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That article lays Fulmer's ass bare.




Tennessee was headed down the road to another bad decision less than a month ago before someone in the university saw a way out of the current bad decision.

That someone was not athletic director Phil Fulmer, architect of the current bad decision (the hiring of Pruitt). The day after Tennessee’s 34-13 loss to Texas A&M, after the 7th loss in 8 games and after Tennessee finished the season averaging less than 20 points per game, the Vols were invited to the Liberty Bowl because everyone in this COVID season was bowl eligible.




Not only does it get Tennessee from under a bad contract – Fulmer gave Pruitt an extension and raise after the 2019 season – it allows the Vols to find an experienced coach to run a mega program. Instead of settling for the career assistant coach who said yes – and paying him $4 million a year to learn on the job.

Why did Fulmer make that statement after the Texas A&M game? He likely believes in Pruitt (or the idea that coaches need time), and maybe because the hire of Pruitt is directly tied to him.

Firing a football coach after 3 years – Fulmer’s first hire as AD, after the controversial way he worked behind the scenes to obtain the job (see: alleged coup) – looks poorly on him.

The last thing he needs during the investigation is the university conflating him and Pruitt, and making a decision that affects both men.

As difficult as it was to fire Fulmer, the beloved coach, firing Fulmer, the athletic director, wouldn’t be nearly as heavy a lift.



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Whoever the new coach is....if we get a new coach....there should be no raises or extensions until he beats 2 of the big 3. FU should be beatable next season with all they are losing to the NFL.

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