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  1. You know this will get interesting. With all these changes wonder if this impacts Tennessee's issues. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/31922593/ncaa-sets-table-dramatic-overhaul-how-governs-college-athletics
  2. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31920686/texas-longhorns-oklahoma-sooners-unanimously-accept-invitation-sec
  3. College football pageantry is done. Lets all just hang out at high school games until they F that up
  4. Tennessee football: Five biggest wins of Jeremy Pruitt era ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM Jeremy Pruitt is already becoming a distant memory for Tennessee football, as the Vols are just about to begin a new era with Josh Heupel. With two losing ...
  5. I agree with you but I can tell you more native americans dont care or like the mascots than those who dont. They did a survey in Washington about the redskins mascot name. 90% who they surveyed said they either liked the mascot or didn't care. The whole thing is a bunch of BS.
  6. Problem is it's woke white culture making these idiotic changes. Most native Americans don't care or actually like it. I'm just sick and tired of this bull crap. I'm just waiting until Florida State becomes the hoot n Annie's because they're the Seminoles. Oh wait that won't happen until Desantis is gone. The Seminoles would be ticked as well. They are proud to be named for Florida State. It's doesn't matter some bleeding heart liberal will start whining there as well.
  7. Tennessee has become the byu of the old wac. We'll score points but lose to the big boys. So still a 6-7 win type team.
  8. RobVOL

    I am finally moving hosting

    Now that the DNS servers are correct it's even faster. Wow. There's only a few of us around but dang check out the new response time. Fast fast fast
  9. RobVOL

    I am finally moving hosting

    Yeah it's faster already.
  10. RobVOL

    I am finally moving hosting

    WOW! I love the new hosting company! The site is flying now. OKFL embedding has been fixed. So links will embed again. It may take a day or two to move over but within 3 days you will notice a HUGE difference... Fast and I mean FAST
  11. They've cancelled their media rights deals. This looks like a done deal....
  12. Bluehost totally went outsourcing, Every time I call I get some Indian and I dont mean feather, I mean dot dot. I know more than they do. So I am moving the hosting this week. (No ones talking so shouldn't be an issue) We may see a few days of weirdness but we will be fine. Actually after the transfer you may see better response time. We will be all ready for the next pick em contest!