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Competition breeds results. Complacency can often be the worst thing, especially for college athletes. Having a constant presence over your shoulder should elevate your game, which Tennessee quarterback Joe Milton III needs.
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On VFL Robert Ayers Jr. joining the staff…
"I think Robert's going to be a really good young coach. I'm really excited about him. Obviously, he's got credibility instantly. He's a first-round draft pick, played 10 years in the NFL. When he says something, those kids believe him and hang on to it. He's very passionate about it. He knows what he is talking about, so I think he's only going to help us to get better and become a better football team. Hopefully, one of the things we said coming out of last season that we needed to improve on was being better on a four-down pass rush. Hopefully, he'll be able to bring a lot of (insight) to that, to be able to help us improve in that area."

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