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Pick Ems updated and added Thanksgiving week

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OK so the pick ems are updated. Looks like between the last week and this latest week in the tiebreaker Savage won a Vol Cooler cup. I will get with you on that. Congrats!.


I also have added this weekend games. There is good games on Thursday and Friday but I wanted to allow for people to enjoy the holidays so I only added Saturday games. FYI.  as we get down to the final weeks keep in mind there is still an entire bowl season of games we include in this contest so you could make a run and catch up to keep playing. Bowl season is like 30+ games.





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I would like to thank my co-stars. My producer. The director....oh wait. That's my Oscar speech.


I had a VolTalk acceptance speech around here somewhere. Anyone seen my speech? It's written on a Mouse's Ear napkin. 



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