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  1. RobVOL

    Big 10

    Don't worry the Ohio State fix is in right?
  2. RobVOL

    Tax Slayer still the one

    Well that goes to show you. Chinese food don't mean crap lol
  3. RobVOL

    Tax Slayer still the one

    I also feel weird about today. I have a nagging feeling UGA may win. Not sure why. Maybe the bad Chinese food I ate. If they win I would look towards Tampa
  4. I took Oregon. Oh well one ain't gonna help me lol
  5. Interesting if true Reports: Ole Miss ‘nearing deal’ with Lane Kiffin WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Reports are linking Kiffin to the Rebels.
  6. RobVOL

    Tax Slayer still the one

    Lower Level = 125 per ticket with no shipping charges or fees from Stub hub Club Seats = 225.00 per ticket Parking pass 80.00 Lot J We were right there last time for the folks that joined us last time they will know where this is. The Lower levels will be on the sides for the most part, There is 4 sections and he has 4 or 5 tickets per section. Will sell pairs. No singles though because he gets stuck with singles and it is a pain to sell. Like I said once official I will post them in the classifieds section
  7. RobVOL

    Rats/Sinking Ship

    I saw that. As posted in another thread with the two recruiting cycles and now coaches not hardly getting any down time to spend with family many older coaches might be jumping ship. IF he doesn't retire anyone who thinks Bama is dominance is over is incorrect. I am not saying they will win more national championships. They have won so many now it is just impressive and crazy and very rare. Still this team is loaded with talent and the recruiting class is again next year one of the best. When going 10-2 is a terrible year that just shows how impressive the run has been. We all hate Bama but anyone who is a fan of college football overall has to me impressed with the run they have had. Bama is being hurt based on their impressive success. If Bama falls away it will be with Saban retiring. Not because he somehow lost his edge.
  8. I think if the NFL gives him a chance to get drafted anywhere within the top 4 rounds anywhere I say go. WHy come back and risk another bought with the blood clots? IF he can sign and get drafted get it while he can. He has to think about his future. So I think Trey will go if he gets grades anywhere within the top 4 rounds.
  9. RobVOL

    Tax Slayer still the one

    Well not sure lol. OK well he just pinged me. So here is the deal. For Taxslayer Bowl here is the things that need to happen: LSU wins Utah wins Big 12 is close Against Wisconsin unless the unthinkable happens and they beat Ohio state Now all bets are off if Georgia upsets LSU. Then it is the outback because LSU more than likely will not drop out of the top and a win keeps Georgia in the playoff and then the next team would step up to the Sugar. So LSU loses schedule for the Outback. If we are in the Taxslayer I will post all the parking pass info and tickets available in our Classifieds section. He is selling them 30% off his Stubhub prices for us. I will also check on parking passes.
  10. RobVOL

    Tax Slayer still the one

    Yeah he’s on the bowl committee.
  11. RobVOL

    Tax Slayer still the one

    I am still hearing the same. Derrik is supposed to tell me this weekend. I just hope it is here so I can get some cheap tickets
  12. The game will be a FLOP...... Literally Pun intended