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    Yesterday I heard the CIA wanted to hire Joe Milton. Thinking is, if they can get him into Afganistan Milton's our best chance to overthrow the Taliban...
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    I don't care what Rob says Savage, you are a reasonable man. That's 107 points, 1,155 total offensive yards, with 0 turnovers over the span of two consecutive games. Tennessee's 3rd qtr punt vs SoCaro was the first time in 6 qtrs. ThVols scored 28 first qtr points vs both Mizzou and SoCaro. Last but not least, finished both games substituting heavily. As if that wasn't enough, 6 games into his first season as a Vol Hendon Hooker is now the #1 rated QB/SEC. (%185.89) I'm impressed by UT's offensive play calling. Heupel knows what works in his system, and knows what parts of it our guys can have success with. CJH, aka the Quarterback Whisperer...
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    Pickle when u shop at Walmart and thrift stores u get the likes of Dooley and Dadbod Heupel.
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    OK, so today I got to watch the 2nd half of the replay. As advertised, Milton is one heck of a physical specimen. And got a gun, 40-50 yds through the air on a rope. And as far as the accuracy thing, it would be good to have him put some air under a couple balls, take some heat off of others. But here's the thing, I'm not sure it's fixable. Dudes a four year player, it's not like he hasn't been coached already. At this present stage I believe, he's the ballplayer he's going to be... I think the coaches know exactly what they have in Bailey, and would have played him vs BG if they had to. That's why he was listed as #2 QB on the depth chart. But they didn't have to play Bailey, so they took the opportunity to not only make final evaluation of Milton, but Hooker as well. Now the window for evaluations has closed. It wouldn't come as a surprise to see Bailey get the start next week.
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    I saw nothing that made think Tennessee has made strides in the right direction. I am tired of trying to be a guy that sees that glass half full when it is almost always half empty and full of piss to be dumped on you. I am staying skeptical until I see something played well against a team that is not ranked in the bottom 10 worst teams in college football.
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    OK I missed 3/4 of the game and tuned in late. Ole Miss players flopping like WWE. Game should of ended an hour prior. Horrible look and image from Volnation throwing stuff like a kid doing a tantrum on Xmas day. Petty, foolish etc just not a good look
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    I've been a donor and season ticket holder for 30 years. When they have special event games. I travel. Bowl games. I'm there. Cut stadium attendance to 25% while sending me emails asking me to join a BLM march. I still let them keep the donation. They are installing more "premium seating". I will be losing my seats that it took me years to get. Why? So corporate donors can have more tickets to hand out to their clients. When they built the Club and Terrace sections. The people who lost their seats were the people who had sat there for 30-50 years. For years you could look up at the Club seats and half would be empty. Even for the big games they would be nearly bare. They finally sold enough to corporate donors to fill them. Half the people sitting in them are only there because they are somebody's corporate client and got a freebie. When they take these seats from me. After a lifetime of loyalty to UT. After giving them money year after year. They have said, "we will try to keep you in the same section". BULLSHIT! Just like they did those people that lost their seats after 50 years. When I lose these seats. The University of Tennessee can kiss my ass. I will cut them and college football out of my life just as I have the NFL. Fed f**king up with their disloyalty and greed. Disloyal, greedy sons of bitches.
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    I'm not on the gas and I ain't pumping brakes. I am in coast mode. Coast along and lets see how the season plays out. Mizzou fired their DL coach today. They are that bad. Drinkwitz is looking for scapegoats. Mizzou fires defensive line coach Jethro Franklin after blowout loss to Tennessee
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    All hat, and no horses...
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    I will wait till presser for my pickems but leaning towards Mizzou especially if Milton plays. Agree with Rob I haven't had fire in belly since 2000. 21 years is an eternity for a top notch school to get it right with a road map. Blame starts from top and admin extremely disappointing.
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    They obviously watched a different game than I did.
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    I’m on board with you cowhampshirevol, it’s not going to matter which quarterback plays, we will get our ass kicked. And to think that we could’ve had Dan Mullen as our coach, but our administration waited to long to give him an answer, so off to Florida he goes, and look what he has built in three years time!
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    Ha ha. Rotating QBs, gadget plays and Dave Blaine magic isn't going to help. Team going to get trucked. Hate to be negative but let's be real folks.
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    This isn't your parents Vols.I haven't seen one thing that makes me say Vols win. Wishful thinking
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    I'll bet you a bag full of buttcracks that TnTech would force a halftime forfeit out of any high school team you want to name.
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    Heupel called that play "a miscommunication"... Anyway, it's crazy. I remember Butch Jones doing the same thing, same result. I wonder if the play chart's raised it's ugly head again...
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    Nope, don't like Milton. Overthrew every long pass, and the short passes come out like they've been shot out of a cannon. Touch passing eludes this guy, he just ain't got it. It looks like he reads the deep routes first, and only throws short when he's being pressed. Then, when the ball comes out too hot to handle. And as if that wasn't enough, he's not impressed me as a running QB either. The dudes slow, non-elusive, and for a big strong guy he doesn't even try to break tackles. Josh Dobbs would run circles around Milton, whoever made that comparison needs to STFU. Now that I've seen Hooker I think we should go foreward with him. He might not throw the ball "Over them mountains" but at least he throws balls that somebody can catch. And as if that wasn't enough, unlike Milton he's got some twitch when he pulls the ball down and runs. All around, and for now at least, Hooker should be our QB. From what I've seen I have no faith in Milton. He's had his chance, he ain't the guy. I suspected it already, but now I'm convinced that what we see is who Joe Milton is. He's peaked, his projection as a QB has reached it's conclusion, and it's all we're ever going to get out of him. Thanks Joe, appriciate it buddy. But we need to do something else now. But don't get me wrong, It's not entirely Milton's fault we lost this ballgame. Plenty of mistakes to go around, and it took too long to make the right adjustments. The defense was able to give the ball back to the offense twice in the 4th qtr, we had our chances. And I'm not even gonna try to speak for whats going on inside Josh Heupel's head. And I don't want to say we would have won. But I do think we would have had a better chance of winning if Hooker had played the entire game. Now I'm gonna say this right here. Th'Vols were in this game the whole way. They overcame their mistakes, fell behind by two touchdowns late, and were making their way back with a genuine chance to force overtime at the end. Things didn't work out, but over the last few years that Tennessee team would have folded like a tent falling behind by two TD's going into the 4th qtr. The interception killed us, but until then those boys were playing like they were going down there and giving themselves a chance to win. And that takes willpower, sorely missing in this football team for the last several years. They didn't quit, and until they do I ain't quitting either.
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    The first time I can remember hearing somebody saying "They don't rebuild, they just reload" was back in the '90s. I also remember what team they were talking about. My, how things change. But in Bama's case, they have the support of the whole damn state behind them. Saban has full control of the football team, no interference from anybody. Hell, Alabama was able to force UAB into deemphasizing football over a couple recruits. I guess that's how it goes when your number one booster owns the biggest bank in Alabama.
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    I wasn't impressed. As we say up here a fake win. Give me some real competition and then I'll reevaluate but I may have to change my prediction if 6 wins to 4 or 5.
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    Always great to get members involved and bragging rights.
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    I don't see "grandstanding"at all. Someone's always going to make you 'take a stand', and that is unfortunate.
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