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ESPN drops coaching at Tennessee to a Tier 3 job?

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I am not all about thinking ESPN hates everything about Tennessee but WTH is this crap?



Despite being a top 10 FBS program all time in terms of wins and winning percentage, the status of Tennessee football continues to fall. Now, they have fallen in the new ESPN+ coaching job tiers for Power Five schools, updated on Tuesday.

Rocky Top is now considered a Tier 3 coaching job as Jeremy Pruitt enters his third year at the helm. The criteria for these tiers include program infrastructure, access to talent and history. Although UT has great history, its recent history is weak, and infrastructure was cited as an issue.

Adam Rittenburg, who wrote the article, put Tennessee football alongside the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Miami Hurricanes as schools that used to be Tier 1 coaching jobs. Here’s what he said about the Vols.

Tennessee can recruit with the big boys, as Jeremy Pruitt is showing (and Butch Jones did for a while), and boasts strong facilities and fan support, but also a recent run of administrative turmoil.

This is a drop from where the Vols were four years ago, the last time ESPN+ did a tier ranking of coaching jobs for Power Five schools. That article was written by Travis Haney, and UT was a Tier 2 school then.

Of course, at that point, it was a different story. The Vols were a Tier 2 school largely due to their nearly-decade worth of irrelevance. However, there was plenty of room for encouragement, as all signs were pointing to the program coming back.

Butch Jones had just guided the program to its first nine-win season and top 25 finish in eight years at the time, and he had everybody returning to a program that would enter the season in the top 10. The sexual assault lawsuit against the school, which resulted in the Peyton Manning scandal resurfacing, was an issue. But Haney had a lot to say about the bright side.

WTH is this crap?:saywhat:

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