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    FWIW the Vols get some love from ESPN in their new power rankings.
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    I've been holding out. I thought that if we were patient a little longer that the lights would finally come on, and Jarrett would make everybody glad he was a Vol. To start the 2nd half the Vols defense held Alabama to a 3 and out opening possession, and handed JG the perfect oppertunity to redeem himself in the eyes of the Vol faithful. Tennessee only scored a field goal on the ensuing possession, but I was alright with that. We stopped Bama, and even scored points of our own in the first 5 minutes of the second half. The defense took some deep breaths on the sideline, and were ready to come out and stop Bama again. Their young QB showed no signs of being ready to fill Tua's absence. That guy wasn't going to win the game for Alabama by throwing the ball. After Tua went out, Bama's offense was forced to be one dimensional for the rest of the game. All he was going to do was hand the ball to somebody else, and hopefully grind out the game on the ground. All we had to do was stack the defense to stop the run, and play coverage on passing downs. We had already seen that the offense could play ball against Alabama's defense. They were actually giving Bama problems defending a balanced offense. Jordan was warming up, and the O-line was blocking for him. Callaway and Palmer were on the verge of breaking the game wide open, while Bama was focused on covering Jennings. We were poised. It was lining up. Winning might have been too much to hope for, but certainly not out of the question. But by all appearances the Vols were fixing to give Bama a black eye. Alabama was not in control, and Tennessee was gaining momentum. Until... Yeah... Guarantano sucks. No doubt a fine young man, has already graduated and all that. I'm sure his family is proud. Tough guy, whatever. But his ass needs to be so permantly superglued to the bench that he has to drag it to class with him. As a QB, he can't do anything right. Can't even be trusted to run the play that was called from the bench. Hell fire, there's absolutely no reason why now. If our QB can only screw up the game, we might as well have the excuse of them being an inexperienced underclassman. I'm done. I'm gave out. Unless something changes (it won't) the next time I see JG playing ball in a UT uni I'll turn off the TV and go mow the yard. Wash my car, do the dishes or something. I can't do this to myself anymore. (EOR... maybe)
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    Congratulations Guys. Our Family has just gotten bigger and better
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    I am invoking Price is right rules, we all went over so no one won! Just kidding, congrats LAVol.
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    Y'all must have not seen this then. Twitter MOBILE.TWITTER.COM
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    Reading Chattanoogan.com today and saw that an all American swimmer from McCallie School signed with UT. They expect to see him in the 2024 Olympics. Men and women swimmers ranked top 10. I don't really give a rats ass about swimming, but in keeping with the thread, ...
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    4* Corey Walker, 5* Jaden Springr and 5* Keon Johnson have officially signed with Tennessee during the early signing period Corey Walker is a 6-6, 185-pound Small Forward from Jacksonville, FL. 247SPORTS.COM summary Keon Johnson is a 6-5, 180-pound guard from Bell Buckle, TN. 247SPORTS.COM summary https://247sports.com/Player/Jaden-Springer-46036362/
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    I'll give him props for playing with that hand a week after surgery but like you said, he took points off the board just before the half. He should've thrown that ball to you and at worst let Cimaglia kick the chip shot FG. Pruitt can yell at him till he turns blue but JG just doesn't seem to be able to learn from mistakes. It's the same bad decisions and missed receivers week after week.
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    The Vols need this game to rest some guys, keep momentum, and springboard the rest of the season. Handle buisness and move on, no letdown here. Presently out of 130 teams, UAB's SOS stands at 129. Western Kentucky being the only team they've played with a winning record. After Saturday that much will not have changed.
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    I hope the 2015 Blazers show up.
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    Tennessee Vols will end two losing streaks on Saturday | Adams WWW.KNOXNEWS.COM It's time for a close game against South Carolina to go Tennessee's way. Read more
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    Pile-pushing play a sign of 'culture change' for Vols' O-line - CBSSports.com WWW.CBSSPORTS.COM
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    No doubt, the playcall was to run wide to the boundary with a couple blockers leading the way. JG selfishly tried to be the hero, and ran into the spot Trey just vacated. The guys a headcase.
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    Thanks Rob. Having said all that, I'm becoming more convinced that Pruitt is our guy going foreward. I think he's the best guy, and the best HC we've had since Fulmer. CJP is emotionally involved, and has vision. This things going to work, our future is in good hands. For the football team the only thing keeping the Vols back is the QB position. I'm not going to say a lot about that, but it's not a slam on Maurer. So far he's exceeded any realistic expectations of a true freshman. But even so, it's still our problem area. On the positive side, last night the Vols served notice that Alabama's days of running rough shod over the rest of the conference are coming to their end. The Vols kind of deflated in the 4th Qtr last night, but it wasn't because Bama caused it. Until then the game was undecided, and luck was on their side. And so were the referees.
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    same idea...lol...I took a buck this morning off the creekbank..he was walking around when I got up hes in the freezer and at the taxidermist now...6 pts..now Im gonna drink and be jealous of your patio....its less stressful...lol
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