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  1. Never gonna happen. This society has way too much indoctrinated self aware narcissism embedded into for social media to stop having drama in it.
  2. Well I struck out on my wish list. First Blackburn and now guess who bama picked up as offensive line coach? Doug Marrone. Wow what a coincidence...
  3. We'll just like all Tennessee sports..... Epic fail
  4. 35-34 over UConn at halftime
  5. Totally agree. I cannot believe how blinded this country has become. It's scary. I need to win the lottery. Enough to buy a house in Tennessee out in the middle of nowhere. Build a bunker basement. Put 10 foot walls around the perimeter. Add my GSDs around the yard and then ammo up. This crap after this coup it's gonna get crazy. This idiot already cancelled 10k jobs.
  6. I agree with that statement
  7. I'll wait to see the football hire before I make judgement..
  8. RobVOL

    Happy Birthday Rob.

    Apparently faked ya lol
  9. DB but this guy is better than what I thought they might do.
  10. RobVOL

    Happy Birthday Rob.

    Uh sorry. Not mine. Lol
  11. Not my first choice but much better than what I was afraid might happen...
  12. RobVOL

    Happy Birthday Rob.

    Huh? Birthday? I'm a may birthday guy but thanks. As for you Atomic.....
  13. Funny. I of course didn't watch the false inauguration but how can a guy who supposedly got 80 million votes but his OWN inauguration video only gets 4k likes but over 24k dislikes? It got so bad, the white House channel unpublished the link. Pathetic but true reaction. 80 million my ass.