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    UT fans don't care enough about Kentucky to spend time trolling their chat boards. How bad does it suck to be a fan of a perennially irrelevant team that will always be inferior to the team you're trying to insult. They never should have run fiber to his trailer park. Numbnuts.
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    The good news is you'd be a LeBron over there. The bad news is they pay you with pigs & chickens.
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    Don't usually read this stuff but this was funny. A little hyperbole and tongue and check but in thinking back over the last 10 years of Tennessee football it is kind of sad but true What if Tennessee had hired Greg Schiano? A whimsical look at a disaster avoided WWW.SATURDAYDOWNSOUTH.COM Oh, what could have been.
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    Don't usually follow Twitter much but this is one of the best ones I've seen. Yes Pruitt is tough. Not unfairly tough just tough. Players know the difference and this edge and toughness has been sorely missed.
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    FWIW the Vols get some love from ESPN in their new power rankings.
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    I've been holding out. I thought that if we were patient a little longer that the lights would finally come on, and Jarrett would make everybody glad he was a Vol. To start the 2nd half the Vols defense held Alabama to a 3 and out opening possession, and handed JG the perfect oppertunity to redeem himself in the eyes of the Vol faithful. Tennessee only scored a field goal on the ensuing possession, but I was alright with that. We stopped Bama, and even scored points of our own in the first 5 minutes of the second half. The defense took some deep breaths on the sideline, and were ready to come out and stop Bama again. Their young QB showed no signs of being ready to fill Tua's absence. That guy wasn't going to win the game for Alabama by throwing the ball. After Tua went out, Bama's offense was forced to be one dimensional for the rest of the game. All he was going to do was hand the ball to somebody else, and hopefully grind out the game on the ground. All we had to do was stack the defense to stop the run, and play coverage on passing downs. We had already seen that the offense could play ball against Alabama's defense. They were actually giving Bama problems defending a balanced offense. Jordan was warming up, and the O-line was blocking for him. Callaway and Palmer were on the verge of breaking the game wide open, while Bama was focused on covering Jennings. We were poised. It was lining up. Winning might have been too much to hope for, but certainly not out of the question. But by all appearances the Vols were fixing to give Bama a black eye. Alabama was not in control, and Tennessee was gaining momentum. Until... Yeah... Guarantano sucks. No doubt a fine young man, has already graduated and all that. I'm sure his family is proud. Tough guy, whatever. But his ass needs to be so permantly superglued to the bench that he has to drag it to class with him. As a QB, he can't do anything right. Can't even be trusted to run the play that was called from the bench. Hell fire, there's absolutely no reason why now. If our QB can only screw up the game, we might as well have the excuse of them being an inexperienced underclassman. I'm done. I'm gave out. Unless something changes (it won't) the next time I see JG playing ball in a UT uni I'll turn off the TV and go mow the yard. Wash my car, do the dishes or something. I can't do this to myself anymore. (EOR... maybe)
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    They ran me out of Athens the last time I was there... I barely escaped with my life. They didn't appreciate me blasting Rocky Top on my Harley as I rode through that God forsaken town............
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    JG's inability to see his best receiver wide open down the middle, streaking toward the endzone, until he has to slow down and wait for his QB to notice, says everything about him. He simply doesn't see the field well enough to be a starting quarterback in the SEC.
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    WestKyCat you must face up to a basic fact when it comes to Football traditions Our Stadium is Neyland Stadium, named after General Robert Neyland. A name of Pride, Honor and adoration by the fans.. awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and the Legion of Merit and made a member of the Order of the British Empire in WWII Your stadium is named after a grocery store chain. What is it Piggle-Wiggly Stadium? Houchens Stadium? I forget
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    And the ignorant hick throws a tantrum when I bring up his porcine love interest. I obviously hit a nerve with my reference to his illicit animal husbandry habit. What does it say about Kentucky when their bottom feeder football team can't beat UT when we're at our worst? It says your football program sucks - just like they have for over a century and always will. They've never won jack squat. I doubt anyone in our great state ever relied on your little pissant garden for a speck of food. Spare us the pretense of adequacy, Mr. Green Jeans. You assume other people are overweight and out of shape? I'm sure that tractor driving physique is a real turn on for the females in the pen, especially at slop time. I'd love to run into you at a game. That keyboard courage would fade real fast when you had to back up that dumbass mouth. It always amazes me how the most ignorant fans of other teams want to go to a rival board and prove their stupidity. Do yourself a favor and just STFU, numbnuts. I'm sure there's a Kentucky board with equally stupid folks just like you. There you'll be right at home and won't look quite as stupid.
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    All I care is if anyone has done a wellness check on RobVol.
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    Leach didn't turn us down. He was ours. Currie was attempting to save his job. Phillip pulled the offer off the table when Currie was fired and he was made AD. I thought he was nuts for pulling the offer, but I certainly would not trade Pruitt for Leach. I guess that is why Phillip is AD and I'm talking about it on a message board.
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    I swear Dan Mullen and Cousin Eddie were separated at birth. Someone with some photoshop skills should Put Eddie's ugly mug on every fan at a UF home game wearing that stupid hat. Then they could name it "The Shitter" when they sell out a game the announcers could say "The Shitter is Full!"
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    I love this. I feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk when he found his name in the phone book. "I'm somebody!"
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    Reading Chattanoogan.com today and saw that an all American swimmer from McCallie School signed with UT. They expect to see him in the 2024 Olympics. Men and women swimmers ranked top 10. I don't really give a rats ass about swimming, but in keeping with the thread, ...
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    Banks is an asshole. Let him go to Florida.
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    Of all them Shamburger is the one that has REALLY impressed and makes you wonder why he wasn't even more developed before Pruitt started coaching. Kid is good. I will go back to the Conredge interview on Finebaum. Let Pruitt get is own players in here before judging. I am gonna ride this one out.
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    I think the Vols are at least a year away from winning this ball game. Anything can happen, but it's taking too much mental gymnastics to equal winning this year. Too much of a step up. I need to see the Vols handle the Vanderbilts and Missouri's first. Then we'll talk about the Gators. Best case for the Vols this year, ending up 3rd place in SECE, behind #1 UGA and #2 Florida. That would be an accomplishment that I could live with. But they'll have to place 3rd by winning heads up against all other SECE teams. Otherwise our cross division rivalry could be a way for someone to slip by us with one less loss, even if the Vols beat them heads up. Basically, they just need to win. Saturday would be a good time to start, actually get a leg up in SECE standings. Either way the Vols have to continue to improve and stay healthy to close out the season.
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    I think posting a story about Lane Kiffin, like the one on ESPN is poor timing. There is so much more that could be discussed. I am actually disappointed in Chris Low. Usually he is pretty good and fair. The timing on this sucks
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    this guy is a copenhagen can full of cow turds cause he is a dip shit
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    Stranger things have happened and Florida doesn't look that good to me. However, we do run a lot of freshmen and taking freshmen to the swamp is a tall order. In my professional, arm chair, QB opinion...............I ain't looking for it! Then on the flip side I wasn't looking for GA State to win in Neyland either! So Imma get the kids back, Imma love my Vols and hope they prove me wrong. While at the same time tell the wife we are going to need another bottle of Jack Saturday - Just to help with my optimism -
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    It's kind of funny though, how JG hasn't whiffed a block or blew a pass coverage yet. But he's the one crippling the team. So what's Pruitt supposed to do, start having wholesale rotation at most positions after every other play looking to find who's the best fit? Oh wait....
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    This has reached the point of no return I fear. This dumpster fire is zero percent contained. I’m sick of it. There is no one in the chain of command that seems to give a rip. There is no coaching these lazy 2-1/2 star heroes. God I love Tennessee but this is beyond bearable. Why do we continue to waste our time?
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