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Curious how many are jumping off Facebook

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With all the filtering and fact checking BS on Facebook I have considered moving to MeWe. I signed up over there. It isn't as polished as Facebook, but if all you want to see is news and keep up with friends it actually looks better and is cleaner than Facebook. Think Facebook lite. NO ads and no crap but still can network with your friends and peers. Maybe without all the crap in it is why it looks so much cleaner than Facebook. Does have a mobile app as well. Haven't tried that yet. Will be the next few days.


I created a Vol Talk group over there as well.. I may start posting news updates. I didn't do a page but I did do a group. If any peeps are over the hit me up. Also if you want to be a admin in the group you guys would be my first.


The group is called - "Vol Talk - Tennessee Vols Group"


I am gonna start posting some content over there. If you guys want come on by. Just gonna give it a shot and see what happens.


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