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  1. Yeah and when they start winning I will believe it but here you go Tennessee football has a ‘different vibe’ with Josh Heupel as head coach ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM We've written quite a bit about Tennessee football's practices under Josh Heupel over the past several weeks. There were blindfolded walk-throughs, account...
  2. Well there’s no football worth talking about. No basketball. Baseball looks pretty good though. Need some media coverage I guess. Pet abuse now? Sheesh
  3. RobVOL


    Oh gotcha
  4. RobVOL


    Not sure I get that. This is a video from UT sports. Still, I haven't seen him out there getting interviewed by ESPN, Finebaum, or other social media platforms. Fat Bob Kesling dont count. I do know media critics are already coming out and saying he sucked at recruiting even in his last few years at Central Florida. He basically rode on Scott Frost's recruits. I am either one or two things...... Over it or just been whipped down by Tennessee decisions that I just dont care. Win a few games and MAYBE I might get some optimism. Just sayin
  5. Sometimes Palms get greased
  6. RobVOL


    I’ll be dead by then lol
  7. RobVOL


    I’m also concerned with the low exposure that Huepel is giving. He needs to be out there more selling the program. Getting on National interview programs so kids can see him. Look at Frank Beamer’s kid at South Carolina. He’s getting on all the shows. He’s been on Finebaum like 3 times already. Selling what he’s doing there. Where’s that at from our staff?
  8. RobVOL


    With this rope a dope spread crap I don’t see Manning coming to Tennessee either. Don’t think it’ll be the right fit. Ole miss and Kiffin would though. Ugh
  9. Legendary college football coach Howard Schnellenberger dies at 87 WWW.ESPN.COM Howard Schnellenberger, who led Miami to its first national championship and in the process turned a once-floundering football program into a dynasty, died on Saturday, his family announced. He was 87. Read more
  10. RobVOL

    With the lady vols losing

    Well dang lol
  11. RobVOL

    With the lady vols losing

    I might do it if we get the pool installed and ready for the next game in Gainesville. Only for voltalkers though
  12. RobVOL

    With the lady vols losing

    Yeah me too. I’m about to pay off my wife’s 2016 TRD tundra. Still only has 34k miles on it. About to be paid off. Using that payment to get my pool installed. Might host a Florida Tennessee football party here just for chits.
  13. What’s everyone’s plans during the slow period? I’m working on my yard and scheduling to get a pool installed that’s my summer stuff. You guys?
  14. I agree. This is all about the Dems doing what they do. Tax Tax and tax some more. Anything to hammer companies trying to stay stateside. I blame the dumb ass dems. More to come folks.
  15. I thought they would get by the first round. Truly sad. A little disappointed in this. Now what do we follow? I guess there's baseball?