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  1. Both schedules and games have been added to the week. Sorry I took so long. I got a little sidetracked on looking up Black Friday deals Picks are up for both NFL and College for this weekend. https://voltalk.com/board/pickems/home/?module=pickems&controller=browse
  2. RobVOL

    Auburn Game

    Plus I'm tired of every year saying "when does basketball season start?"
  3. RobVOL

    Auburn Game

    I said it once and I'll say again. JG get the hell out of here. I've never hated a Tennessee player but you have made me change my mind. You're the worst. I'm not sure I don't hate Pruitt. I'm so tired of Tennessee football looking like a joke. I'm sick of this. Period.
  4. RobVOL

    Auburn Game

    Put Bailey in. Leave gray in. Go for broke. Tired of this crap
  5. RobVOL

    Auburn Game

    Actually the whole team can go. Screw these folks. I'm sick of this shit
  6. RobVOL

    Auburn Game

    I just want JG gone. So tired of his crap. It's itchy Butch Jones shit
  7. RobVOL

    Auburn Game

    I'm just watching JG be stupid as he always is. I'm tired of this bs
  8. They never throw it to him. Seems strange. With his height and speed, he reminds me of a Larry Fitzgerald type. But hey maybe he's just another Devin Hester. That's not a bad thing. The one really screwy thing watching him play on the bears team is when they call a play for Anthony Miller. Does that screw with any of you old school vol fans?
  9. Cordarrelle Patterson needed just one year in the SEC to earn first-team All-Conference honors as a member of the 2012 Tennessee football team. Monday night, on ESPN, the former JuCo prospect from Hutchinson Community College took a step closer to NFL history. During the opening second-half kickoff of last night’s contest between the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears, Patterson fielded a drive five yards deep in his own end zone before returning it for a 105-yard score. It was his first of the season and the eighth of his career, tying him with Leon Washington and Josh Cribbs for the most in NFL history. If Patterson finds the end zone on one more kick return, he’ll be in sole possession of most all-time on the NFL leaderboard, which would beg the question; is he the greatest kick returner of all-time? We’ll cross that bridge if we get to it, but it’s hard to deny Patterson is in some pretty elite company right now.
  10. I created a group on the MeWe platform for anyone who might be jumping off the Facebook ship. The platform is limited but it actually is a cleaner design. The group will carry our posts from here and anyone can join up. I felt like this was a good time to support these other platforms that aren't so dogmatic and filtering people's stuff. Here is a link to the group if you are already on MeWe. MeWe - The Next-Gen Social Network MEWE.COM Brilliant features with no BS. No Ads. No Spyware. MeWe is the Next-Gen Social Network.
  11. I am not a conspiracy weirdo but if anyone needs some research, please go and research the GREAT RESET. Folks, we got issues,.
  12. This is from fansided but still something to think about Tennessee football: Five reasons Vols can turn season around ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM The Tennessee football Volunteers can turn this year around. With a second bye in three weeks, this one unscheduled, Tennessee football has had plenty of t...
  13. FYI The NFL pick ems are open now
  14. RobVOL

    Arch Manning Hype.

    If Peyton has anything to say about it we will find out ....
  15. Just so everyone knows when I go through the games and you look at your picks after the week is closed you get a green on for correct ones. You get a red one if wrong. And the Cancelled Covid marker looks like this: Just so you know.