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    UT fans don't care enough about Kentucky to spend time trolling their chat boards. How bad does it suck to be a fan of a perennially irrelevant team that will always be inferior to the team you're trying to insult. They never should have run fiber to his trailer park. Numbnuts.
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    They ran me out of Athens the last time I was there... I barely escaped with my life. They didn't appreciate me blasting Rocky Top on my Harley as I rode through that God forsaken town............
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    JG's inability to see his best receiver wide open down the middle, streaking toward the endzone, until he has to slow down and wait for his QB to notice, says everything about him. He simply doesn't see the field well enough to be a starting quarterback in the SEC.
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    WestKyCat you must face up to a basic fact when it comes to Football traditions Our Stadium is Neyland Stadium, named after General Robert Neyland. A name of Pride, Honor and adoration by the fans.. awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and the Legion of Merit and made a member of the Order of the British Empire in WWII Your stadium is named after a grocery store chain. What is it Piggle-Wiggly Stadium? Houchens Stadium? I forget
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    And the ignorant hick throws a tantrum when I bring up his porcine love interest. I obviously hit a nerve with my reference to his illicit animal husbandry habit. What does it say about Kentucky when their bottom feeder football team can't beat UT when we're at our worst? It says your football program sucks - just like they have for over a century and always will. They've never won jack squat. I doubt anyone in our great state ever relied on your little pissant garden for a speck of food. Spare us the pretense of adequacy, Mr. Green Jeans. You assume other people are overweight and out of shape? I'm sure that tractor driving physique is a real turn on for the females in the pen, especially at slop time. I'd love to run into you at a game. That keyboard courage would fade real fast when you had to back up that dumbass mouth. It always amazes me how the most ignorant fans of other teams want to go to a rival board and prove their stupidity. Do yourself a favor and just STFU, numbnuts. I'm sure there's a Kentucky board with equally stupid folks just like you. There you'll be right at home and won't look quite as stupid.
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    All I care is if anyone has done a wellness check on RobVol.
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    Surprised he got anything at all. You knew this would be a joke. Three games? TCU being the only real game. I like the have no contact rule. Who actually monitors that? Give me a break.
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    I agree with a few things that have already been said. At this point JG would not see the field again unless forced to because of injuries. Anyone you do not feel like you can use you redshirt but anybody else from the Sophmore and Freshman class is playing the rest of the way. Obviously a few upper classmen still need to see the field (Jennings, Callaway etc.) but anybody else from the former regime should either enter the transfer portal this week or just concentrate on their degree. Let Maurer and Shrout play even though I am really high on Maurer. You have the transfer from Maryland on campus and Bailey should be here. That still gives you four bodies and if they stay but I think one of the two guys playing now will transfer as well. Almost all of the players making plays are first or 2nd year guys anyways lets just ride em out.
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    Good riddance @takeyourmouthwithya.......GoVols!
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    Hmmm... A hit and run troll job by my old friend West. So sad, I'd have never thought it. Anyway, I have changed my mind. What if the Vols come out next week and curb stomp BYU? Will that make the GaSt game a throwaway? Had the Vols won, would it have helped us all that much? Other than the stink, since we lost did it really hurt us that much? I don't know what the team goals for the season actually are, but realistically, have they came to an end after this one game? Here's what I can't get off of my mind. After giving GaSt their first seven points, the Vols offense tied the game by going 78 yds in 16 plays. Then after holding GaSt to 3 and out, went up 14-7 by going 46 yds in 5 plays. And made it look easy. And right then, was I the only one who thought the rout was on? So, what are we to think? Did GaSt suddenly decide to play inspired football for the rest of the game, while the Vols took a trip to funkytown at the same time? Or, did the UT coaches see all they needed to see, and opted to practice mode? By my count the Vols played no less than 13 freshmen. And for the rest of the game they rotated players after every play, on both sides of the ball. Our leading tackler was Henry To'o To'o, a freshman. Darnell Wright and Wanya Morris, both freshmen, played for practically the whole game. It's starting to look like CJP has his mind set that getting his recruits in the game early will pay off in the future. For myself it explains a lot. Otherwise the Vols just became a worse football team in Pruitts second year. And I can't bring myself to believe that. What I do believe is that Pruitt has made it no secret that he's going to flip this roster. And adding to that, there's an element of upper classmen who have come to realize that their bound to be recruited over, perhaps before they graduate. What that means is we are still in a difficult transition, and It's going to take, as we've all said before, a few recruiting cycles to reach positive results. At times it might be difficult to watch. But I'm still thinking about going to the BYU game. Got a couple of free tickets in QQ. Decent seats, might as well use'em. Just in case anybody's still reading tl;dr, and especially if it's WestKyCat, now I'm pi$$ed off. Sat up late to watch the replay, and SEC Network has changed the programming to the damn Kentucky/Toledo game. Myself, I'd rather watch pigs fu*k. Here's y'all something to read though. Upon Further Review: Rocky Top Bottom TENNESSEE.RIVALS.COM In the last 24 hours, I�ve been asked by a lot of folks, �Did you see that coming?�How could anyone?Vegas certainly Read more
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    Im wondering why in the world does the university still pour money into a football program that will obviously never improve...
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    The Band, you can all ways count on a good performance from them...
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    My high school ride. RIP Bandit!
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    My family is a Volunteer Family. Our pa raised us that way. He would make us come in from playing to watch Vols Sports, and his raisin' took. Yesterday was Decoration Day at Fairfield Cemetery in Tennessee and this is how my brother Terry honored our parents. I was very proud
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    Got a pork loin, bacon cheeseburger meatloaf, and mac and cheese in the smoker. Corn on the cob and roasted brussel sprouts in the kitchen. And as if that wasn't enough, shrimp scampi on the stove. Oh yeah, an ice chest full (was full) of Ying-Lings, and margaritas. And a bunch of screaming kids in the pool. Happy Memorial Day Everybody. Thanks to all of our Veterans.
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    I don't know if I can handle the alcohol poisoning again, I am about 5 years older.
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    I sent this out to all my Kentucky cousins
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    Logic is that, like anything else if you're looking to hire a new coach you must pay that which the market will bear. Considering UT's recent history of bargain basement shopping for replacement coaches, it's hard for someone to be confident that the admins are going to suddenly pony up the bucks to attract upper shelf talent. Moreso now, after the deficit announcement from the athletic department. So the unfortunate choices are these: Keep Holly, and hope for the best, or, Hire another mid-tier coach, and hope for the best. If someone is pleased by that cycle, it is they who are content with mediocracy.
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    How about a neat trivia fact? The funds were donated to complete TBA by a single donor with one stipulation. It had to seat more fans than Rupp at Kentucky. GO VOLS!
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    John Brice is reporting that Jennings is coming back
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    We just got back from a trip to Denver to visit our daughter. She moved there this summer to take a job teaching high school English. Went 13 of the 19 miles up Pikes Peak (the rest was closed) and got to see some snow. Merry Christmas!
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    Beautiful... I love it! Now I am 100% excited about the season.. Excellent work Robster
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