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    Vitello is known not only as a top notch recruiter but also for his ability to develop talent and pass it on to the minors and beyond. Looks like he's got the pitching and the offense to make a serious run in the SEC. They'll get tested early in conference play with an opening weekend trip to South Carolina and then home series against Vandy and LSU. We'll know for sure if this team is for real by then.
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    I still think they have it in them to pull off an upset or two against the remaining regular season schedule but Barnes is right, you can't just do it for 27 or 28 minutes.
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    I wonder if Richt saw the handwriting on the wall and was what lead to him jumping out of Miami so quickly? I know they were struggling a little down there but he had a good season the year before and seemed to be turning the corner when BAM he resigns
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    Congrats GH6! Here is one of my young'ens. Turns 25 in 3 days, got her BS (from FSU, she wanted to stay closer to home and said she sure wasn't going to FU) and is currently a high school English teacher in Denver. So much for staying close to home.
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