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    UT fans don't care enough about Kentucky to spend time trolling their chat boards. How bad does it suck to be a fan of a perennially irrelevant team that will always be inferior to the team you're trying to insult. They never should have run fiber to his trailer park. Numbnuts.
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    They ran me out of Athens the last time I was there... I barely escaped with my life. They didn't appreciate me blasting Rocky Top on my Harley as I rode through that God forsaken town............
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    JG's inability to see his best receiver wide open down the middle, streaking toward the endzone, until he has to slow down and wait for his QB to notice, says everything about him. He simply doesn't see the field well enough to be a starting quarterback in the SEC.
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    WestKyCat you must face up to a basic fact when it comes to Football traditions Our Stadium is Neyland Stadium, named after General Robert Neyland. A name of Pride, Honor and adoration by the fans.. awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and the Legion of Merit and made a member of the Order of the British Empire in WWII Your stadium is named after a grocery store chain. What is it Piggle-Wiggly Stadium? Houchens Stadium? I forget
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    And the ignorant hick throws a tantrum when I bring up his porcine love interest. I obviously hit a nerve with my reference to his illicit animal husbandry habit. What does it say about Kentucky when their bottom feeder football team can't beat UT when we're at our worst? It says your football program sucks - just like they have for over a century and always will. They've never won jack squat. I doubt anyone in our great state ever relied on your little pissant garden for a speck of food. Spare us the pretense of adequacy, Mr. Green Jeans. You assume other people are overweight and out of shape? I'm sure that tractor driving physique is a real turn on for the females in the pen, especially at slop time. I'd love to run into you at a game. That keyboard courage would fade real fast when you had to back up that dumbass mouth. It always amazes me how the most ignorant fans of other teams want to go to a rival board and prove their stupidity. Do yourself a favor and just STFU, numbnuts. I'm sure there's a Kentucky board with equally stupid folks just like you. There you'll be right at home and won't look quite as stupid.
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    All I care is if anyone has done a wellness check on RobVol.
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    Surprised he got anything at all. You knew this would be a joke. Three games? TCU being the only real game. I like the have no contact rule. Who actually monitors that? Give me a break.
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    the other night my daughter asked me, "dad when did tennessee start stinking so bad in football?" this was my story to her.............. A long time ago in a land far far away there was a great coach named phil fulmer. well, one day after a horrible game phil decided to go for a walk on his favorite trail. as he walked on pondering the loss for hours he looked up to suddenly find himself on top of a great mountain, called MT.Leconte. the air up there had grown thin and cold as phil labored to breathe.suddenly in a rage phil looked to the heavens and cursed god asking why and how..........the skies rumbled and a cold drizzle began to pelt him like a million mad hornets. phil feeling all the anger of tennessee pulled off his white power T hat and threw it down,only for the hat to land in a pile of cow crap. just then a bolt of lightning came down knocking phil back and turned the pile of crap into a big rock, sealing the hat in forever. phil trudged back down the mountain cursing tennessee football only to come home to mrs.vicky and the kids waiting by the door,phone in hand tears streaming saying there was a phone call.phil regretted everything.................now, here is the legend. they say that the man who can pull the hat from the crap will be the next great coach for tennessee and will lead all his people out of the dark times. since then there have been many men to try, derek dooley,lane kiffin,butch jones now its coach pruitts turn.thats the legend of the hat in the crap, the man that can pull the power T hat from the stone of crap will be the next great one. needless to say she was sound asleep
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    At the end of it all I would like to meet the person in charge of putting our backup linebacker with only 7 tackles this year all over national media??????? Make a back up backer the face of Tn football.... over a traffic citation.......Its odd all the way around.
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    Allright Rob......I didn't realize you were that close.....Ill have 2 come hang in the offseason..we can get good and drunk, drive down and piss on their stadium.....here we come man...game tyme....Hey baby, wheres my protein #GoVols
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    I think the Vols are at least a year away from winning this ball game. Anything can happen, but it's taking too much mental gymnastics to equal winning this year. Too much of a step up. I need to see the Vols handle the Vanderbilts and Missouri's first. Then we'll talk about the Gators. Best case for the Vols this year, ending up 3rd place in SECE, behind #1 UGA and #2 Florida. That would be an accomplishment that I could live with. But they'll have to place 3rd by winning heads up against all other SECE teams. Otherwise our cross division rivalry could be a way for someone to slip by us with one less loss, even if the Vols beat them heads up. Basically, they just need to win. Saturday would be a good time to start, actually get a leg up in SECE standings. Either way the Vols have to continue to improve and stay healthy to close out the season.
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    I was probably the last man standing on the JG ship......I have to admit that he is actually getting worse. We obviously are not good and this will not be a quick fix. Like it or not we are re-building.....So I say put a freshman QB in, let him take his lumps and gain experience and we do roll call again next year...........May 2019 season rest in peace!
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    This has reached the point of no return I fear. This dumpster fire is zero percent contained. I’m sick of it. There is no one in the chain of command that seems to give a rip. There is no coaching these lazy 2-1/2 star heroes. God I love Tennessee but this is beyond bearable. Why do we continue to waste our time?
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    Im wondering why in the world does the university still pour money into a football program that will obviously never improve...
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    My 2 cents for what it's worth: Holly has earned more than enough cred to be given the chance to coach thru the season. And if she is let go, I would expect there are quite a few major conference women's hoops programs that would jump at the chance to hire her.
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    Congrats to Montario for getting a full time gig. Looks like he will coach the RBs for Helton
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    I live a few blocks from WKU, so at whatever welcoming event I will go and see what kind of autograph/photo I can get...
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    I never played football at the organized level so I'm just spitballing here but it seems to me coaching can only do so much about false starts. It's still on the players to have the self discipline to hold their stance. As for the substitution issues I don't know if it's coaching or the players not being prepared. But I still have nightmares about the last seconds that LSU game in Baton Rouge when Dooley was coach and everyone was running around on the field and the sidelines like a Chinese fire drill. The Vols were doing pretty well in avoiding penalties up until a couple of games ago. I don't want to harp on it but they need to tighten back up. No need to give the other guys that kind of help.
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    I get the “if you don’t bleed orange” thing. We need guys truly dedicated to the Tennessee AND it’s culture. But, I can’t say that I blame him. The kid was 4 deep on a strong roster. Just for the sake of playing, I’d probably had left too.
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    Hah! I got the scoop, and you're not going to believe it. AJ Johnson has signed to play NFL ball with the Denver Broncos. Looking for the link. Remember, you heard it here first. Doink...
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    Hearing a few things coming out of fall camp. Keller Christ is finally settled down and is pushing Guarantano for starter. Ty Chandler is sharing 1st string snaps with Tim Jordan, both should get plenty of PT. Dominick Wood-Anderson is showing out at TE, and earning PT. OT lineup is taking shape, the return of Trey Smith and Chance Hall is a lot of the reason why. The WR's are off to a slow start, timing issues, dropsies. It sounds like Kongbo is moving to OLB. Shy Tuttle, Alexis Johnson, and Kyle Phillips are shaping up to be the d-line. I hear Greg Emerson, Kingston Harris, and Alonte Harris's names being mentioned a lot. JJ Peterson is missing camp so far. I hear he has academic issues.
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    Beautiful... I love it! Now I am 100% excited about the season.. Excellent work Robster
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