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  1. RobVol

    Observation from last week.

    Evan Berry looked good. Dobbs had that one really good pass. Bray in mop up duties actually looked the part of a QB. Trubisky is the guy going forward but he get to be the umber 2 guy if he keeps playing like he has this pre-season. Also John Kelly is looking like another Kamara and will do well in the NFL.
  2. https://247sports.com/college/tennessee/Article/Tennessee-Vols-Basketball-Matchups-reportedly-set-for-NIT-Season-Tip-Off-120531429/ INTERESTING teams added.
  3. I am jealous. I dont see me making it to that game. Kick some gator tail!
  4. RobVol

    Are we having a pick 'em this year?

    We're trying to get it updated. No time table at this point. Thanks for the compliments on the site.
  5. RobVol

    Holly signs extension through 2022

    Ah hell bring wade Houston back
  6. RobVol

    Where you peeps at?

    Rob likey....
  7. Surprised by that. But still really other than maybe 4-5 schools, there's really not elite women's coaching talent out there.
  8. RobVol

    Where you peeps at?

    Should be interesting. Will Grier is a good QB. The Vols will have their hands full, I am just so looking forward to the "Little things" like the fundamentals. I wanna see heart, execution and a tough fought game so we can gauge how far this team has come.
  9. RobVol

    Where you peeps at?

  10. RobVol

    Where you peeps at?

    We got this brand new looking snazzy site and aint no one talking?
  11. RobVol

    Board update

    the home page needs some work. I am working on it. voltalk.com
  12. RobVol

    Board update

    I installed a kick off counter on the main forum so we can count down until Armageddon !