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    UGA ripped off about 12-14 yard run up the middle last night. He made it 10 yards before anyone laid a hand on him. Next play they lined up and left the middle wide open. Me and everyone around me were screaming "middle is wide open." UGA ran the exact same play with the same result. Straight up the middle 12-14 yards with the first 10 being untouched. Now, none of us in the stands are getting paid big bucks to coach. Surely if we can see what is coming time after time. A high paid DC should pick up on it by at least the 3rd quarter. Heupel kept forcing the run last night. Averaging 1.5 yards per carry and your best RB on the bench with an injury. He called running plays in critical situations. When you're averaging 1.5 per, you don't call a run on a 4th and 19 deep in your own territory. Players A+ for effort. Coaching staff D-.
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    We are snake bit against UF. I had hopes for Dooley. I knew the first time I heard Pruitt speak publicly that we were in trouble. I held out hope, but deep down. I knew he was way too stupid to be in charge of a major program. He was probably the most incompetent of all our terrible hires.
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    Head-Hunter... 2020: Marietta Daily Journal/Cobb County All-County first team selection on defense. 247SPORTS.COM summary
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    Starting to get interesting now. The rumor mill is saying that nothing has been signed, and that Billy Napier actually would prefer the LSU job. He is already established with High School coaches in Louisiana. The LSU fans are claiming that Napier is like their third choice. I personally hope Napier does go to LSU. We need Florida to make a Dooley/Pruitt type hire.
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    No apologies necessary, do what you must to take care of YOU! Prayers!
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    Don't know what the masses saw in Milton.
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    Thems T-Bonics... I can feel a passel of'em coming on.
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    I will be the first one to address this comment. No matter what our join date says most of us have been here for nearly 20 years. My original join date was June 3, 2003. The person you are telling to leave, okfloray, has been here approximately the same length of time. For many, many years. Over a decade. There were only six to eight of us bouncing around in this forum. Rob kept it open and we formed a core group that stayed after everyone else left. Nearly all of the core group have met each other in person. We have attended games and tailgated together. I can assure you, okfloray will not be going anywhere anytime soon. He won't be leaving until Rob shuts the place down, or they put a toe tag on his old ass (we're actually the same age, but I'm a lot better looking than him). Around here you're not censored and I can't remember the last time somebody got banned. However, we do stick up for our own. You have mistaken okfloray's blunt opinions for thinking he owns the conversation. Nope! That's just the way it is around here. Blunt, honest opinions. No feelings are spared. Get used to it if you're going to hang around here.
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    We didn't get him did we? Moderator? I don't mention any kind of crap. I think you're the guilty party
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    I know that UT rejected Harrison Bailey & we're supposed to go ahead full blast; but my fear is that after how we treated him; how are we going to get a 4-5 star QB after they have seen how we treated him - - how are we going to get one as good? We already lost Ty Simpson( hope I got the name correct) out of Westview. Wonder why? How 'bout Arch manning? Probably not a chance. This must be solved before we can continue our trip back to the elite. Keyboard1
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    We can move the ball and score points on anybody. That is my take away. Now, if we had a defense we would be scary.
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    The people who sit around me and I should be up for the Broyles Award. We were the ones calling the plays when UGA lined up. I am in the wrong line of worrk.
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    Agreed Rob. I'm still remembering how UT treated Harrison Bailey. I don't think we can offer a qb anything if he's really good. Dark situation going on there. Don't see anybody doing anything about it.
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    It is painfully obvious to me that we need a GANG of linebacker help, Offensive lineman help, and in light of impending attrition, Defensive lineman help as well. It is also painfully obvious that help is NOT coming via the normal recruiting route primarily because of the damn NCAA overlords dragging their F'ing feet concerning the Pruitt MESS. In addition, this generation of kids simply don't know the glorious tradition of Tennessee football. All they know is what they have seen with their eyes in THEIR lifetime.: Clemson, Bammers, Georgia, Ohio State..................... Hopefully the damn NCAA pulls their thumb out of their proverbial a$$ and makes a decision one way or the other concerning the Pruitt mess and hopefully Coach Huepel can pull off some more miracles via the JUCO route and/or the infamous transfer portal.... Regardless of how well we scheme, the talent level gap between us and the Georgia/Bammers and our lack of depth is simply too hard to overcome. Given what Coach Heupel has had to work with, I think that he is doing a great job and I am convinced that with an improvement in talent level in terms of team speed and depth, we will be able to return to who we are: TENNESSEE. Has anyone heard of any studs that can provide immediate help out there that are considering Tennessee via the transfer portal/JUCO process
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    As far as I care they can wear cheerleader outfits. Just win baby...
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    Vols score 24. Problem is UGA scores 50.
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    Maybe Heupel should have come to terms with the fact that if Hooker were to go down. Bailey was a much better go to option than Milton. Milton is terrible.
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    SEC Offensive Player of the Week this week.
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    Hendon Hooker is the 2nd rated quarterback in college football. ZIP IT!
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    Head coaches it's said, earn their money during the first and last 10 minutes of each half. The rest of the game is on the players. Kentucky had already missed a FG. Not that it mattered much, but the UT FG to finish the first half was a brilliant call by CJH. The points came off a TO on downs, and were also the difference in the final score. I for one expected thVols to run off the clock and go into the locker room tied at the half. Little did I expect them to run 3 plays from their own 34 yd line and kick a FG to lead as the final seconds ticked off the halftime clock. Didn't even use a TO, the Wildcats defense was so stunned they missed the call for flop and stop.. T. Evans ran one time for 9 yds, one time. Went out injured and sat for the rest of the game. Not sure he was %100 to start the game, but no doubt he was ready to give his all for Tennessee. Jones caught 6 passes for 100 yds and a TD. Tillman caught 6 for 79 yds and a TD. Payton went 2 for 78, 1 TD. Hyatt, 1 for 41 yds. And Warren caught 1, 18yd pass for TD. Young had the only 2 sacs for the game, both on the same Kentucky possession. And it pleases me to say that after sitting out with injury since Missouri, Elijah Simmons finished the Kentucky game with 2 tackles and 3 assists. Welcome back Eli, keep choping that wood.
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    I don't think anybody expected Kentucky to pass for 387 yds. Statistically they should have won this ball game. Tennessee could just score points too fast, fewer plays.
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    Let's be honest. We got some help at the end. That missed facemask and then Stoops losing his mind.
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    4th and 23 they converted. How does somebody get wide open on 4th down against 8 man coverage? Sneak out the RB. That ball was going to him from the get-go. Oh yeah, Hooker has another year.
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    How the f**k do you give up a 4th and 24????
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