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Vols skid continues - Lose to Arkansas

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Tennessee did something special in limiting Arkansas guard Mason Jones to only nine points in early February.

Just how special it was became entirely evident Wednesday.

Jones — the SEC’s leading scorer — torched the Vols for 40 minutes, but dialed up his play in the final 14 minutes.  He converted a three-point play after Tennessee got within two in the second half and dominated the final run with a barrage of devastating 3-pointers.

"That is as good a performance as we have seen all year against us," Vols coach Rick Barnes said.

Tennessee lost at Arkansas for the sixth straight time as Jones scored 37 points in the 86-69 defeat.

"We just weren’t good enough tonight defensively to win the game on the road," Barnes said.

Jordan Bowden led Tennessee (15-13, 7-8 SEC) with 19 points. Bowden, John Fulkerson and Yves Pons combined for 46 of UT’s 69 points at Arkansas (18-10, 6-9).

Tennessee was 17 of 27 at the free-throw line and 4 of 17 from 3-point range. Bowden made all four.

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To paraphrase Phil Fulmer from years ago, I don't know what "it" is, but this team does not have "it"

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20 hours ago, UTVol2001 said:

If the Vols aint careful they might not even NIT bound :ohcrapola:

Agreed. With games left against Florida, Kentucky & Auburn they're also in danger of falling into the dreaded "Bottom 4" for the SEC tourney. With so much at stake I really hoped they'd rise to the occasion down the stretch but it's not looking too good right now.  

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Well after the win against Florida there is renewed optimism. OK I am a realist but if and this is a BIG IF, what if Kentucky and Auburn were wins AND Tennessee could win one game in the Tourney? Would that sneak them in for a last of the final bids to the Tourney? Or still NIT?


Or they could lose out and not even go to the NIT. IT is all a "What have you done lately" when you get into these Power 5 teams with 18-19 wins.



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