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Josh Palmer stands out in Senior practices

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Apparently Josh will be another player not fully used at Tennessee who will go on and do well at the next level.


He is drawing a lot of praise



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Arkansas' Feleipe Franks threw a 21-yard touchdown pass to Ole Miss tight end Kenny Yeboah to help seal a 27-24 victory at the Senior Bowl. Texas A&M QB Kellen Mond was named the game's MVP.

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Do you wonder why the Vols defense couldn't cover a slant pass this year? In this video the offense has 2 TE's and 3 WR's, showing run.

At snap the slot receiver fakes a screen, purposefully taking one DB out of the play on assignment. But watch the LB's bite on play-action. Ends up nobody's in the passing lanes, and the remaining DB's are isolated in single coverage. The DB covering Palmer took outside coverage, as soon as he did the inside slant was open. Easy read for TD. 


Perfect design and simple execution. The slant gave the Vols fits, just like in this video.






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