer would have issue with it. I think they know more than some media crap piece being written.
  24. RobVol

    Who was most responsible for the BYU loss?

    I would agree if it was percentage of performance over the course of the entire game. But this percentage is impacts that caused the loss and the plays or key issues. In that case I can see this.