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Welcome to VolTalk, your #1 source for Volunteer Athletics!


We love our little online diversion and we want to keep it as fun and clutter free as possible. With that in mind, here are some thoughts and rules of thumb for you. The right (if you are an American citizen) to free speech as guaranteed by the 1st amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not apply when posting to VolTalk.


VolTalk is a privately owned and operated site. Posters are allowed a great deal of flexibility in their posts but should be respectful of other members and the guidelines. Where there are grey areas in the guidelines outlined below, the moderators and administrators will work together to determine the best solution for a dispute. Please read the descriptions of the forums and post appropriately. We have a number of forums and one thing you can do to help us out is to not post in the wrong forum. Also, please look through the other topics before starting a new one to ensure that you are not starting a thread that already exists. If you do either of these, you'll likely be reminded by us or the other members (nicely please!) that you're cluttering up the place. Moderators will more than likely move/delete your topic as well.




1. Ad hominem attacks of forum members will not be tolerated. We understand that things get heated, but it helps to maintain a modicum of respect for the membership. Attack ideas, not people. Be open-minded and try to help foster meaningful discussion. Yes, meaningful discussion is possible if everyone respects each other.


2. Sexually graphic or otherwise offensive material is strictly forbidden. VolTalk will strive to maintain a work and family friendly environment in regards to pornography and hate-speech. These cases are up to the discretion of the moderators and administrators. We do suppply a forum for more adult content in "Smokeys Doghouse" Please use that forum for more adult content. Nude pictures or hate speech though will not tolerated or used on the message board anywhere.


3. Please keep the following in mind: Overtly hostile, threatening or harassing posts will get you banned (and we'll probably laugh at you too). Gratuitous use of profanity is not allowed. If you wouldn't stand up in front of a group of strangers and SAY what you're about to write, you might want to reconsider it.


4. If you post pics, keep them clean. If they couldn't be on the cover of an unwrapped magazine, we can't have them here. Respect the privacy of fellow forum members. Do not post personal information or pictures of a member without that member's approval.


5. Disputed information will be deleted. Do not repost articles from pay sites. You must include the source of information reposted from free sites.


6. Don't use the forums as your advertising outlet. Likewise, 'spamming' the forums will get you banned. Do not cross-post your topic in multiple forums. _____________________________________


Please keep this mind Moderators and administrators are members who have volunteered to help enforce the Posting Guidelines and the rules of the forums, and to help with the running of the site by moving/locking threads and dealing with problems as they arise. It's a thankless job so please be considerate and respectful of them. Moderators' and administrators' most visible functions are the deleting of threads. If your thread is deleted, an explanation should be PMed to you by the moderator who deleted the thread as to why. If you feel the moderator who killed your thread has erred in deleting it, contact an administrator by using the CONTACT US button at the top of the site. Do not create threads in other forums protesting the deletion. We hope you enjoy the site! If you have any problems or questions, contact one of our moderators