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Ben Joyce is da man: 105.5 mph fastball

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Another weekend in the SEC for Tennessee Vols baseball means another insane moment from pitcher Ben Joyce. It is becoming clockwork at this point. Joyce has been throwing ridiculous heat as well as nasty off-speed all season long. He is one of the most dominant relievers in the country, and his arsenal creates some of the most uncomfortable at-bats imaginable.

He took it to another level on Sunday afternoon against Auburn when he threw a fastball that was recorded at 105.5 MPH. Yes, over 105 MPH. That’s the fastest pitch ever recorded in college baseball as of right now. Could the Vols radar gun be a bit juiced? That is certainly a possibility, but it is still mind-boggling either way. It is possible that Joyce really did hit that velocity, too. The Vols reliever has hit triple digits consistently all year and flirted with 104 MPH a handful of times.

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