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    The good news is you'd be a LeBron over there. The bad news is they pay you with pigs & chickens.
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    Good for Manny, off and on I've been hearing his name all year. The only way Butch Jones will ever be part of some big time football team is if he suctions his ass up to a coach who's a damn sight better than he is. Oh... ... Wait a minute.
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    I thought we had a kid bragging thread a long time ago but I couldn't find it. Please excuse a little kid bragging. My son is about to start work on his Master's in Business Administration. Grandma made sure he had plenty of Big Orange gear. My how time flies!
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    What's the difference between a cajun wedding and a cajun funeral? . . . One less drunk at the funeral.
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    We goin' dancin' again in March.
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    and instances of the participants placing their genitals on the buttocks of the alleged victims and stroking their genitalia. Sounds like he got a reach around out of it anyway...
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    Peart was quoted as saying, “When I’m riding my motorcycle, I’m glad to be alive. When I stop riding my motorcycle, I’m glad to be alive.” Me too buddy. Me too.
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    Anyone who watched Tennessee basketball in the four years he was there knows that he is a grinder. He got to prove that to his coaches and front office at the NBA level on Dec. 3. Throughout the 2019-20 season, Schofield has been bouncing back and forth from the NBA’s Washington Wizards, the team that drafted him in the second round of the 2019 NBA Draft, and the G-League’s Capital City Go-Go. Last month, Schofield made franchise history by playing for both teams on the same day. Because the Go-Go and the Wizards both play in Washington D.C., Schofield was able to play in a matinee contest with the Go-Go before making the trip to the Capital One Arena to play for the Wizards that night. In a video that the Wizards released in which cameras follow Schofield throughout his chaotic day, the former Vol viewed it as a chance to really get reacquainted with the game he’s loved for most of his life. rest of story: Admiral Schofield makes franchise history with Wizards 247SPORTS.COM Schofield is grinding at the next level...
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    Dying bears, cubs from around the country sent to East Tennessee for care WWW.WVLT.TV The Appalachian Bear Rescue is stepping in for injured, orphaned or sick black bears. Read more
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    Totally agree, an ugly win. Sloppy passing, inability to penetrate & score in the paint and turnovers still bother me. Neither coach has much to be happy about but at least Barnes has a home W. The Missus & I have tix to the rematch at Colonial Life in a few weeks.
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    Leach didn't turn us down. He was ours. Currie was attempting to save his job. Phillip pulled the offer off the table when Currie was fired and he was made AD. I thought he was nuts for pulling the offer, but I certainly would not trade Pruitt for Leach. I guess that is why Phillip is AD and I'm talking about it on a message board.
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    Mike Leach on the worst ever visitor's locker room
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    Depth would be legit too.
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    I can't believe it. Awesome.
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    This is looking more & more like one of those "in between" seasons where the NIT would be a more realistic goal.
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    No team in America had come back to win all season. Until tonight. UT was 0 - 10 under Pruitt when trailing at the end of the 3rd quarter. Not any more. Go Big Orange!
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    I knew that. He coached a good game too. I watched most of it.
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    Kentucky math I had to take off my shoes to count that high.
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