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Peyton Manning a great coach but would struggle coaching; David Cutcliffe reveals why

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Interesting take for all the folks that used to dream of him coaching...........



Peyton Manning has a deep understanding of the game and is elite when it comes to coaching players. However, he would struggle coaching. That's a paradox t...
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My only argument to this take is this. There was another former SEC great QB who returned to his school to coach. He was obnoxious and demanding of his qbs.....ummmmm Steve Spurrier (that turned out pretty good). So not sure I agree with old cut on this one. 

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I totally agree. Spurrier was an ass but a hell of a coach. He demanded the most from his QBs. I think most young people would respond to Peyton. He has the credentials and the pedigree and knows what the hell he is talking about. Just like Spurrier. I dont agree with this. I am not saying Peyton will EVER coach or come to Tennessee. I am just saying if he did he would be successful and this argument is wrong no matter how much I love Coach Cut. 



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