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  1. RobVol

    Software update

    OK obviously people will see the board. Yes right now it is ugly. I will be working on it for the next few weeks. This was major upgrade so lots of settings and changes
  2. RobVol

    Board update

    Ok upgrade going through now
  3. RobVol

    Board update

    OK guys. The changes will start flowing through. By end of the day Monday things might get a little funky... I will keep you up to date as I make changes.
  4. RobVol

    Board update

    Hey guys, I'm gonna be upgrading the site to the latest software over the next coming weeks. It won't have the skin anymore until I get one built. So it may look funky. There maybe periods of down time. We are losing some features like the arcade. No one plays anymore anyway. But we'll gain speed and some new features. Will be done before football season. If anything happens or we're down and you need us hit us up on the voltalk Facebook page. Thanks
  5. RobVol

    John Ward has passed away

    You know who is next and it will tear me up when it happens
  6. RobVol

    Heads up - Upgrades coming

    BS! IF there was a party, I'd been there LOL
  7. RobVol

    Heads up - Upgrades coming

    Yeah its been a weird few months but I am around. Actually looking forward to the return of UT under the Fulmer-Pruitt Regime. Now someone go find LakeVol. He's missing in action as well
  8. RobVol

    Heads up - Upgrades coming

    And guess what?
  9. I just upgraded the Apache settings on the server and I will be upgrading the software over the next month for LakeVol. So FYI there may be some ups and downs on the site. We will be upgrading the board. We will lose some features and gain some. We will also be upgrading the pick ems. So we will be keeping that. If for any reason you have an issues and need to contact us use the Facebook page if the site goes down. I will be monitoring the page. We always try to do this during the off season for football since that is our busy time around here. If anyone has any questions, let me or Lakevol know.
  10. RobVol

    John Ward has passed away

    This really impacted me. I remember sitting outside feeding the hogs on the farm when i was a kid on the turn dial radio listening to the 1982 Bama game. Gault and Cockrell. We lived right across from the Wampler farms and we all got together and listened to this game. John Ward called a classic that day and I will never forget it. Brings back so many memories.
  11. Enough said. God speed to that man, and prayers for his family