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Take the Poll: Vols - Gators game

Vols - Gators: Who you got?  

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  1. 1. Who wins the game

    • Vols win in a blowout 15+ points
    • Vols win a hard fought game by 10 points
    • Vols win a squeeker 3 points or less
    • Gators win in a blowout by 15+ points
    • Gators win a hard fought game 10 points or less
    • Gators win a close one 3 points or less

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OK added this poll. Let us know what you are thinking. With this offense I have been hard on them and I still and not a complete believer but whether I like Heupel or not, this team has got talent. I do think if the ball bounces right and Hooker hits some big plays, Vols can win. I am saying win a close one by 3 points


Vols- 34

Florida - 31


Who you got and why?

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I am not sure why but I think this wide open offense even though when it breaks it looks really bad but when it is working it is sweet to watch. I am still not sold but I am saying Tennessee wins by 10. Say something like 


Vols: 38
Florida: 28


I think Tennessee is over hyped and comes out making big mistakes but settles down and pulls it out. I may be a little biased and wearing my orange shades but if Tennessee wants to get a Billy Napier team and beat them this would be the time before he gets his players in there. Best opportunity. I am being hopeful :mf_popeanim::curse2::beer::gatorssuck:

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This game has me stumped. I have been burned so many times on overhyped let downs in this game. Even when Tennessee was the better team, they always find a way to snatch a loss from mouth of victory. Very frustrating. Still, this team even on a slow day with mistakes can put up points. Even if they only score 27 points I think they can win.

Maybe I am being biased. Ahh who cares. We will see what we will see. Hope the Vols can pull it out. The hype on Twitter is unreal. I truly hope the fanbase doesn't hit another let down. Knoxville may be put on fire. 


I am hoping for that not to happen. 


Vols: 27

Florida: 17

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Not going to name a score.


Vols make Richardson look like a superstar in Neyland. 


Vols have a 28 point lead by halftime, then find a way to lose the game. 

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Went with Rob and Jug heart this go around on pickems etc bur we've had a switch to our knees too many times on this game. Have no score prediction. Hoping I'm right

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