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Uros Plavsic can travel with team just not play

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I am getting sick and tired of the inconsistency of the NCAA....The rule this guy cannot play and takes forever to come to this but hey NCAA thanks for doing the Vols no favors....still...........:shakehead:


Uros Plavsic received a waiver from the NCAA — just not one that allows him to play for Tennessee at this point.

The Vols center can travel with his teammates for the rest of the season after being granted a travel waiver Wednesday.

“I think it is good for him because when you don’t travel, you are around these guys every day and then all at once you see them leave and you are like, ‘Wow,’” Tennessee coach Rick Barnes said. “You feel almost like you are not a part of it. …

“From his standpoint, he would tell you he felt totally left out.”




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I agree they completely dragged their feet on this decision and left Barnes waiting and waiting. Really there isn't a reason I see for them denying him. They make exceptions all the time and this is ridiculous. He wasn't even in conference. :COLERE:



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