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    Everyone is a tough guy hiding behind their phone or tablet. Despise social media. Wussification of America.
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    I totally agree with this. COMPLETELY. The JG tour is over. Time to move forward with younger talent. Let us see what they have. I also think Weinke is terrible. They really need to look at the QB Coach Position and get someone in there that is strong and can develop these guys.
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    What we have is one fourth year QB, one third year QB, and one second year QB. None of which can play effectively, and none of which has shown any thing that could be mistaken for improvement. What I get out of that is, Weinke ain't developed a QB yet. Hell, for his money I can go up to Knoxville and not develop QB's. Right now I'd do one of two things. Either way I'd sit JG, his act don't have any wheels. Then play Maurer and Shrout. 1st string practice reps. Then play each one for a half, not in and out. Maybe one of them can spark the offense. Give them a chance to run multiple possessions, see how they recover from their mistakes. Either that or I'd just go ahead and play Bailey, and hand the other guys their hat. Actually, option two is sounding better by the minute. The way things are going, th'Vols might not even finish the season. How many times can they possibly postpone more games? Hell, the entire SEC for that matter. Florida has already postponed one game, might as well say LSU has too. Florida looks like the best team in the SECE. I think it's mandatory for a team to play 8 confrence games in order to play in the SECCG. There has to be a limit before everybody just decides to play the rest of their regularly scheduled games, and scratch the postponments. In the end their might not be any SECE teams that qualify to play in the SECCG. It's a screwed up season, no telling how it turns out.
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    I am glad all of my Vol Talk friends are the 1/3 of America that is still alive.
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    Trump 2020! The left has gone crazy. I will not vote for someone or a party that has spent the entire last 4 years trying to get a president kicked out of office by any means necessary. Everything failed so they bring in "covid" and make everyone socially distance, destroy the economy, and incite a race war. Open your eyes.
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    There you have it. Straight from the mouth of the guy that took a championship program and drove it into the ditch. Maybe Phil should not have sat on his ass riding his laurels and worrying about his real estate and restaurant investments. Maybe he should have worried about the football team he was being paid seven figures to coach. We wouldn't have ever gotten into this shape if he had done his job from 2003 to 2008. Two people and two people only brought our program to this low point. Phillip Fulmer and Mike Hamilton. Now Phil is trying to cover his tracks for that contract extension. Fulmer: Vols better than 2-5 record, patience needed with Pruitt
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    I would hope UT would have enough ethics to refuse a bowl game if offered. A bowl game is simply not deserved.
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    He was just a shoe toss away from being undefeated for the week. But I am sure most of us will take that L.
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    Jug. Sign me up and zip me a t-shirt. World has gone bananas .chief Wahoo no more scarier than Chief Bigwheel. Millennial win again.
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    World has bigger problems than NFL pickems unfortunately. Ha ha
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    They say a win against FU would save his job but who am I kidding. He could lose to Vandy (is that one still on?) by 3-0 on a field goal kicked by their special teams player of the week and Phil would still keep him on for another year.
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    No improvement? More like regression.
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    This is from outkick. I know some of you don't like Clay but he is spot on here. 7. Tennessee has lost five games in a row by double digits for the first time in the history of the program. As I said a couple of weeks ago, I’ve lost the ability to hate Jarrett Guarantano for his game-altering pick sixes. That’s what this dude does, he’s a fifth year senior who still sees the field like a freshman. He hasn’t progressed. It’s not his fault that he stinks, it’s the fault of the coaches who have allowed him to start as many games as he has. He should have been recruited over long ago. The backbreaking pick six against Auburn just when it appeared Tennessee was poised to take the lead late in the third quarter was vintage Guarantano. How does a fifth year senior make this mistake? Even if the defensive back who picked it off didn’t make the interception, the receiver was still covered by the defensive back behind him. Guarantano’s ability to throw interceptions to defensive players who are able to catch the ball in stride is unequaled in college football. He’s now thrown THREE PICK SIXES on the year. Three! Outside of Jameis Winston almost no one can pull this off with their interceptions. (And yes, I know, you can certainly question why Tennessee stopped running the football when Auburn couldn’t stop them at all and you can point out that Tennessee missed two field goals and threw a pick six, meaning the Vols arguably should have been able to win this game if they didn’t screw up, but ultimately coaches take the blame for consistent player errors). So where does this leave Tennessee? The Vols have Vanderbilt this weekend and then finish with Florida and Texas A&M both in Knoxville. Unless Pruitt’s team wins two of these final three games, I’m pretty much convinced Jeremy Pruitt isn’t the guy. And I think when you know that someone isn’t the coach for your program it doesn’t make sense to bring them back for another season. You’re just prolonging the inevitable. It’s like looking for a marriage partner and continuing to date someone you know you aren’t marrying. What’s the point? We already know how this story ends, with a break up eventually. So is a Tennessee booster willing to cut a check in the midst of the covid mess to replace Pruitt? I don’t know. Trust me, I wish I were rich enough to do it, I’d stroke the check in a heartbeat. (While many colleges are struggling with their budgets, it’s worth noting that the stock market is at record highs. So many rich people are in great financial shape. There’s a bit of a dichotomy here. Odds are your school’s richest boosters are richer than they’ve ever been before. And they might even want to get the tax deduction on a big buyout donation to a program to avoid some taxes at the end of the year. Especially since a ton of rich people are going to be selling stocks in December to try and avoid the expected Joe Biden capital gains tax increase. Anyway, that’s a bit of a financial digression there, but my point is there are plenty of rich people out there with too much money looking for something to do with it.) Tennessee’s situation is particularly interesting because Hugh Freeze, who lost a tough game at N.C. State, would 100% take the job at Tennessee. And he’s currently in play for the South Carolina job. Meaning if Tennessee doesn’t hire Freeze then the Vols will be going up against Freeze every year. Plus, I think there’s a good chance Freeze would bring in Ty Simpson, who is the best quarterback recruit in two generations in the state of Tennessee, in the 2022 recruiting class and with the talent already on this roster I think he’d win nine or ten games by his second season in Knoxville. And the Vols would be back and ready to roll again. To me, Freeze is like Bruce Pearl. He lost his SEC job in a cloud of improprieties, but you know as soon as he’s back in the conference he’s going to win at a high level. The only question is: who is going to make the move to get him and reap the benefits? If you want to win and you want to be immediately relevant, Freeze is the answer for Tennessee. It’s clear as day to me. But what typically happens at Tennessee, and what has happened ever since they fired Phil Fulmer, is they miss their window to get a proven coach who would fit the program well and instead they end up trying to go hire an unproven coach who typically falls flat on his face. That’s exactly what happened with Pruitt after Dan Mullen left the Vols at the altar and went to Florida — setting off the Greg Schiano mess — and my concern is in a year when they fire Pruitt there will be slim pickings in terms of available coaches for hire. Yes, it’s expensive and I’m sure the usual suspects would complain, but if you fire Pruitt next year you’re already going to be paying a large buyout. It’s not like you are saving a ton of money by keeping him for another year. And in the process you will have lost more ground in fan apathy and disinterest. I’m telling you, it’s time for Tennessee to make a move and go get a proven winner in the SEC, it’s time to bring Hugh Freeze to Knoxville.
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    Nick your picking up what I'm putting down. Exactly.
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    America has quit on us too. Chinese virus has everyone throwing in towel on logic and using that as an excuse for stupidity.
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    I agree 100% volnick we're going to lose to Alabama obviously. What better way to train a new qb. I have always liked shrout form the first time I saw him play in the o & w game I say let him start & bring bailey in later. Maurer seems to fragile - unless he had really good success with the weight program this off season. keyboard PS I agree on chopping the qb coach coach also. We've been wasting 5 years of the program's time trying to develop jg & it aint happening
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    Wasn’t allowed to travel. Interesting note. Sankey allowed a transfer from Bama TO Georgia to play immediately. But a transfer FROM Georgia isn’t approved. I smell something S ‘T’ ANKEY.
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    Just In: Cade Mays Granted Immediate Eligibility by NCAA, Awaiting SEC Decision WWW.SI.COM Just In: Cade Mays Granted Immediate Eligibility by NCAA, Awaiting SEC Decision
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    Yeah sounds like Sankey is gonna be an asshole
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    We should start a pool on which small school will be the first to shutter it's athletic programs. Maybe if they can hang on until November 3rd when this DEMpanic will be gone as fast as it arrived. This is one of the worst thought out decisions I've seen yet. Can anyone explain how a 10 game conference only schedule will keep us safe, but a 12 game mixed schedule will kill us all?
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    I actually took that photo this morning.
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    By the side of the street in a rundown neighborhood.
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    Glad your wife is alright.
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    I've told y'all about this already, it's the problem nobody's talking about. These kids and teenagers are recieving so many paradigm shifting mixed messages. They're raised and live their young lives with rules, do's and don't do's, mannerisms and belief systems, imprinted by their parents. Then to discover radical liberalism, and then to hear somebody say that everything they've come to believe in is wrong. Eating meat is wrong, having a dog is wrong. Get away from your parents as soon as you can so you don't have to live by their rules anymore. Worship some diety? You better shut your mouth. Or their parents were wrong, the way they were raised was wrong. Their values are wrong, ambitions, wrong. They can't do anything right. These kids are beat over the head with it, and that's a hell of a thing to lay off on youngsters that have a lot of living left to do. Having never done wrong todays kids are having guilt thrust upon them by orders of magnitude. They see it on TV, the computer, they can't get away from it. It's like nothing I ever went through as a teenager. Highschool, college, the worst places for it. Internet sites, social media. There's too many whack-jobs out there, and now trending to a vocal majority they have a platform to launch their fascist septic nipple. Suicide among teenagers and young adults is manifest. So is self mutilation, castration and self-harming. You don't hear about it, but it's going on and more commonly than you think. Maurer? I wouldn't be suprised. And if so then it's past time people became aware. Phuck the news, they're a day late and a dollar short. Select a high school kid and presuade them to come clean about self mutilation, friends and girls. Scary answers.