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I spoke to a UT Hall of Famer and former NFL player tonight

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For what it is worth.


I have an extended relative who is a former All American at UT and played several years in the NFL.


His take: The program is headed in the right direction. Pruitt can and will do the job. People have no idea how bad it had gotten on The Hill. He is super excited about the O line for next year.


I trust his judgement. The last time I doubted him was 1991. Everyone was wondering if Andy Kelly would get drafted in the 1st round. He told me point blank, "Andy Kelly won't get drafted." I thought he was crazy, and told him so. Kelly did not get drafted.



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I can tell you right now the 2020 offensive line will be the best since Antone Davis and Charles McRae.


If Mays can play and fill in the other side from Smith. Watch out folks. 

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