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  1. I'm still Hugh freeze or bust. Screw the perceptions. Put compliance up his ass and let him coach em up.
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    Jerod Mayo

    Always liked that guy. If he wouldn't haven't gotten hurt he'd have been an all-time great for the Patriots. Bill Belichik loves the guy.
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    Welcome Randywatkins1

    Welcome Fun times on the hill right now
  4. Doug Marrone would have been a great person for the offensive line. I hate that Bama got him. He probably would not have come anyway based on the trending where Tennessee is going. Still he did a good job while he was at Tennessee before as a O line coach,
  5. Danny White is embracing the opportunity Tennessee is giving him to rebuild a Power 5 program, and not even the prospect of potential NCAA punishment deterred him from taking the athletic director job. "I've never worked at the big-brand place until now, and I actually like the fact that the brand needs to be polished a little bit, needs to be elevated back to where it was just not too long ago," White said at his introductory news conference Friday. Tennessee hired White, 41, Thursday as its fourth athletic director since Dave Hart took over in September 2011. White signed a five-year contract that will automatically roll over each year so that the remaining term shall always be for five years. His average annual rollover salary will make him the highest-paid athletic director in the SEC. White's first job is hiring a new football coach with the Volunteers in the midst of internal and NCAA investigations into recruiting issues that cost coach Jeremy Pruitt, two assistant coaches and seven others their jobs Monday. Chancellor Donde Plowman did not have an estimate for when Tennessee's own investigation will be completed. White said he has a long-term view for his third program as athletic director. "Nothing's insurmountable," White said. "We can get through this, and we'll get through it the right way and we'll get the program back to where it needs to be." Tennessee is paying White a starting salary of $1.8 million a year and an annual pay hike of 5%, twice the $900,000 base pay for retiring AD Phillip Fulmer. White also will be eligible for up to $300,000 annually for team athletic performance, academic performance and operational goals in the five-year deal. White signed a five-year contract at UCF in March 2020 that paid him more than $1 million a year, and Tennessee will pay the $2.5 million buyout for his leaving before May 11, 2021. He said that everyone is a candidate and that he will be moving "quickly" to hire a new coach. White planned to meet with up to nine members of the football team and also had a meeting with acting head coach Kevin Steele later Friday. White cited his own hiring as how quickly he might move; he was hired just three days after Tennessee announced Pruitt's firing and Fulmer's departure. Plowman spent Monday night and Tuesday talking with people connected to Tennessee about what to look for in the next athletic director. She said that Peyton Manning asked Duke coach David Cutcliffe on advice he could give Plowman and that Cutcliffe recommended someone like Duke AD Kevin White, Danny White's father. The Tennessee chancellor interviewed Danny White on Tuesday night via Zoom, then interviewed him again Wednesday with the university system president, Randy Boyd, and the chairman of the board of trustees, John Compton. They flew to Orlando, Florida, and met with White that night, then announced his hiring Thursday. "It was clear who the top candidate was," Plowman said. "It was Danny White." UCF hired White in November 2015, and his first job then was hiring a football coach. Scott Frost was so successful he left for Nebraska after going 13-0 in 2017, then White hired Josh Heupel. The UCF men's basketball team made the 2019 NCAA tournament and lost 77-76 to Duke in the second round. As athletic director at Buffalo between May 2012 and December 2015, White hired Bobby Hurley, who took Buffalo to its first NCAA tournament, and then Nate Oats, now at Alabama, continued that success. In football, White hired Lance Leipold, who led Buffalo to its first ranking this season, and it finished No. 25. White also has worked at Mississippi, Fresno State and Northern Illinois. His brother Mike is head coach of Florida's men's basketball team. His brother Brian is athletic director at Florida Atlantic, and his sister Mariah Chappell is assistant athletic director for administration at SMU. He said Tennessee has to be aggressive to get its athletic department where it belongs. "We can compete," White said. "This place has already shown, and is showing in many sports, we can compete for Southeastern Conference championships, which means we can compete for national championships. And in the future, we want to do a whole lot more of that." New Tennessee Volunteers AD Danny White embracing rebuild, plans to hire new football coach quickly WWW.ESPN.COM Danny White is embracing the opportunity Tennessee is giving him to rebuild a Power 5 program, and not even the prospect of potential NCAA punishment deterred him from taking the athletic director job.
  6. Napier looks interesting. Honestly I'm not even opposed to Tom Herman. He got a screw job at Texas. Texas is like Tennessee in that they think they need immediate success instead of building. Texas finished strong and I think they would have been better next season. I also think Hugh freeze would be fine. Forget the perception. Stick compliance all over his ass for a few years. If he stays clean he would do well. Napier has done well with the ragin Cajuns. He's an interesting option.
  7. Never gonna happen. This society has way too much indoctrinated self aware narcissism embedded into for social media to stop having drama in it.
  8. Well I struck out on my wish list. First Blackburn and now guess who bama picked up as offensive line coach? Doug Marrone. Wow what a coincidence...
  9. We'll just like all Tennessee sports..... Epic fail
  10. 35-34 over UConn at halftime
  11. Totally agree. I cannot believe how blinded this country has become. It's scary. I need to win the lottery. Enough to buy a house in Tennessee out in the middle of nowhere. Build a bunker basement. Put 10 foot walls around the perimeter. Add my GSDs around the yard and then ammo up. This crap after this coup it's gonna get crazy. This idiot already cancelled 10k jobs.
  12. I agree with that statement
  13. I'll wait to see the football hire before I make judgement..
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    Happy Birthday Rob.

    Apparently faked ya lol
  15. DB but this guy is better than what I thought they might do.
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    Happy Birthday Rob.

    Uh sorry. Not mine. Lol
  17. Not my first choice but much better than what I was afraid might happen...
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    Happy Birthday Rob.

    Huh? Birthday? I'm a may birthday guy but thanks. As for you Atomic.....
  19. There's no way I see this happening. Maybe this is a feel good story. Love Witten as a former vol and would be great maybe as an assistant or analyst. They've already said no coach decisions until the AD is picked and that person will lead that effort. You just cannot bring someone in with no head coaching experience into the virtual nightmare of possible sanctions and total rebuild AGAIN with someone like Witten. Great guy. Love him and vol great but no, not a head coach. I think this station picked up on Dan Patrick's post yesterday. Then ran with it.
  20. I'm about to jump
  21. Ok. Let's test this. What is the first word you think of when you think about Tennessee football. Mine: fans used Next?
  22. Nope there is no basketball. The Vols get creamed by over 20+points. I think Tennessee has sunk to the lowest levels. I am so over it. Everyone go bitch at vol nation. Is there anything we really care about anymore?
  23. I will say with Kevin Steele already there, who knows. Still, this seems like a reach. Chris Doering: Guz Malzahn is the 'perfect guy' for Tennessee 247SPORTS.COM ... Weird. But who the hell knows