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  1. I have to say I agree with this article. Tennessee football: Yes, it’s time to panic ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM There is no excuse for the Jeremy Pruitt's Tennessee football Volunteers. You can't spin this, no matter how much you want to. Tennessee football was setti...
  2. RobVOL

    QB for Alabama game

    I say move on clean house and go with what has the most upside. It's looking like this may get ugly before it gets better.
  3. Well that didn't take long. Can we get rid of the QB coach as well? Obviously just looking at the product performance, that needs a change.
  4. RobVOL

    Covid Effect???

    I really thought Georgia could win this game. Looks like they're skidding backwards in this second half
  5. Even during the tough times for Tennessee football, the Vols could count on beating Kentucky when the Wildcats traveled to Neyland Stadium. No more. Kentucky forced four turnovers and thrashed No. 17 Tennessee 34-7 on Saturday in front of 22,519 at Neyland Stadium. It marked the first victory in Knoxville for Kentucky (2-2) since 1984. Tennessee (2-2) had defeated Kentucky in 33 of the previous 35 matchups entering Saturday, with the two losses coming in Lexington in 2011 and 2017. Here are five things we learned. Tennessee quarterbacks fill up on interceptions Tennessee has received underwhelming production from its quarterbacks since Joshua Dobbs’ departure after the 2016 season, and UT’s deficiencies at that position were on full display against Kentucky. Vols quarterbacks Jarrett Guarantano and J.T. Shrout combined to produce turnovers on four consecutive first-half possessions. First, Guarantano fumbled in Kentucky territory when Ty Chandler bumped into his quarterback’s arm while Guarantano was winding up to throw. Clearly, there was some miscommunication. Read more here Kentucky 34, Tennessee 7: What we learned as Wildcats beat Vols in Neyland for first time since 1984 WWW.KNOXNEWS.COM Kentucky forced four turnovers and thrashed No. 17 Tennessee 34-7 on Saturday in front of 22,519 at Neyland Stadium.
  6. RobVOL

    Kentucky game predictions

    I think with this covid garbage, this is a good time to purge garbage. Use this year to find the truly tough Players who will stand tough for Tennessee football. Get rid of the crap. This season actually is a good time to clean this shit up
  7. RobVOL

    Kentucky game predictions

    I think Pruitt is ok. There's some drain the swamp that still needs to happen. JG is only one of them.
  8. RobVOL

    Kentucky game predictions

    It didn't look like he's ready. Maybe though we just hand the reigns to him and move forward. This team needs help. I don't think it's a Pruitt issue. I think it's a hangover affect from the Butch Jones leftovers.
  9. RobVOL

    Kentucky game predictions

    That play right there is what I'm talking about. Where's his clock in his head? No outside vision to the heat coming from the outside.
  10. RobVOL

    Kentucky game predictions

    Man it's seems like this half time took forever.
  11. RobVOL

    Kentucky game predictions

    This kind of reminds me of the 2001 game. Started out sloppy until Stallworth went off. Get Palmer involved.
  12. RobVOL

    Kentucky game predictions

    Wow. Okfl suit up and get out there! Sheesh
  13. RobVOL

    Kentucky game predictions

    He's scored 14 points. Oh but for the OTHER TEAM. I just am ready for him to be gone.
  14. RobVOL

    Kentucky game predictions

    Tell me again how JG isn't an issue.