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  1. Just sharing what he's saying. Either you hate or love clay. Just throwing out his opinion.
  2. I haven't traveled to a game since the battle at Bristol. I did go the tax Slayer bowl but that isn't traveling for me. Most fun I had was after the game hanging with Al Wilson and John Henderson. As for merchandise I haven't bought anything since then. Don't plan on it until things get better either. But don't say anything negative. Danny White don't like that
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    I cannot disagree. A little colorful but I agree.
  4. I think we saw this one coming though Place kicker Brent Cimaglia announced he would be entering the transfer portal. Cimaglia was a three-year starter with the Vols and had kicked at least one field goal for them every year since 2017. In 2019, Cimaglia earned All-SEC honors. He did not play in Tennessee football’s final two games of 2020 and still had a year of eligibility left due to the NCAA’s COVID exception rule this past season. Cimaglia announced his decision to enter the portal on Twitter.
  5. Yeah I pulled that one out. Ok does Jeff Hall have any?
  6. Does fued reviez have any eligibility left ? Lol
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    Oh yeah Weinke and Chaney gone bye bye
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    See me in boardroom

    I must have missed something here
  9. This is the one that bothers me. If they were I wasn't aware of it. I think Napier would have been a good choice. I like that guy. I still have this weird funny feeling this was a two for one deal and Danny White and UT admins knew this. It just smacks of the same BS we have seen over the past decade. I will reserve judgement until I see what is on the field. I can tell you I am on the fence on this one. Look, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me a third time, You're a Tennessee fan. That is how I feel right now.
  10. Hearing Tennessee might have to pay 900k to Steele for two weeks off work. I'm not confirming. I'm just saying it's going around. If true, that's pathetic. You can't make this crap up....
  11. The GameStop crap is crazy right now lol
  12. It's like I always say "I'm never wrong, I'm just not always right"
  13. Hah! You've been voltalk fact checked lol
  14. Umm RB not WR. Are we talking yardage?
  15. Clay brings up a good point. Tennessee is paying UCF 6 million for buyouts in White and Heupel. Watch them use this to land a good AD and coach there. Something to chew on.
  16. That's true. Pickens was a great wr for the Bengals. Down here the jaguars hated him. He was always ripping them up. I met Carl at the SEC fan day during the 2007 SEC title game. Cool guy. Kimberly got his autograph.
  17. Former Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt is headed to the NFL as a defensive assistant with the New York Giants, sources told ESPN. In addition, two of Pruitt's former assistants at Tennessee are also on the move. Defensive coordinator Derrick Ansley has taken the defensive backs job with the Los Angeles Chargers and running backs coach Jay Graham is headed to Alabama as the Crimson Tide's special-teams coordinator and tight ends coach. Pruitt, who spent three seasons as the Vols' coach, was fired for cause on Jan. 18 following an investigation that uncovered what university chancellor Donde Plowman called "serious violations of NCAA rules." Pruitt has retained Michael Lyons and the Dallas-based trial firm Lyons & Simmons to represent him and plans to fight the university's decision to fire him for cause. Lyons accused the university of trying to disparage and destroy Pruitt's character in an effort to keep from paying Pruitt what the university owes him. Pruitt was 16-19 overall at Tennessee and 10-16 against SEC opponents. He previously was the defensive coordinator at Alabama under Nick Saban and a part of the Crimson Tide's 2017 national championship staff. Pruitt, 46, also was the defensive coordinator at Florida State in 2013 when the Seminoles won the national championship.
  18. Yeah no buyout money to sit on at least for now.....that may change but for now he aint getting paid
  19. He did at USC and actually didn't do bad as a OC. I thought he got the shaft from Helton I believe. I am not sure if Tee was upset about not being coach or offered. But I do believe he may feel he is being screwed by the incoming staff, Maybe that is more of the issue than not being offered a head coaching job. I don't think even expected that based on the article.