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Sports news of any kind is scarce and you wonder with the wheeling, dealing, trading and commitments that the professional leagues and college conference teams are doing, if it even matters, at least in the short term. Meanwhile, my wife & I miss watching the Braves and going to see our Sally League team in Columbia. The BaseVols of 2020 looked full of potential to be a serious conference contender this year. They'd be taking on Florida this coming weekend. Instead the schedule ended right before conference play was to begin. 


Last weekend CBS showed last year's Masters, NBC had last year' Stanley Cup finals and Fox Sports South had a Braves/Reds game from last season. There have been lots of replays on the other networks that show sports too.


I just don't care to watch. For one thing, it's not live. The thrill of victory or the agony of defeat has already been experienced, is now a matter of record. There's no possibility of the unexpected or unanticipated In addition, the whole experience of live sports is missing and who knows when folks will again be able to pack stadiums or concert halls or restaurants or anything else. Yes, there are more pressing and serious problems with the virus situation but still...


Watching old games just makes me miss live sports more. It's a real drag, man. 



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The WWE, if you can call that sports, has been deemed an essential business in Florida and will be doing live broadcasts with no live audience .  I think they could start golf back up with no audience too because it is a no contact sport.  I don't really watch either but if they want to ease back into televised sports there are 2 venues.  Tennis as well.

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