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Obama throwing gasoline on the fire

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Turns John Lewis eulogy in his typical anything to hurt America politics.


Stands there with no mask in a room full of people with not masks. What does his sorry ass have to say? Don't crowd into rooms to vote. Pushing for vote by mail because that is the only way the Dems can steal the election. 


In 2015 he called the Baltimore rioters thugs. Now that Trump is POTUS he encourages them to keep "protesting". 


What a POS. 


Imagine the reaction if Trump did that...


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Never has a former POTUS conspired and colluded with others to impede the next POTUS the way Obama has done President Trump.


All others have went quietly and with grace. For 8 long years Obama slammed Bush and blamed him for everything bad that happened. All the while taking credit for any good. What little good there was during the Obama Crime Spree. Bush never said a word. Now Obama tries to sabotage Trump and take credit for all the good things he accomplished.


Tucker Carlson nails it about this skinny little stain on America's history. 



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