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Non Vol Related - Just a heads up for all of our members

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I just want to let all my friends out there know watch out for scammers during this time with all going on with the Corona Virus outbreak. So many people are being scammed and older people are getting phishing emails saying they need to sign with their PII info to get support. This is a very scary time for a lot of people and make sure we protect everyone and DO NOT provide your Personal Identification Information. No one will ask you to provide this info online or over the phone. Also I would strongly suggest if you are NOT financing anything right now that you freeze all of your credit reports. Do not let criminals get your data and finance things in your name. It used to be there was a charge to freeze your report. That is no longer the case. You can go to all three reporting agencies and shut down any attempt to add an account to your credit report. This will ensure no false account are added. No one can use your info to obtain credit lines. The three main ones are:
Trans Union
To freeze your reports I have added the links to their site. Do this and ensure your data isn't compromised.
Be diligent and protect your info and it is free now. All it takes when you need to finance something is a couple of clicks to lift the freeze.
Many may not know but I work in Info Sec Risk and Security and I can tell you I am hearing a lot of things are happening right now. I would freeze all reports until you need to finance anything then open it up. Then freeze it once financing is done. Be safe Voltalkers.

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