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    UT fans don't care enough about Kentucky to spend time trolling their chat boards. How bad does it suck to be a fan of a perennially irrelevant team that will always be inferior to the team you're trying to insult. They never should have run fiber to his trailer park. Numbnuts.
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    I've been holding out. I thought that if we were patient a little longer that the lights would finally come on, and Jarrett would make everybody glad he was a Vol. To start the 2nd half the Vols defense held Alabama to a 3 and out opening possession, and handed JG the perfect oppertunity to redeem himself in the eyes of the Vol faithful. Tennessee only scored a field goal on the ensuing possession, but I was alright with that. We stopped Bama, and even scored points of our own in the first 5 minutes of the second half. The defense took some deep breaths on the sideline, and were ready to come out and stop Bama again. Their young QB showed no signs of being ready to fill Tua's absence. That guy wasn't going to win the game for Alabama by throwing the ball. After Tua went out, Bama's offense was forced to be one dimensional for the rest of the game. All he was going to do was hand the ball to somebody else, and hopefully grind out the game on the ground. All we had to do was stack the defense to stop the run, and play coverage on passing downs. We had already seen that the offense could play ball against Alabama's defense. They were actually giving Bama problems defending a balanced offense. Jordan was warming up, and the O-line was blocking for him. Callaway and Palmer were on the verge of breaking the game wide open, while Bama was focused on covering Jennings. We were poised. It was lining up. Winning might have been too much to hope for, but certainly not out of the question. But by all appearances the Vols were fixing to give Bama a black eye. Alabama was not in control, and Tennessee was gaining momentum. Until... Yeah... Guarantano sucks. No doubt a fine young man, has already graduated and all that. I'm sure his family is proud. Tough guy, whatever. But his ass needs to be so permantly superglued to the bench that he has to drag it to class with him. As a QB, he can't do anything right. Can't even be trusted to run the play that was called from the bench. Hell fire, there's absolutely no reason why now. If our QB can only screw up the game, we might as well have the excuse of them being an inexperienced underclassman. I'm done. I'm gave out. Unless something changes (it won't) the next time I see JG playing ball in a UT uni I'll turn off the TV and go mow the yard. Wash my car, do the dishes or something. I can't do this to myself anymore. (EOR... maybe)
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    They ran me out of Athens the last time I was there... I barely escaped with my life. They didn't appreciate me blasting Rocky Top on my Harley as I rode through that God forsaken town............
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    JG's inability to see his best receiver wide open down the middle, streaking toward the endzone, until he has to slow down and wait for his QB to notice, says everything about him. He simply doesn't see the field well enough to be a starting quarterback in the SEC.
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    WestKyCat you must face up to a basic fact when it comes to Football traditions Our Stadium is Neyland Stadium, named after General Robert Neyland. A name of Pride, Honor and adoration by the fans.. awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and the Legion of Merit and made a member of the Order of the British Empire in WWII Your stadium is named after a grocery store chain. What is it Piggle-Wiggly Stadium? Houchens Stadium? I forget
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    And the ignorant hick throws a tantrum when I bring up his porcine love interest. I obviously hit a nerve with my reference to his illicit animal husbandry habit. What does it say about Kentucky when their bottom feeder football team can't beat UT when we're at our worst? It says your football program sucks - just like they have for over a century and always will. They've never won jack squat. I doubt anyone in our great state ever relied on your little pissant garden for a speck of food. Spare us the pretense of adequacy, Mr. Green Jeans. You assume other people are overweight and out of shape? I'm sure that tractor driving physique is a real turn on for the females in the pen, especially at slop time. I'd love to run into you at a game. That keyboard courage would fade real fast when you had to back up that dumbass mouth. It always amazes me how the most ignorant fans of other teams want to go to a rival board and prove their stupidity. Do yourself a favor and just STFU, numbnuts. I'm sure there's a Kentucky board with equally stupid folks just like you. There you'll be right at home and won't look quite as stupid.
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    All I care is if anyone has done a wellness check on RobVol.
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    Surprised he got anything at all. You knew this would be a joke. Three games? TCU being the only real game. I like the have no contact rule. Who actually monitors that? Give me a break.
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    Pile-pushing play a sign of 'culture change' for Vols' O-line - CBSSports.com WWW.CBSSPORTS.COM
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    I could not agree more. Tradition is not what it used to be, especially when you lose 12 in a row.
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    Alrighty then. But they do use hand signals. Those are the guys on the sideline that look like they're swatting flies. All but one is a decoy. Maurer doesn't call audibles. Not yet, he isn't allowed. But honestly I don't think that JG ever did either, almost certainly not last year. I suspect the problem in our case is that being a true freshman BM doesn't have command of the entire playbook. The playcalling is limited because of that, likewise our adjustments. By halftime the opposing coaches have seen every play/playset we have. That simplifies their reads, adjustments, and communication with their defense. That's why Georgia was able to hold the Vols scoreless in the 2nd half. The bigger problem is, now everyone we play will be looking to do the very same thing. The only thing the Vols can do is hurry up and install more plays to keep the defense guessing for the entire game. It's up to Maurer, his work is cut out for him. Pruitt names Vols' starting QB for Mississippi State game - CBSSports.com WWW.CBSSPORTS.COM Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt on Wednesday announced the Vols' starting quarterback for their home game Saturday against Mississippi State. Read more
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    At the end of it all I would like to meet the person in charge of putting our backup linebacker with only 7 tackles this year all over national media??????? Make a back up backer the face of Tn football.... over a traffic citation.......Its odd all the way around.
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    Of all them Shamburger is the one that has REALLY impressed and makes you wonder why he wasn't even more developed before Pruitt started coaching. Kid is good. I will go back to the Conredge interview on Finebaum. Let Pruitt get is own players in here before judging. I am gonna ride this one out.
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    Yeah, Maurer and JG rating was about the same. I liked the spark and no fear of Maurer. And it looks like JG has hit his peek, I feel it is a mental issue, perfect pass under pressure, misses a wide open receiver when he has time to think about it. We don't have time for JG to figure it out and Maurer will just get better with more experience. My guess is they were expecting to evaluate the situation with GSU, but never pulled ahead. Kind of a waste of the first two games as losses, starting Maurer day one they would have a chance now with UGA in my opinion.
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    This has reached the point of no return I fear. This dumpster fire is zero percent contained. I’m sick of it. There is no one in the chain of command that seems to give a rip. There is no coaching these lazy 2-1/2 star heroes. God I love Tennessee but this is beyond bearable. Why do we continue to waste our time?
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    Sham welcome to the site. We are small but we are proud. I feel your frustration. Just hang tight though. We are good bunch of people around here and everyone allows different thoughts and no one gets beat up for them here. One of the last bastions of good Vol fans. Rob and Lake dont allow garbage here so enjoy your time. As for your post, I agree it looks really bad. But I think truly Pruitt is the man for the job. I think year two might be a little rough as he gets rid of the Butch Jones leftovers. Year three is the indicator. I do feel though JG is not a QB that Chaney likes. Chaney likes the standard drop back and read a defense kind of QB. Just look at what he has worked with. Drew Brees, Tyler Bray, Jacob Eason, Jake Fromm and the list goes on. I get some like JG and I like his toughness as well but at the end of the day, if he cannot produce and lead this team, no amount of social media campaigns or stupid facebook groups crying about are not going to change the fact while he shows promise, there is a missing "IT" factor with this guy. I hope I am wrong but I just don't see him being the guy. (Watch me post this and now throw for 400 + yards and kill BYU) lol Bottom line is I don't think Pruitt has all his pieces in place yet. I know in this WIN NOW mentality we want results. After the last 10 years, I don't blame you but the difference is we have a real football coach now and not some used car salesmen like Butch Lyle Liar Jones. I am sick of it but I will be patient because for the first time in years I believe in the process.
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    I'd probably be in first place too if I owned my own website.
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    He would gator chomp him.. He has experience with that
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    COLUMBIA, S.C. — It’s not supposed to look this easy. That thought kept rattling around my head during the final minutes of top-ranked Tennessee’s 92-70 win at South Carolina on Tuesday night at Colonial Life Arena. Quick recap: Tennessee went into Tuesday’s game without one of its best two-way players, and the Vols didn’t know that player — junior guard Jordan Bowden — wasn’t going to be able to play through a sore knee until a few minutes before the opening tip. Senior Kyle Alexander, the Vols’ starting big man and defensive anchor, played just three minutes in the first half because of foul trouble and then fouled out after playing just six more minutes in the second half. Junior guard Lamonte Turner picked up three first-half fouls. South Carolina star Chris Silva poured in 22 first-half points and looked just as hot to start the second half. A sold-out arena implored the Gamecocks to hang around in the first half, and they did, and those fans got rewarded when the home team went on a spurt to get within 60-58 of the Vols with 13:02 left. Tennessee junior guard Lamonte Turner (Photo: Jeff Blake, USA TODAY Sports) Tennessee willed its way to wins over Alabama, Vanderbilt and West Virginia despite putting in three of its worst performances of the season, and Tuesday looked for all the world like a potential loss waiting to happen. And that was before Bowden tweaked his knee in pregame shoot-around, Alexander and Turner got in foul trouble and Silva went bonkers. Nearly 18,000 people rose to their feet, sensing the opportunity for a precious and rare win over the nation’s top-ranked team. It didn’t look good. You, the Tennessee fan, might be feeling the urge in hindsight to suggest these Vols always had it in the bag. You might even be able to suggest that with a straight face. But you can’t look yourself in the mirror and suggest you knew these guys had that game under control. You know you can’t. Because it felt like a loss was coming to this team at some point in the near future, and Tuesday felt like that day. Let’s be honest. That’s exactly what it looked like. But this team. Oh, this team. Within seemingly a few snaps of a finger, back-to-back 3-pointers by Turner and senior wing Admiral Schofield — who at the time couldn’t have been colder if he’d walked into a meat locker — capped an 11-3 run that pushed the Vols’ lead back to double digits. Frank Martin called timeout to try regrouping his rattled Gamecocks, and that worked out well in the short term. Sophomore big man Felipe Haase hit a jumper to give South Carolina a much needed response, and the garnet-clad citizens of Colonial Life again brought life back to the building. Again, though, Schofield had a response. The 6-foot-6 wing bullied his way into the paint for a 3-point play that again pushed the lead to 10 points. The Gamecocks were done. Tennessee junior forward Grant Williams (Photo: Jeff Blake, USA TODAY Sports) It’s not supposed to look this easy, and I know it’s not this easy. But this Tennessee team makes it look so easy. Even Martin’s most mediocre teams guard their yard, and these Gamecocks entered Tuesday’s game with a 5-1 record in league play. They’d already beaten Florida, Mississippi State and Auburn. They looked like a team starting to figure some things out, and in Silva they have a reliable rock capable of carrying them to a decent season. And Tennessee wasn’t at full strength. Not even close. And Tennessee seemed to start taking on water near the midway mark of that second half. So, naturally, the Vols responded with their best 10 minutes of basketball in a few weeks. There will be bumps in the road this season. Even most of John Calipari’s most ridiculously talented Kentucky teams wobbled a bit here and there in league play. That’s the nature of the thing. Conference play is a grind, and secrets largely don’t exist. The coaches and players know each other, and they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Their fans fill arenas, especially when they have chances to beat a team ranked at or near the top of the polls. This is hard. It really is. Even the best invariably run into walls. But these Vols keep running through walls. They’re bound to run into a wall at some point. But it’ll need to be a wall so strong that Mexico, the U.S., Canada and most of NATO paid for it. It’s easy to keep wanting more and more and more. Success creates an unquenchable thirst for more success. It creates a Black Hole of expectations so vast that no success can fill. If these Vols don’t win an SEC championship or go to the Final Four, it’ll be a disappointing season by any reasonable measure. That’s the house these coaches and players have built, and they have to live in it. Fair is fair. All I ask is this: Take brief moments here and there to sit back and appreciate what this program is doing right now, and the way in which it got here. Tennessee sophomore forward Derrick Walker and senior wing Admiral Schofield (Photo: Jeff Blake, USA TODAY Sports) This isn’t a suburban neighborhood that sprung up overnight, with rows of beautiful beige houses built on shaky foundations built to crumble. It’s not a store-bought pizza that looks good when it comes out of the oven but taste like cardboard covered in cheap sauce and cheese. We’ve watched Tennessee build this. We’ve watched these players take their lumps, learn from them and improve throughout their careers. We’ve watched them grow. For you, the fans, this has to feel as close as it gets to watching your own children. I’m not at all opposed to the one-and-done scene in college basketball. Men like Mike Krzyzewski, John Calipari, Roy Williams and Bill Self didn’t make the rules, and they shouldn’t be criticized as coaches for succeeding despite the lack of three- and four-year players. That cheapens nothing about their accomplishments. They’ve played by the same rules as everyone else, and they’ve won more. Simple as that. Tip your cap to ‘em. But there’s something wonderfully unique about this Tennessee team — a blue-collar team that people in this blue-collar part of the country can appreciate without reservation. None of these players had a single offer from any of those blue-blood programs. None of them were top-100 prospects. Even now, none of them are surefire first-round NBA Draft picks. Everyone knows them. Their fans know them. Fans of their rivals know them. They’re old-school. They’re proof that sometimes the old-fashioned ways remain relevant, and they mix-in plenty of new-school flair to make them equally enjoyable for millennials and the like. Their “One Fly All Fly” pregame dunk routine has gone viral, with college teams across the country and even some NBA teams copying it. They’re special. And they’re all yours, Tennessee fans. Enjoy that. Teams like this one don’t come around often. Don’t risk waiting for the finish line — whenever that comes — before you stop to appreciate it.
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    Somebody's always pi$$ing on my campfire.
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    I will be at the Carolina game rooting on our basketVols! 630 game so should be home by 9. Carolina starting to find their groove so should be a good game. That was impressive how we turned it up that last minute of the Florida game. Sign of a championship team, winning close games on the road. We have so many weapons and differerent guys stepping up when they need to. Been fun to watch so far!
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    I never played football at the organized level so I'm just spitballing here but it seems to me coaching can only do so much about false starts. It's still on the players to have the self discipline to hold their stance. As for the substitution issues I don't know if it's coaching or the players not being prepared. But I still have nightmares about the last seconds that LSU game in Baton Rouge when Dooley was coach and everyone was running around on the field and the sidelines like a Chinese fire drill. The Vols were doing pretty well in avoiding penalties up until a couple of games ago. I don't want to harp on it but they need to tighten back up. No need to give the other guys that kind of help.
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    Now if Raynoch had been wearing that shirt in his mug shot, that would have been awesome!
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