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    Well, that explains Neidermeier.
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    They needed Fitzmagic a couple weeks ago. I light a candle each week that Tua sucks.
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    Good info Atomic. Thx for sharing
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    Dylan Brooks has finally signed https://247sports.com/player/dylan-brooks-46079585/
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    4-star LB Aaron Willis (5'11, 210) a LB out of Life Christian Academy in Midlothian, VA is UT's 1st 2021 Class signee in the ESP.
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    I'm picking up what your putting down Jug. Kid saw writing and packed his bags. I wish him luck.
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    I think shrout better than Bailey. Something stinks in Denmark
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    Aah yes, the old folks... They don't make'm like that anymore.
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    My mother and I would be having some SERIOUS battles over Phil's latest action and words. He could do no wrong. The main reason for bumping this thread was my mother's travel partner, Roberta. Going through my mother's things I found the memorial pamphlet from Roberts's funeral. She deserved more mention than, "Roberta drank whisky." An excerpt about a true Vol fan...Roberta
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    I will hold judgement until I get word from Atomic or a reliable source. Guy has good Intel and is right more than wrong. Will hold pat until further. My 2 cents.
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    Im calling it now...Arkansas State...reunited with the former champion of life and bricklayer...
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    ...but did you see our defense? We have a "defensive genius" for a head coach...oh wait...
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    We need to go after Bob Stoops or Gary Patterson. Throw money at them until they say yes or get a restraining order.
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    I was actually wondering where the Christmas theme was. Glad it is up.
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    No disrespect or slander was intended. I simply was offering an honest answer when questioned about my statement. I am known in life as being brutally honest. I pray that is one trait about me that never changes.
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    There you have it. Straight from the mouth of the guy that took a championship program and drove it into the ditch. Maybe Phil should not have sat on his ass riding his laurels and worrying about his real estate and restaurant investments. Maybe he should have worried about the football team he was being paid seven figures to coach. We wouldn't have ever gotten into this shape if he had done his job from 2003 to 2008. Two people and two people only brought our program to this low point. Phillip Fulmer and Mike Hamilton. Now Phil is trying to cover his tracks for that contract extension. Fulmer: Vols better than 2-5 record, patience needed with Pruitt
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    Let's be honest. It's unlikely that the Vols will upset the mighty 5th ranked Texas Aggies tomorrow. That means the Vols will wrap up this season with a 3-7 record--one of the worst in the history of the program--certainly the worst in the SEC era. In fact, you have to go all the way back to 1924 to find another season with only 3 wins. But wait, in that season the Vols only played 8 games, so their winning PCT was actually higher that year. You have to go all the way back to 1909 to find a record worse than the pathetic record they racked up this year. So Phil Fulmer says the team is not actually as bad as their record. But what is the goal here? If they improved significantly they would still be only mediocre. We're striving for mediocrity? Excuse me, but I thought the goal was to strive for a championship program. Three years is plenty of time to build a championship program at the college level. Look at what Dan Mullen has done with the Florida Gators in three years. It's time to fire Head Coach Jeremy Pruitt.
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    I like the Christmas theme! Good thing the trash has taken itself out or they might be complaining about this.
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    That is what I would think. I saw somewhere that the assistant coaches refused to take any bowl bonus but did not see anything about Pruitt refusing. You shouldn't really get a bonus for poor performance. But if offered a bowl I bet they will take it and say "practice time".
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    I would hope UT would have enough ethics to refuse a bowl game if offered. A bowl game is simply not deserved.
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    He was just a shoe toss away from being undefeated for the week. But I am sure most of us will take that L.
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    Jug. Sign me up and zip me a t-shirt. World has gone bananas .chief Wahoo no more scarier than Chief Bigwheel. Millennial win again.
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    The worst season in 111 years is in the can. Solidified in the historical record books.