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  1. Is it just me or is this team fading in the second half of the season?
  2. Right now, I am not even a fan of Barnes. They need to clean this up
  3. A wins a win but with Pippen jr out Vanderbilt’s going out backwards. Still concerned about this inconsistent vols team. Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt - Game Recap - February 24, 2021 - ESPN WWW.ESPN.COM Get a recap of the Tennessee Volunteers vs. Vanderbilt Commodores basketball game.
  4. Yeah I know they're not even close but anyone think Heupel looks like a young Cutcliffe? Would be nice if he could develop an offense like him.
  5. Wow that was really ugly. Fugly.
  6. RobVOL

    Kentucky whoops Vols

    I really like Rick Barnes. But this team is going out backwards
  7. I will not say who but one of our faithful members had a heart attack and I am asking all of our members to remember him in your prayers. God bless and let us know if you need anything.
  8. RobVOL

    Let it Rip...

    I know Caleb is an asshat but there is some truth in this.... Tennessee football: New offensive staff’s talk of tempo wildly overrated ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM As Tennessee football officially introduced the members of its offensive staff under new head coach Josh Heupel, the theme was loud and clear. Tempo was th...
  9. RobVOL

    Let it Rip...

    But do we let it ride as well?
  10. God bless Bud. Glad you’re ok.
  11. I say screw them all. Basically just fix this crap. I think over a decade of BS is enough to more forward. Tired of the BS in Tennessee sports.
  12. Sad day today. Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio Legend, Dies at 70 of Lung Cancer WWW.NEWSMAX.COM Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio Legend, Dies at 70 of Lung Cancer
  13. RobVOL

    Tim Banks is the new DC

    Willie ain't bad
  14. Gus Malzan. Saw this coming UCF football names Gus Malzahn as new head coach WWW.ESPN.COM Former Auburn football coach Gus Malzahn was officially named the new head coach at the University of Central Florida on Monday.
  15. This guy is hilarious. I am surprised Facebook hasn't killed him yet..
  16. I am honestly and I mean this so scared for where this country is going. We are on the line here. The current administration that was voted into office is the biggest bunch of idiots I have ever seen. I have said this before and I will say it again. I am for once glad to live in the state of Florida. Ron Desantis is one of the few governors that is fighting back on this BS. Florida is one of the few states you can live in peace during this BS pandemic. I applaud that guy, The rest of the country outside of Tennessee and Texas can go to hell.
  17. You aren't wrong in your opinion. Tennessee has been going middle tier for over a decade. And when they don't work out the school gets stuck with the bill. Danny White better know what he is doing. If Tennessee stays down in the middle tier they are so close to losing this fan-base it isn't even funny.
  18. There’s been a lot of talk about Josh Heupel’s inability to find a defensive coordinator for Tennessee football. That may be an issue in the coming days. However, after rounding out his offensive staff, Heupel hit it big with his first defensive hire. Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports reported Wednesday evening that Auburn Tigers defensive line coach Rodney Garner was joining the Vols in the same role. Garner is a longtime respected SEC assistant. An Auburn graduate in 1988, he has been a member of Gus Malzahn’s staff since 2013. Before joining Auburn, Garner was with the Georgia Bulldogs from 1998 to 2012. That was his second stint with Auburn, though, as he had been with the Tigers from 1990 to 1995 as well. This is also his second stint with Tennessee football, where he was in 1996 and 1997. Thamel revealed the news of his return on Twitter. Given his history, Garner is a superstar hire and in particular a superstar recruiter. When he arrived on Rocky Top, he played a key role in helping to secure some of the elite recruits in 1996 and 1997 that were the foundation for the 1998 national championship team. In fact, former Auburn head coach Terry Bowden was quoted in The Orlando Sentinel back in 2002 as saying that he thinks Garner is the reason specifically for Tee Martin going to the Vols. Martin, from Mobile, Ala., obviously had every reason to go to Auburn given his friends and family at the time, so that was a big deal. Every top 10 year Phillip Fulmer ever had on Rocky Top was either with a Heisman candidate at quarterback and David Cutcliffe coaching them or a team that had players recruited by Garner. By the way, when Tennessee football beat Auburn in the 1997 SEC Championship game, they beat an Auburn team that got there on the backs of Garner recruits. Garner’s early recruiting at Georgia allowed Mark Richt to make a splash his first few years there, winning two SEC Championships in 2002 and 2005. He also went from being at UGA in 2012, where they were one play away from the national championship, to being at Auburn in 2013, where they were also one play away from a national championship. Simply put, very few people bring the profile as a position coach that Garner brings. He is an elite recruiter, has a great track record and has also worked under some elite coaches, from Pat Dye to Bowden to Fulmer to Richt to Malzahn. Of course, he worked under Jim Donnan too. This move isn’t too surprising either. Brian Stultz of AuburnWire reported back in January that interim Vols head coach Kevin Steele was considering adding Garner to the UT staff. Heupel made a great decision to keep him around. Read more: Tennessee football hits home run with first defensive hire in Rodney Garner ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM There's been a lot of talk about Josh Heupel's inability to find a defensive coordinator for Tennessee football. That may be an issue in the coming days. H...
  19. Suck on it Democrats. I hope he runs again in 2024. I would love a trump desantis ticket. I cannot believe people are still ok with this idiot in office now. Biden is a scar on our republic. This country has went back years because of his idiotic changes. Terrible days we live in.
  20. You were right sir. This team is very talented but very inconsistent. That doesn't bode well in the NCAA Tourney. I hope Barnes can get this corrected. Why is this in voluntary topics ?
  21. Boy this game sucked Yves Pons’ end-of-shot-clock 3-pointer clanged off the back of the rim. LSU guard Javonte Smart corralled the long rebound at the free-throw line, took one step and tossed a pass ahead of the Tennessee basketball defense. Cameron Thomas fielded the pass off one bounce and made an easy layup, putting the Vols down 15 in a clunker in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Tennessee was smacked by the LSU duo of Smart and Thomas in a 78-65 loss Saturday. Smart and Thomas combined for 45 points. Jaden Springer led No. 15 Tennessee (14-5, 7-5 SEC) with 21 points. He has scored 74 in his past three games. The Vols fell a game behind LSU (13-6, 8-4) in the SEC after entering the game tied with the Tigers and Arkansas behind first-place Alabama.
  22. That game sucked.
  23. So I was going through my pics from the old days and looky at what I found. Who is the big titty girl hanging with Bruce Pearl back in the day? That boy was always a girl hound