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    The NCAA made the unprecedented decision Wednesday to hold the men's and women's basketball tournaments without fans because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis. "The NCAA continues to assess the impact of COVID-19 in consultation with public health officials and our COVID-19 advisory panel," NCAA president Mark Emmert said in a statement. "Based on their advice and my discussions with the NCAA Board of Governors, I have made the decision to conduct our upcoming championship events, including the Division I men's and women's basketball tournaments, with only essential staff and limited family attendance. "While I understand how disappointing this is for all fans of our sports, my decision is based on the current understanding of how COVID-19 is progressing in the United States. This decision is in the best interest of public health, including that of coaches, administrators, fans and, most importantly, our student-athletes. We recognize the opportunity to compete in an NCAA national championship is an experience of a lifetime for the students and their families. Today, we will move forward and conduct championships consistent with the current information and will continue to monitor and make adjustments as needed." NCAA tournament will be played without fans WWW.ESPN.COM The NCAA announced Wednesday that its men's and women's basketball tournaments will be played in arenas without fans because of the coronavirus crisis.
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    It is really surreal. WKU has around 17,000 students and they have all been sent home for the most part..All our restaurants are closed for dine in, and Governor Beshear has now closed all non-essential businesses (thank G-d liquor stores are open). He implored all Kentuckians to not go to Tennessee to dine in open restaurants because it defeats the purpose of quarantine. At night, the town is like The Walking Dead, but without zombies We are hunkered down here at my place. My wife works from home for Med Center Health, so we are really not leaving the house. I ordered $100 of frozen steaks from Omaha Steaks, scored a 10# bag of taters and got toilet paper and shrimp from the local oriental market (where everyone was wearing masks).. We are going to be okay for a bit Thank you for asking Rob
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    Next time you get over to K Town they have opened up a new section of the Foothills Parkway, great views and photo ops.
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    Now is a good time to buy, buy, buy. Market was up 800+ a couple of hours ago.
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    Of course I did. Why do you think I had to return?
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    Ladies and gentlemen, once again the NCAA screws up everything. Surprise!
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    Interesting takes on what comes out of spring drills. Some I agree with some, not so sure. The one I totally agree with this on is 5. Jimmy Holiday will settle in at wide receiver. Agree with that. Tennessee football: 10 bold predictions for Vols 2020 spring practice ALLFORTENNESSEE.COM As Jeremy Pruitt gets set to lead his third spring practice with Tennessee football, here are 10 things that will occur with the Volunteers. Just like that...
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    I just got tix for my wife & I to a couple of Braves games in July to the tune of $300. Also hotel reservations. If they cancel the games or the season or play in an empty stadium I want my money back. But then again, my investment portfolio that I count on for my retirement has lost almost $55k in the last 2 days so that may be the least of my financial worries thanks to this virus. And no one can say at this point that sporting events won't be affected, it has the attention of school, college and pro sports administrators and executives and the trend seems to be to err on the side of caution. Spectator sports along with any other public gatherings are a prime breeding ground for highly contagious diseases like Covid-19, but we can't stay home for the rest of our lives so who knows how this will play out. The fact that folks in my age bracket are especially vulnerable also has my attention. I think it's a little early in the game to say that this will pass & nothing to worry about. That's not what the medical and scientific communities are saying anyway. They're on the front lines, seems logical to me to trust their judgement & wisdom.
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    This will be unique and pathetic at the same time
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    I just seen where the NCAA has announced that there will be no spectators for any basketball tournaments.
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    My Vol brother, there is a core group of 7 or 9 of us around here. We were here when everyone else left. RobVOL Tec GH6 Nick Atomic Skyking SOJ Ok (How F did I leave him off?) ...and I'm sorry if I left anyone off We have been going at each other's throats and covering each other's asses for 15-17 years now. We ain't killed each other off by now, and it ain't likely to start happening anytime soon. Except Tec...he's a whoop ass type dude...I'm keeping an eye on him... At the age some of us are getting to now...I'm more afraid some of us might start dying out of here than killing each other off. We have been lucky through the years. Karen is the only one we've lost that I can remember. I wouldn't trade any of you for a new poster...unless she's really hot and likes me...
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    It's included in the entrance fee. I paid about $49 for 2 of us.
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