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5 concerns from Spring Practice

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It gets on my damn nerves. :ranting: Saying "colonel" in place of kernel puts me in mind of someone using words they don't know the meaning of. Does anybody even edit this shit? If ever I seen one, this guys a Texas Sharpshooter. After he gets through shooting at the wall, he goes out there and paints targets around the bullet holes.. 


Rant over...


Milton was named #2 QB before spring practice, and simply, no one took it away. Who are we talking about? A true freshman and a QB transfer off of somebody else's depth chart? Did this come about unexpected? I mean, nobody wants to watch Jackson set the woods on fire next year more than I do. We all love Heath Shuler and Navy's legacy at Tennessee, at least I think we do.


But duh..  :smiley_dizzy:  Milton's gonna be #2 QB going into the season. 


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