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Tennessee's athletic budget assumes football fans in stands

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Per the Associated Press:


Tennessee's athletic budget for 2020-21 assumes the Volunteers will have fans in the stands for football games, but it still includes a $10.1 million cut in overall revenue.

University of Tennessee president Randy Boyd said reducing the number of fans further because of the coronavirus pandemic would have a "significant impact" on the budget. But Boyd said Friday that Tennessee is financially prepared to handle any problems.

Tennessee projects a drop of 19.4% with $29.8 million in revenue from athletic ticket sales. That would be down $7.1 million from the $37 million taken in over 2019-20. John Compton, chairman of the UT Board of Trustees, said that estimate is appropriate for now. He also said Tennessee will be able to handle it if ticket revenue winds up even 50% lower.

The Volunteers won their final six games last season under coach Jeremy Pruitt. They are scheduled to host Florida and Alabama, which are traditionally big draws for fans.

Athletic director Phillip Fulmer has said Tennessee is expecting to fill Neyland Stadium this season and will adjust as needed.

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