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College Football News Predicts Vols football season at 7-5

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I am not sure I agree with this but I think that IF there is a season I believe the Vols will win at least 8 games this season. Just my thought on this. 


It looks like Jeremy Pruitt has another prediction to overcome if he wants to improve Tennessee football in his third year. As many people on Rocky Top fear could happen despite the Vols’ improvements, College Football News projects the program to repeat its 2019 campaign.

The longtime website covering FBS projected the Vols to go 7-5 in its predictions for every 2021 game among SEC East teams. It also named UT three players on its preseason All-SEC Team: offensive linemen Trey Smith and Wanya Morris and place kicker Brent Cimaglia.

A 7-5 record is exactly what the ESPN FPI has for Tennessee football as well. It’s not that the Vols aren’t expected to be much better. They just happen to have a much tougher schedule this year, and they lose some key players, which raises lots of concerns beyond them returning a ton of talent and having a top 10 recruiting class.


You can read more here:


College Football News has its predictions out for the Tennessee football Volunteers. It looks like Jeremy Pruitt has another prediction to overcome if he w...


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I think that nobody's quite ready to give the Vols a benefit of a doubt just yet. That says the Vols still have something to prove, and certainly I agree with that much.

But 7-5 tells me that somebody thinks UT will have another early season bed shitting like last year, and I really don't see that repeating itself. Of course they can't afford a slow start with Oklahoma early, but by games end we should know what kind of team we'll have this year. 


With an improved experienced o-line and finally some continuity between players and coaching staff, the benefits should begin to be obvious this year. Only one nonconfrence game seems to be questionable, and we're due to steal one from either Florida or Georgia.


The Vols actually did get themselves over a couple hurdles last year, so it's not a stretch to figure they'll get over a couple more this year. I'll call that measurable, and predict 9-3 with loses coming to Aladumbfuckinbama, Oklahoma, and split Florida and Georgia.


Then, a new years bowl game...

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