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    The opportunity is there, if only remotely, that the Vols could at least get themselves on the bubble thanks to the remaining schedule. It's a tall order yes, to beat Auburn twice or even once, Kentucky at Rupp, Florida who's hot & cold, or a South Carolina team that's hot right now. But three or four wins out of those might get them in the conversation. At the very least an upset or two should guarantee a good seed in the NIT.
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    I hate the transfer portal. Coaches cannot plan for the team overall when all these folks have no consequences for transferring now.
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    They will play in the NIT but the chance of making the NCAA is only if they make a run in the SEC tourney
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    Nice get. Welcome back to the hill!
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    My thoughts on the QB situation is that it will be earned this spring and not just kinda handed to the upperclassman. The QB room has been full since the new year started so they will all have spring to show what they can do and how it turned out last year I think they will make sure they do all they can to get it right.
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    Recruiting is the big answer. I have heard if he stayed at UT it would have been in an off the field role
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    Brumbaugh is half Rockers age. Can you say Shelton Felton? Very poetic. He's new, gonna coach LB's.
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    Rocker missed on some important in-state DLs, and JP wasn’t trying to keep him. He’s not a good recruiter.
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    No. 8 Mississippi State picked up its first win against a ranked foe as it knocked off Tennessee, 72-55. The Lady Vols (17-6 overall, 7-3 in the SEC) took care of the basketball early against the Bulldogs (21-3, 9-1) and held a slim 21-19 advantage after the first quarter. UT committed just three turnovers over the first 10 minutes of the contest. But as they have been all year, the miscues hurt Tennessee. The Lady Vols coughed the ball up 10 times in the second stanza and Mississippi State turned the 10 miscues into 13 points. And it was all downhill from there for the Lady Vols, who were without Rennia Davis Thursday night. Davis, Tennessee’s junior and lone returning starter from last year’s squad, could only watch from the bench as she was sidelined with the flu. Rae Burrell, the Lady Vols’ freshman who usually provides a spark off the bench, started in Davis’ absence and she was solid by scoring 20 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. Tennessee, ranked 23rd nationally, also got 12 points and seven rebounds from Jordan Horston. Jazmine Massengill scored 11 points and also pulled down seven rebounds for Tennessee. The Bulldogs had three players score in double figures. This hurts since the Lady vols need to stay in the top 4 in the conference to get a bye in the first round of the SEC tourney. The Lady Vols have a tough road ahead. They will need Davis back quickly
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    Now I'm dissapointed... How about two bags?
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    Not to mention 10th year senior Brandon Johnson
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    That makes me think Pruitt either knows Evans is not coming, or wasn't going to risk losing Wideman on a maybe from Evans.
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    Our guys finally showed up in a big game. Career high 22 for Fulkerson. Here’s his photo as they showed it at the beginning of the game.
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    I wonder if he still has the Trans Am that Vince got for him.
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    Vandy Candy can go right back to sucking. They have the most sanctimonious, obnoxious, think they're crap don;t stink attitude around. They have a few decent years and now they are all that. Get used to being a celler dweller all the time again.
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    I think we'll have a solid class filling most of our needs. But I also think we have a lot of catching up to do with the top half of the SEC. I think Georgia will celebrate a national championship in recruiting, and probably buy themselves a trophy. They spent more than anybody in 2017-2018, and it's going up. They spent over $2.6 million, an increase of 352% over 5 years ago. And this doesn't include bribes, $100 handshakes, and other undisclosed benefits. I think visor boy s buying some of these guys.
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    I think we see some BIG surprises tomorrow. I am confident in Pruitt so they will get what they need not what brings the recruiting ranking higher
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    Hoping for some big surprises. I would like Evans to land with Tennessee. Not sure that will happen. Many have said he is more problems than he is worth with all the drama around his recruitment. If anyone can real that in and stop that crap it is Jeremy Pruitt. If Evans does sign he better know what is he is getting with Pruitt as coach.
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    I agree. I think they end up a 6 or 7 seed. Maybe get to the 16... but that is as far as I see them getting
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    Terrific Hire. I am so glad to see Jay back in the fold. He always liked Fulmer so I can see why he came back. They had a good relationship. I think he will buy into Pruitt's type of coaching.
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    Congratulations on doing well the most important thing a man can ever do. I’m proud of my son as well. He’s up for parole next month. Surely they won’t deny it for the 9th time.
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