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Need Opinions: Thinking about doing a NCAA tourney pick em

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So guys I was thinking about doing a NCAA tourney bracket pick em contest. I wanted to gauge interest in it. Basically it would be a standard NCAA tourney bracket the only different would to keep development down would we would need to add the brackets as each week  meaning you would make your picks for the 1st round of 64 and then when those winners are done then add the 32 teams remaining and then 16 and 8 and all the way down to the champ game. Most make you make your picks all at once. This way, we all stay in it longer. Winner would be who made the most correct picks. Then pick final score of title game for the tiebreaker if needed.


What do you all think before I develop this out? Anyone interested in playing?


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Cool. I'll get to working on it. 

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