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    Yesterday I heard the CIA wanted to hire Joe Milton. Thinking is, if they can get him into Afganistan Milton's our best chance to overthrow the Taliban...
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    Pickle when u shop at Walmart and thrift stores u get the likes of Dooley and Dadbod Heupel.
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    OK, so today I got to watch the 2nd half of the replay. As advertised, Milton is one heck of a physical specimen. And got a gun, 40-50 yds through the air on a rope. And as far as the accuracy thing, it would be good to have him put some air under a couple balls, take some heat off of others. But here's the thing, I'm not sure it's fixable. Dudes a four year player, it's not like he hasn't been coached already. At this present stage I believe, he's the ballplayer he's going to be... I think the coaches know exactly what they have in Bailey, and would have played him vs BG if they had to. That's why he was listed as #2 QB on the depth chart. But they didn't have to play Bailey, so they took the opportunity to not only make final evaluation of Milton, but Hooker as well. Now the window for evaluations has closed. It wouldn't come as a surprise to see Bailey get the start next week.
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    I saw nothing that made think Tennessee has made strides in the right direction. I am tired of trying to be a guy that sees that glass half full when it is almost always half empty and full of piss to be dumped on you. I am staying skeptical until I see something played well against a team that is not ranked in the bottom 10 worst teams in college football.
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    Texas actually finished strong. I think this was a knee jerk reaction and stupid. Texas is like Tennessee, Nebraska and the old UCLA teams. Trying to recapture that 80s and 90s magic and keep selling out or going cheap and expecting the same results. Tennessee was actually lucky to only pay Fulmer what they did when they were winning games at a 9 to 10 win season clip each year. Tennessee pays cheap but expects national titles. That is not the new model. If Tennessee wants to compete, quit paying cheap ass money. Get in the game and hire the best of the best. I still like Pruitt and I am not sure what is going on. I will say I think this COVID season is not the barometer for your team's status. I will wait like Rob said until next season with a full developmental off season and see what happens next year. This whole "I didn't get what I wanted in 3 years so fire they guy" is stupid. You need more time than that. Especially with how bad Butch Jones left this team. And no I don't agree Fulmer left the team this bad. He left Kiffin Crompton, Hardesty, Berry among others still on the team. What Butch Jones left Pruitt was CRAP!
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    Everyone is a tough guy hiding behind their phone or tablet. Despise social media. Wussification of America.
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    I totally agree with this. COMPLETELY. The JG tour is over. Time to move forward with younger talent. Let us see what they have. I also think Weinke is terrible. They really need to look at the QB Coach Position and get someone in there that is strong and can develop these guys.
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    What we have is one fourth year QB, one third year QB, and one second year QB. None of which can play effectively, and none of which has shown any thing that could be mistaken for improvement. What I get out of that is, Weinke ain't developed a QB yet. Hell, for his money I can go up to Knoxville and not develop QB's. Right now I'd do one of two things. Either way I'd sit JG, his act don't have any wheels. Then play Maurer and Shrout. 1st string practice reps. Then play each one for a half, not in and out. Maybe one of them can spark the offense. Give them a chance to run multiple possessions, see how they recover from their mistakes. Either that or I'd just go ahead and play Bailey, and hand the other guys their hat. Actually, option two is sounding better by the minute. The way things are going, th'Vols might not even finish the season. How many times can they possibly postpone more games? Hell, the entire SEC for that matter. Florida has already postponed one game, might as well say LSU has too. Florida looks like the best team in the SECE. I think it's mandatory for a team to play 8 confrence games in order to play in the SECCG. There has to be a limit before everybody just decides to play the rest of their regularly scheduled games, and scratch the postponments. In the end their might not be any SECE teams that qualify to play in the SECCG. It's a screwed up season, no telling how it turns out.
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    I am glad all of my Vol Talk friends are the 1/3 of America that is still alive.
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    Trump 2020! The left has gone crazy. I will not vote for someone or a party that has spent the entire last 4 years trying to get a president kicked out of office by any means necessary. Everything failed so they bring in "covid" and make everyone socially distance, destroy the economy, and incite a race war. Open your eyes.
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    You have one school serious about their football program. You have one school serious about fielding a team on the cheap. You do the math.
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    floray, put the bong down and step back from the table, my VOL brother.
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    He should just be the commissioner
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    I am always woke and politically correct. That's just the kind of guy I am.
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    It wasn't football related so didn't want to upset the apple cart. Barnes needs to right the ship. It's rare I get it right so have to gloat once in awhile. Ha ha.
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    Ocoee River, Woo-Hoo..! Tubing, Whitewater Rafting. Yup... I always wondered if there was any trout fishing in there?
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    I didn't know that Napier is from Cookville Tennessee. That is interesting... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Napier
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    Tennessee pays better than any other team in the country it's just coaches who are coaching elsewhere
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    World has bigger problems than NFL pickems unfortunately. Ha ha
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    The jug is my Yoda. Learned everything I know.
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    Yep, when you mix sports with politics, you get politics. We watch sports as an escape. If I wanted to hear more about the overinflated Covid numbers there are plenty of "news" stations I could turn to.
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    We should start a pool on which small school will be the first to shutter it's athletic programs. Maybe if they can hang on until November 3rd when this DEMpanic will be gone as fast as it arrived. This is one of the worst thought out decisions I've seen yet. Can anyone explain how a 10 game conference only schedule will keep us safe, but a 12 game mixed schedule will kill us all?
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