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  1. RobVOL

    UGA got them a new OC - WHO?

    It's got Haslam stank on it so it's possible lol
  2. RobVOL

    Looks like JG is coming back

    Yep I agree. I am still waiting to see after another full off season of conditioning and practice how Shrout and Maurer will look. I think they both have a lot of upside to them still.
  3. Who? Who? Seems like a downgrade Sources -- Georgia hires Todd Monken to be new offensive coordinator WWW.ESPN.COM Georgia has hired Todd Monken to be its new offensive coordinator and playcaller, sources confirmed to ESPN's Mark Schlabach. Monken spent this past season as the Cleveland Browns' offensive coordinator. Read more
  4. No Tennessee is ranked pre-season top 25. He is the the main impact player for them,
  5. DA explains why no charges were filed in Penn State hazing case WWW.ESPN.COM District Attorney Bernie Cantorna said evidence given to his department regarding the Penn State hazing allegations didn't "meet the high threshold of filing and proving criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt." Read more
  6. RobVOL

    Joe Brady to leave LSU for the NFL

    I'd put money on that. LSU talent with the Jimmy and the Joes is enough even with asinine coaching to still equal 9 wins. Hell Miles was able to do it.
  7. I would agree with the one at #25.... College football's breakout players for each Top 25 team in 2020 WWW.ESPN.COM These are the players, led by No. 1 Clemson's WR Joe Ngata, who are expected to make big leaps next season. 25. Tennessee Volunteers: RB Eric Gray Jeremy Pruitt might have found something at running back late last season. Gray, a 5-foot-10 freshman from Memphis, Tennessee, went from being an afterthought most of the season to being a can't-miss player in the regular-season finale against Vanderbilt, in which he carried the ball 25 times for a school-record 246 yards and three touchdowns. He followed that with an MVP performance against Indiana in the Gator Bowl, in which he recovered an onside kick, scored the game-winning touchdown and racked up 120 all-purpose yards. -- Scarborough
  8. I always thought they smelt like Whiskey and Cigars
  9. RobVOL

    Joe Brady to leave LSU for the NFL

    Too much talent to lose 4 games. But there is no way they will repeat. The passing out money cracks me up. all that got this money are going pro and already declared and the only one that isn't leaving for the NFL will be addressed. I think they are making this bigger than is should be
  10. RobVOL

    Raised him right!

    Congrats and bet you're proud
  11. Well yeah I would too, I guess I just always am suspicious of these stories. So many times you see disgruntled people who don't get their way make up chit. If true though oh HELL yeah I would be pissed
  12. RobVOL

    Looks like JG is coming back

    He only gets one practice game before heading to Norman. I truly hope if he is the guy he shows it quickly. There is no way they can start off like they did last season.
  13. RobVOL

    Joe Brady to leave LSU for the NFL

    That didnt take long