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Not sure Bama is going down but I think it is the SEC coming up

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So yes we know Bama didn't make it to the playoffs but still won 11+ games. I would love to be in that place. Still looking at what is happening in the SEC man things are changing quickly.


Look at the upgrades.


  • Leach
  • Kiffin


 add them with


  • Smart
  • Pruiit
  • Mullen
  • Saban
  • Orgeron
  • Fisher


And it is incredible. The talent piling up in coaching will make this a more level playing field. While it may be good for other teams it may impact teams making it to the playoffs. I can tell you this, things be a changing in the SEC and Saban better be ready or this might be the time to consider his time to step down.


Very impressive list of coaches for next season.




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8 hours ago, XLVol said:

Can't wait for media days. :mf_popcorn:

Yeah me neither.


Think about this we now have a:





Farmer Fran



All coaching in the SEC:laughing1:


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