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  1. I have never been one to get too political in this stuff but man oh man. This stuff is getting obvious and all this race baiting is killing everything around the country. These folks aren't even trying to hide their obvious disdain for our free republic. I never thought I would see these times. I feel for my family and grand-kids growing up in this day and age. The one thing I thought was the golden rule was you didn't attack current presidents if you were a former president. I know Bush wouldn't do it to Obama and I thought this was like a unspoken courtesy of the office. I guess not for Obama. I never liked the guy but now I truly am disgusted with the guy.
  2. RobVOL

    Dem Primary

    Biden has become the "None of the above" candidate. Who would ever thought a guy hiding in his basement with what seems like a declining cognitive skillset being someone would want as president.....very scary indeed.
  3. RobVOL

    Qb committ Kaidon Salter

    This kid looks good. Really good
  4. And his ratings are through there roof as ESPN's fall. Maybe people are sick and tired of politicized topics in sports. I know I am.
  5. RobVOL

    SEC goes conference only

    It's those damned coronabros!
  6. RobVOL

    SEC goes conference only

    Yep. Just lost the Sooners game. Look at it this way. Last time Tennessee was affected by stuff like this was 2001. That turned out pretty good. There's that lol
  7. RobVOL

    Voltalk check in

    Well welcome and thanks for your service
  8. RobVOL

    Voltalk check in

    Are you military vol from before? I looked at the name and thought about that. But welcome back.
  9. RobVOL

    Welcome Militaryvols

    @Militaryvols welcome
  10. Tennessee football confirms double-striped pants are back ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM A uniform change has been confirmed by the Tennessee football Volunteers. Last week, we wrote about how the official Tennessee football Twitter account tea...
  11. RobVOL

    Voltalk check in

    I know things are slow in the news world. I hope all of our members are OK. We may get back to decent sports talk soon I hope. I have never seen this type of garbage in all my years. I have never seen this social media and garbage totally ruin it for the rest of us. I truly do hope our loyal members are ok. Stay safe during this crap
  12. To’o To’o, who came to Rocky Top fro California, was among the 51 players named to the Butkus Award 2020 preseason watch list on Monday. Given annually to the nation’s best linebacker in high school, college and pro football, the award is named after NFL Hall-of-Fame linebacker Dick Butkus, who played college for Illinois and then in the pros for the Chicago Bears. This watch list comes a week after To’o To’o was named to the Bednarik Award preseason watch list, given annually to the best overall defensive player in the nation. Simply put, he enters his sophomore season with Tennessee football surrounded by a ton of potential. He also added to the Nagurski award list as well.
  13. Like the prez or not this was a nice gesture
  14. Rising transfer junior Cade Mays and rising senior Trey Smith were both named to the 2020 Outland Trophy Preseason Watch List by the Football Writers Association of America. Given annually to the best interior lineman on offense or defense, the award mentioned 85 potential winners ahead of the year.
  15. Keeping scholarships is fair. Totally agree with this. Not their fault.