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10 bold predictions for Vols 2020 spring practice

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Interesting takes on what comes out of spring drills. 


Some I agree with some, not so sure. The one I totally agree with this on is 5. Jimmy Holiday will settle in at wide receiver. Agree with that. 



As Jeremy Pruitt gets set to lead his third spring practice with Tennessee football, here are 10 things that will occur with the Volunteers. Just like that...


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HB at #2 QB doesn't speak well of our backups. Of course we all know what we have, so it wouldn't come as that much of a surprise. Thing is though, if Bailey's all that like his hype he's probably not going to be around any longer than 4 years anyway. So we might as well play him while we can. 


If HenryT needs to become a student of the game. Last year he tended to bite on play action, and vacated the middle of the field to wide open WR's. That's really my only criticism, but he's going to have to make better pre-snap reads. 


I hate to say it but Kasim Hill came in with previous season ending injuries to both legs. I hope he's rehabbed and ready to go, otherwise he might not ever see the field. 

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I think Eric Gray will make a big splash this Spring and will be the starting running back going into the Charlotte game. I think the starting wide receivers will be Ramel Keyton and Josh Palmer. I think the starting tight end will be James Brown.:ylsuper:

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