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  1. Just in case you missed it. It's on ESPN at 2
  2. The entire left is a bunch of "whining babies who never got picked in a pick up game and feel they need to punish people for being jackasses". Screw them all
  3. Rodney is a nice addition. One of very few
  4. If there’s one thing we can say, it’s that Tennessee football did not wrap up National Signing Day in 2021 with the same energy the class had last summer. The 3-7 season, the investigation and eventual firing of Jeremy Pruitt and the surprise hire of Josh Heupel was going to take its toll. A wave of decommitments naturally came from all that. Given all those issues, it’s safe to say that UT’s National Signing Day for 2021 could have gone a lot worse. In fact, given how everything finished on paper, the Vols at least have a floor underneath their program entering Heupel’s first year. Not everything was perfect. Losing Roc Taylor after pulling an offer created some drama earlier this week. However, things were largely smooth after that. Let’s but we’ll dive into what’s good and bad about the program related to its ecruiting class. These details will make things look more positive. Here are our five biggest storylines from Tennessee football’s National Signing Day. Read on Tennessee football’s National Signing Day surprisingly encouraging: Five storylines ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM If there's one thing we can say, it's that Tennessee football did not wrap up National Signing Day in 2021 with the same energy the class had last summer. ...
  5. Hell I bet there's some D3, NAIA coaches that could do better than 3-7... I bet there's some that could get 6 wins. Which is about where I see this team the next few years anyways.
  6. Something to watch if you're bored. FYI
  7. RobVOL

    Interesting resemblance

    Well that's better then cum from porn stars
  8. If you think Josh will be the coach for 6 seasons, I have a piece of beach front property near Fort Loudon I want to share with you.
  9. John Calipari contract: Kentucky head coach accepts lifetime deal - Sports Illustrated WWW.SI.COM UCLA reportedly offered Calipari a contract worth $48 million over six years.
  10. He's got a lifetime contract.
  11. Okfl I agree. I hate Franklin. I'm just saying one of the winningest programs in college football history keeps hiring "projects". I'm tired of it. You cannot say it's because of possible sanctions. Tennessee hired crap for over a decade. There wasn't sanctions then. I'm just over it I guess. I'm not gonna sit here and blow sunshine up people's asses and say this is a great hire. It's not. Period. Maybe it is what it is and that's where Tennessee football is. A cellar dweller in the SEC. Sad where we've gotten too.
  12. No one cares right now. Kentucky is stuck in the COVID garbage time. They will be back within the next year.
  13. Don't worry we'll have the spread offense screwing us again in just a few days. Lol
  14. Ok. Thanks. That story was social media bs. James Franklin is a prick but a hell of a coach. I'd take him over this garage sale pos coach we got now. Keep believing. Tennessee admins sold us another bill of goods.
  15. James Franklin would have been hired if Tennessee wasn't cheap asses. Tennessee always hires cheap and then expects the fans to continue to pay and fill the stadium. We have no choice but support this guy but this is a garage sale hire just like Butch Jones and Dooley. Tennessee admins just keeps thinking they can just add another staff and the fans will keep paying for stadium tickets. Tennessee fans aren't that stupid anymore. This guy better win quick. Tennessee is on the line right now. They are about to lose the fan base. Another middle tier hire will only make them lose more interest. This staff better win soon or they will be lost on this fanbase. Period
  16. Actually I am not sold on this crap. I will wait until Tennessee actually wins games. I still think this a Danny White sell job. Tennessee used to be one of the greatest college football teams in the country, Now, we are lucky if we win 7 games. Tennessee fans deserve better than middle tier college coaching. Tennessee fans should be pissed. For 10 years we have been sold a bill of goods. Better get this right quickly. I am not buying the Danny White stream. Better bring some wins quickly.
  17. We knew this was coming. You knew it wouldn't take long. Congrats Peyton. The Pro Football Hall of Fame did a good job of keeping its newest class of inductees secret until Saturday night’s announcements on the NFL Honors show. Yet, it was known the day Peyton Manning retired that, unless he came out of retirement, he would headline the Class of 2021. Manning’s presentation by Mike Chappell of FOX 59 lasted 13 seconds and no debate followed during the Hall of Fame’s virtual selection meeting almost three weeks ago. Earlier this week, PFT reported Hall of Fame president David Baker informed Manning of his first-ballot election during a recent party in Manning’s honor. But it wasn’t until Saturday, when the Hall of Fame made the announcement, that Manning officially became a Hall of Famer. Manning, 44, will headline the enshrinement ceremony for the Class of 2021 on Aug. 8 in Canton. The Hall of Fame will induct the Class of 2020 on Aug. 7. It was a day the Colts hoped for and dreamed of the day in 1998 when they drafted Manning with the first overall choice. Manning played 18 NFL seasons, went to four Super Bowls and won two Super Bowl rings. He walked off into the sunset after his 2015 Broncos won Super Bowl 50. Manning spent his final four seasons in Denver after 14 with the Colts. He won five MVP awards, a Super Bowl MVP award, two Offensive Player of the Year awards, one Comeback Player of the Year award and a Walter Payton Man of the Year award. Manning held multiple NFL records at the time of his retirement, including career passing yards (71,940), career passing touchdowns (539) and consecutive seasons with at least 25 passing touchdowns (13). He made the NFL’s 100th Anniversary Team in 2019 as one of 10 greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.
  18. Vols come back to beat Kentucky on the road WWW.WBIR.COM Tennessee overcame a ten-point deficit to beat rival Kentucky at Rupp Arena.
  19. Probably fishing for a raise
  20. Seems like a nice background. The one thing is he moves around a lot. Doesn't seem like to stay in one place long. Consistency is needed. Seems like he's liked a lot by his peers though. That's a good sign.
  21. RobVOL

    Interesting resemblance

    Kind of scary resemblance lol
  22. Peyton has said his dad Archie will make his intro statements into the HOF.